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Meet the Stylish Durag and Its Many Hair-Protecting Benefits

3 mins

Catherine Abel

If you thought the durag was only a style statement, you are wrong. This headscarf has multiple hair-protecting benefits too. Read on to find out more about durag.

A durag is a scarf-type accessory that can be draped around the head to protect hair or to make a fashion statement. Durag is not a novel idea either in fashion or in hair protection.

The scarf has been part of history. It was present in the 19th century when people of African-American origin used it. They used durags to keep sweat and hair out of their faces during their work as slaves and laborers. It was also in use at the Ethiopian defense camp. Ethiopian soldiers used these headscarves in the 19th century.

The earliest mention of a durag could be traced to 1966. An article in the Akron Beacon Journal described it as a “cloth band” draped around the head, covering the forehead, to keep sweat away.

Over time, the purpose of the durag extended to include fashion. In addition to making a stylish fashion statement, a durag preserves hairstyles such as braids. Used appropriately, a durag can lock a wig in place while proclaiming your individual style to the world.

How can a durag benefit you? Should you include it in your haircare routine? Know the benefits of durag to make a well-informed decision:

Table of Contents:

  • Offers Great Comfort
  • Prevents Acne Breakouts
  • Protects Against the Hair-Damaging Effects of the Sun
  • Preserves Natural Hair Oil
  • Helps Straighten Hair Naturally
  • Keeps Hair Style Stylish for Longer
  • Allows you to Maintain Wavy Strands

Offers Great Comfort

A durag offers great comfort by keeping hair in its place without slipping on the face. Whether you are riding a bike or working out at the gym, a durag keeps sweat and hair away from your skin.

By keeping strands in their place and sweat away, you can be more comfortable at the gym doing your workouts with more efficiency and less irritation. Besides, the stylishness of the head drape is sure to invite a couple of second looks!

Prevents Acne Breakouts

Yes, you heard that right. A durag can help prevent acne breakouts. Sweating can be profuse when working out at the gym or due to warmer weather outdoors. While sweat itself does not cause acne breakouts, letting sweat stay on the skin can.

Sweat mixes with dirt and bacteria, leading to build-up on the scalp, which increases the risk of acne breakouts.

A durag helps by soaking the sweat from the scalp and strands and facilitating its evaporation. As a result, any sweat build-up on the scalp is prevented.

how to tie durag, what is durag

If you have acne-prone skin, then a range of haircare and skincare products from WOW Skin Science is available to help. These products contain natural ingredients used specifically to address issues such as acne, dandruff, split ends, and sun damage.

The products are also sulfate- and paraben-free. They are totally vegan too. Explore the skincare and haircare line here. You may want to include them in your skin and hair care routine.

Protects Against the Hair-Damaging Effects of the Sun

Steady exposure to the sun, dirt, and pollution outdoors can cause immense damage to your scalp and hair. Continuous exposure to the sun damages the cuticle – the protective cover of hair. The UVB and UVA light of the sun cause cuticle damage.

Prolonged exposure can also lead to damage to the hair shaft, premature hair greying, discoloration, hair thinning, frizzing, split ends, and dry and lifeless strands.

durag benefits when exposed to sun

With a well-draped durag, you can protect your hair from such preventable damage. Follow a haircare routine, including a cleanser, shampoo, and a moisturizer, in addition to a durag.

The result is strong, radiant hair that is wavy and full of life!

Preserves Natural Hair Oil

The skin produces natural oil to keep itself moist, scalp included. This natural oil is important to keep the scalp and hair hydrated and healthy. But regular exposure to the elements and outdoor weather can cause the hair to lose its moisture, resulting in dry, lifeless locks.

A durag not only lends style but also locks in your hair’s natural moisture. As a result, your hair stays hydrated and nourished.

You can also wear your durag during the night when much hair damage happens without your knowledge. As you turn and move your head on the pillow, the friction between the pillow and your hair can cause split ends and frizz. A durag protects your hair by acting as a shield between your pillow and your hair.

Helps Straighten Hair Naturally

If you are using chemical treatments or straighteners to get neat upright hair, then you are causing your hair more damage than you may realize.

Chemicals used for hair straightening have to be intense since they have to penetrate the strands and alter the bonds within to alter the form outside. Such severe exposure to chemicals can cause intense hair damage over time. Heat-based devices such as straighteners can lead to dry, frizzy hair, sometimes causing irreparable hair damage.

how to naturally straighten hair

With a durag, you can prevent all these risks while straightening your locks naturally.

Simply use a moisturizer on the hair and tie a durag around the hair to set it straight!

Keeps Hair Style Stylish for Longer

If you are aiming for a braided look, then wearing a durag can protect the braids for a long time. In the absence of a comforting cover such as a durag, stray strands fall out of place, making your hair look messy and unclean.

With a durag, you can drape your hair and protect the braided hairstyle while ensuring that no strand strays away from your neat coiffure. You can tie a durag even at night, which ensures that you look your best in the morning after a restful sleep.

how to keep hair braids, durag and hair braids

Allows you to Maintain Wavy Strands

Hair has a way of going messy when not contained. Durags offer a way to keep hair safely in its place. Regular use of a durag gives a wavy texture to your hair, which is stylish. Durags prevent hair from becoming unruly and difficult to maintain.

You can comb your hair easily and feel them rest in a wavy pattern instead of being a spiky mass of uncontrolled strands.

If you have been thinking of durags as only a fashionable accessory, then it is time to change your opinion. The hair-protecting benefits of durags are becoming popular, which leads to the increased prevalence of these headscarves. It would be no wonder if durags became a part of a healthy haircare routine.

Durags are available in different materials. Silk, polyester, and velvet durags are popular, given the stylishness of the material and finish. They are good at protecting your hair from friction. Cotton durags are particularly good at keeping your hair sweat-free.

Bring the hair-benefitting and stylish durags into your life.

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Catherine Abel

Catherine Abel works in the cosmetics industry. She has thousands of happy clients that look up to her for expert guidance on everything beauty-related. Catherine uses her extensive domain experience to guide people in choosing the right products for their skin, hair, and body.

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Catherine Abel

Catherine Abel works in the cosmetics industry. She has thousands of happy clients that look up to her for expert guidance on everything beauty-related. Catherine uses her extensive domain experience to guide people in choosing the right products for their skin, hair, and body.
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