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Is Cold Water Good for Your Hair?

4 mins

Tyler Teresi

We all know that we need to choose the right products for our hair. But did you know that the temperature of the water also plays an important role in maintaining your hair’s health? Read on to find out why is that.

Shampoo is not all that matters when we wash our hair. We work to treat our hair the best way possible, though we may overlook some subtle ways to care for it. For example, we do not always think about how water temperature can have an impact on our hair, but it can in at least a few ways. Consider how the temperature could make a difference so you can find out what works best for you the next time you wash your hair.

Table of Contents:

  • Does Cold Water Help Your Hair?
  • The Benefits of Using Cold Water on Hair
  • Smoother Scalp
  • Cleaner Scalp
  • Skipping Hot Water
  • When to Use Cold Water for Your Hair
  • How Important Is Cold Water for Your Hair?

Does Cold Water Help Your Hair?

Recently, cold water has become largely discussed as a potential miracle cure for your hair. Washing your hair with cold water may improve circulation, strength, shine, and even hair growth. Some of these claims are disputed, calling into question just how much cold water can help. The truth is cold water is likely not the miracle worker that it is claimed to be, but it can still have some benefits.

is cold water making my hair shinier

The Benefits of Using Cold Water on Hair

Cold water can help support your hair health in a few ways, mostly by offering several benefits for your scalp. The following are some of the biggest benefits of using cold water when you wash your hair.

  • Smoother Scalp

Washing your hair with cold water helps prevent flakiness, dryness, and irritation of the scalp. Using cold water will reduce the amount of dandruff you experience since the temperature helps to improve circulation and preserve the amount of sebum, or natural oil, on your scalp.

  • Cleaner Scalp

The cold water helps in keeping your hair and scalp cleaner for longer. The lower temperature works to close the hair follicles, which prevents dirt, oil, and other pollutants from building up in the pores. As a result, you can benefit from using cold water by prolonging the amount of time in between washing your hair.

  • Skipping Hot Water

One of the other major benefits of cold water is simply that it is not hot water, which can be damaging to your hair. Washing and rinsing your hair with hot water is one of the biggest culprits of drying out your scalp, causing itchiness and irritation. Hot water can also directly affect the strands of hair, as the heat can dry out the strands and lead to frizzy hair.

is hot water bad for the hair

When to Use Cold Water for Your Hair

Although cold water can help close the hair follicles and prevent dirt from clogging up your scalp, it may not be the best choice to use only cold water on your hair. Using only cold water will keep the hair follicles closed, which can minimize the effectiveness of the washing process. To most effectively wash your hair, the best practice is to use warm water to wash your hair before using cold water for the final rinse.

Washing your hair with warm water helps to open up the hair follicles and release the dirt. Open hair follicles also allow your shampoo to penetrate the hair and provide nutrients that help support vibrant hair. Relying on cold water may not maximize the benefits of your shampoo and may leave you with residual oil or dirt once you are done. Once you wash your hair all the way through, you can use cold water to rinse for all the mentioned benefits for your scalp.

is cold water better for your hair, does cold water help hair growth

Keep in mind that you should use warm water to wash, not hot water. Room temperature water is enough to help open your follicles and remove dirt.

Just don't forget that whether it is for drinking or washing, water should be filtered and purified so it contains no bacteria and dirt. Reverse osmosis water filters reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases by removing unhealthy materials in the water.

How Important Is Cold Water for Your Hair?

Cold water may offer some key benefits when washing your hair, but the products you use have the biggest impact on your hair. From shampoo to conditioner, your choice of products matters. When you use the right hair care products, you provide your hair with vital nutrients, which make the biggest difference in the health of your hair.

Although cold water may not provide all the advertised benefits to the hair strands themselves, the right shampoo can. Before you rinse with cold water, you should use a shampoo that will nourish your hair to strengthen weak, frizzy hair and improve shine. WOW Skin Science’s Himalayan Rose Shampoo is the perfect example. This formula of rose hydrosol has flavonoids, antioxidants, and other nutrients that reach through the follicles for added strength and shine.

Himalayan Rose Shampoo

Rinsing with cold water is a great way to eliminate dandruff and maintain the health of your scalp, but so is using WOW’s anti-dandruff Green Tea and Tea Tree Conditioner. This refreshing conditioner uses an effective blend of plant-based ingredients to soothe irritation, control excess oil, and moisturize your hair. Green tea prevents dryness while tea tree provides antioxidants to prevent damage and improve circulation.

Although it is a common claim, there is no scientific evidence that states that cold water is good for hair growth. If you are looking for a product that will stimulate hair growth, you should try adding a hair oil to your routine, which will provide helpful nutrients. An excellent option is WOW’s 10-in-1 Hair Oil. By letting a few drops soak into your scalp, you allow this powerful formula to boost circulation, repair the damage, and moisturize. With ten powerful oils, like vitamin-rich jojoba oil, antioxidant-filled olive oil, and argan oil with healthy omega-6 fatty acids, this formula is packed with excellent nutrients.

hair oil for shinier hair, hair oil for hair growth

Cold water may not be the cure-all for your hair and scalp, but it can offer some benefits, especially over hot water. Although how you wash your hair can make a difference, your biggest priority should be choosing the best hair care products. However, using nourishing, all-natural products goes a long way toward keeping your hair healthy and vibrant, and WOW Skin Science can help.

WOW Skin Science has a long list of hair care products to add to your routine, and each one is 100% plant-based and without harmful ingredients like parabens or sulfates. Explore the WOW website for more natural hair care products. From our all natural sulfate, silicone and paraben-free hair care collection we recommend Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo. And if you would like to learn more about apple cider vinegar's benefits or onion oil's benefits check out our ultimate guide on how to use them on your hair. 

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Author: Tyler Teresi

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Tyler Teresi

Tyler is a content writer specializing in blog writing, landing page content, and website copy. He is passionate about health and wellness, travel, and B2C content. When not writing, Tyler is riding his bike, playing his guitar, or hiking in the mountains.
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