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Is Humidity Good For Skin?

3 mins

Sangya Shaily

Noticed your skin taking a complete turn with changing weather and humidity levels? Is humidity good for skin? Keep reading to find out!

Understanding your skin type and how it reacts to different elements and weather conditions can be quite a demanding and tricky process.

You might have observed your skin feeling completely different when you travel overseas to countries with different levels of humidity. This change could be both favorable, as well as unfavorable. This shift in weather and humidity levels often calls for an immediate switch in your skincare products and tactics as well.

Keeping your skin cool during extremely humid weather requires effort and knowledge of the right strategies; otherwise, it could easily take a toll on your skin.

Follow this article to understand all about how humidity affects your skin and the best ways to combat excess grease on your skin and maintain its glow and shine. 

Table of Contents:

  • Effect of High Humidity on Your Skin
  • Effects of Low Humidity on Your Skin
  • Extremely Dry Skin
  • The Build-up of Dead Skin Cells
  • Diminishes Skin Elasticity
  • Allergic Reactions
  • How to Combat Humid Weather?

Effect of High Humidity on Your Skin

High humidity level has several effects on your skin, the majority of which are positive. Read on to know the benefits of high humidity levels on your skin!

  • Supple skin: Compared to dry climates, high humidity ensures protection against chapped and dry skin. It also helps keep your skin hydrated, soft, and supple. 
    Effect of High Humidity on Your Skin, humidity and skin
  • Faster skin regeneration: The regeneration process of your skin cells is significantly improved by humidity. This will lead to the shedding of dead skin cells followed by replacement with new cells ensuring vibrant and smooth skin. 
  • Delays signs of aging: Premature signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines are more prominently visible on dry skin. An increased level of humidity provides your skin with an essential dose of moisture, keeping these signs at bay. 

Unfortunately, there are some cons as well; a high humidity level also has some detrimental effects on your skin:

Acne and blemishes: Enhanced humidity levels lead to excessive sweating, further causing clogged pores. These clogged pores can lead to painful bumps, acne, pimples, and blemishes. According to a renowned dermatologist, Audrey Kunin, MD, your skin is enveloped in a blanket of heat and moisture due to humidity that smothers your skin by clogging up all the pores and increasing the level of oil production. 

effects of high humidity on your skin

Excessive sebum production: High humidity levels lead to increased sebum production in your skin, which can further make it look more oily and greasy. 

Heat rashes: This is something that's extremely common when humidity levels are soaring. Excessive sweating can lead to the closing up of your sweat ducts which can further be a significant cause of itchy bumps and heat rashes spreading all over your skin.

Effects of Low Humidity on Your Skin

Low humidity levels are highly detrimental for all skin types, including oily skin. Here are a few reasons why low humidity levels are not good for your skin:

Extremely Dry Skin

Low humidity levels strip your skin of moisture and of its essential natural oils, leaving it extremely dry and flaky. 

Effects of Low Humidity on Your Skin

The Build-up of Dead Skin Cells

Due to low humidity levels and a lack of moisture, dead skin doesn’t shed off as easily and keeps on building layer after layer on top of your skin. This makes it difficult to seal in moisture, even with the best skincare products.

Diminishes Skin Elasticity

Skin dryness makes the fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots on your skin more pronounced and visible. It also reduces the elasticity of your skin, making it appear more dull and old. 

Allergic Reactions

Scaling skin, itchiness, redness, inflammation, infections, etc., are some of the common skin reactions when the humidity is very low. 

Effects of Low Humidity on Your Skin

How to Combat Humid Weather?

There are some easy tips that can help you tackle the side effects of high humidity levels easily, leaving you enjoying only the benefits.

  • Understanding your skin type: Getting well acquainted with your skin type and understanding its requirements can help you make an easy choice of the best skincare products for varying levels of humidity.
  • Cleanse your skin daily with a gentle, but effective, face wash: Keeping your skin clean and clear at all times is the most important step to take to counteract the unwanted effects of high humidity on skin. Use a premium quality face wash to remove excess sebum, sweat and impurities without over-drying your skin and putting your sebaceous glands into overdrive. 

WOW Skin Science has formulated a wide range of face washes for all skin types, each enriched with the best natural ingredients such as aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, Vitamin C, charcoal, etc. A few of these facial cleansers come with a silicone brush that makes it even easier to thoroughly cleanse your skin and wash away all dead skin cells, making way for that beautiful, glowing ‘new skin’.

wow skin science face wash

Moisturization: Moisturizing your skin is a ritual that you must never skip, irrespective of the humidity level. The only thing you need to focus on is the type of moisturizer to opt for. Go for a smooth, lightweight, water-based moisturizer when the humidity level is high. When humidity level dips, try and shift to a creamier product to prevent your skin from getting dry and flaky. 

SPF treatment: A sunscreen is a must-have skincare product, no matter the weather or level of humidity. Make sure to lather your body with an effective sunscreen before stepping out in the sun to keep your skin protected and safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does skin age faster in dry climates?

Though dryness alone cannot age your skin, it can worsen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Why does my skin clear up in humidity?

It might be because the enhanced moisture level of your skin works well to remove the toxins within it. It may also be because humidity can help prevent skin flaking and irritations.

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Sangya Shaily

Sangya Shaily is a content writer from Mumbai, India. She loves writing lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and health & wellness-related content, among other things. In her leisure time, she loves to indulge in reading classic literature and spend time with her family.

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Author: Sangya Shaily

Latest posts:

Sangya Shaily

Sangya Shaily is a content writer from Mumbai, India. She loves writing lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and health & wellness-related content, among other things. In her leisure time, she loves to indulge in reading classic literature and spend time with her family.
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