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Onion for Hair Growth Before and After- These changes you want to see on Your Hair

4 mins

Mary Jones

The humble onion can boost your hair growth, remove build-up, balance pH, and counter hair loss. Experience onion for hair growth before and after results yourself!

The humble onion, a go-to kitchen staple for rich flavor and taste, is increasingly popular for its hair benefits. Onion oil is derived from onion juice and carries with it the benefits of the wonder vegetable.

Onion has many health benefits, including bad cholesterol management, immunity boosting, cancer prevention, and blood sugar regulation. Onion has Vitamin C, which makes it a reliable solution for hair and skin health.

Discover the benefits of onion for your hair's health and growth.

Table of contents:

  • How to Use Onion in Hair Care Routine?
  • Onion Juice
  • Onion Oil
  • Onion Shampoos
  • Onion Benefits for the Hair
  • How is Onion Enhancing Hair Growth?
  • Should I Use Onion Oil Every Day?
  • Hair Products Containing Onion Oil

How to Use Onion in Hair Care Routine?

Research shows that topical use of raw onion juice can result in hair regrowth in people with alopecia areata. This is an autoimmune skin condition in which patients lose the hair on their scalp and face. In some cases, hair in other areas of the body, too, may be lost.

In the study that used onion juice treatment, subjects were instructed to apply onion oil two times daily for two months. Regrowth was found after two weeks of treatment.

Onion has multiple benefits for your hair. So, how do you use onion oil in your haircare routine?

how do you use onion oil in your haircare routine, onion hair benefits

Onion can be used in the form of onion oil, shampoo, or juice. It can also be used as a mix with other hair-beneficial carrier oils, such as coconut oil.

Onion Juice

Onion juice can help address hair issues such as dandruff, itchy scalp, and dryness.

A simple way to prepare an onion juice recipe for hair:

  •     Take onion juice in a measure of one-fourth cup.
  •     Add honey in a measure of one tablespoon to the juice.
  •     Rub this mix on the scalp. Massage it in for even spreading.
  •     Continue the massage for 15 minutes.

Apply the mix and massage once daily for the best results.

massaging onion juice into hair

Onion Oil

If you are using onion in the form of oil, then consider the purest forms of the oil. WOW Skin Science, for example, offers Onion Black Seed Hair Oil as 100% pure cold-pressed oil. The oil is also 100% free of mineral oil, silicone, and hexane.

Onion Shampoos

Well-formulated shampoos carry the benefits of onions. Upon regular use, onion shampoo clears blocked roots, scalp build-ups, and strengthens hair and scalp. For the best results, choose shampoos with additional hair-benefiting ingredients.

The Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo by WOW Skin Science combines red onion with black seed oil and pro-vitamin B5 for powerful hair growth benefits. There are other powerful natural nourishers too.

red onion black seed shampoo

Red onion black seed in the formulation is a super hair nourisher, contributing to hair's health, shine, and volume. Vitamin B5 keeps the scalp and hair moisturized and improves strand elasticity.

Sweet almond oil contains vitamins B1, B6, A, and E, which help protect the scalp and hair from sun damage. Argan oil provides abundant nourishment to hair.

The shampoo is paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, giving you complete peace of mind about its risk of side effects.

Onion Benefits for the Hair

What should you look forward to when using onion for hair growth before and after? From keeping hair fall in check to removing dandruff and easing scalp itchiness, onion oil benefits your hair in numerous ways.

Here are some major benefits that onion brings to your hair:

  •     Promotes hair growth
  •     Helps reduce/ prevent scalp infections
  •     Minimizes hair breakage and brittleness
  •     May help remedy dandruff
  •     Eradicates product build-up
  •     Prevents premature greying of hair
  •     Boosts hair shine upon regular use

How is Onion Enhancing Hair Growth?

Onion has rich properties that make it an efficient haircare solution.

How is Onion Enhancing Hair Growth, onion oil for hair growth

Enriches Hair with Sulfur

Onion is rich in sulfur. Sulfur is an essential body nutrient. It is present in amino acids, which are protein components. Keratin is a protein and a building block for hair. With its sulfur content, Keratin is basic to hair strength and growth.

With its abundant sulfur content, onion oil contributes to strong hair growth. Massaging onion oil on your scalp enriches hair with sulfur, strengthening strands from the roots.

Boosts New Hair Growth

Onion is rich in Vitamin C. The abundance of sulfur and Vitamin C facilitates collagen production. Collagen is crucial for new cell growth, boosting hair growth while keeping strands healthy. 

vitamin c benefits for hair growth

Onion also promotes hair growth by influencing the hair growth cycle. Onion juice has antioxidants, which work to activate enzymes that arrest hair fall.

Rejuvenates the Scalp

Using onion in the form of shampoo, juice, or oil boosts blood circulation to the skin. As a result, hair follicles are well-nourished. Well-nourished follicles give rise to stronger strands.

Reduces Hair Damage and Loss

Onion can reduce damage by oxidative stress on the hair. This stress happens when free radicals in the body increase and the body’s defense mechanism offer a weak response.

Free radicals, when not ably countered, can damage DNA, proteins, and lipids. Oxidative stress can occur due to external environmental factors. Onion is nutrient-dense, which helps it battle oxidative stress. The sulfur content in onion showers a positive response to hair thinning and breakage.

Hair damage caused by premature aging can also be prevented with onion application. Onion maintains the right balance of pH, which prevents premature greying. 

how to reduce hair damage, how to reduce hair loss

Maintains a Healthy Scalp

Maintaining the health of your scalp is key to growing healthy hair. Onion has excellent antibacterial properties, which can help keep scalp infections in check. If you have scalp itchiness or dandruff, then the use of onion may help get rid of these conditions.

The sulfurs in onions are believed to possess anti-inflammatory properties, which can help heal the scalp.

Should I Use Onion Oil Every Day?

If onions are a regular part of your hair care routine, then using the product twice a week should be enough. If you are newly including onions in your routine, consider applying them daily for a couple of weeks. This consistent application can help you see visible results.

how often to use onion oil, is it okay to use onion oil every day

Hair Products Containing Onion Oil

Confused about the use of onions in your routine? Simply turn to WOW Skin Science’s range of haircare products. These onion-based formulations are 100% natural, with only plant actives powering them.

You may want to explore the fabulous Onion Black Seed Oil Rapid Repair Bundle. This pack comes with onion black seed shampoo and conditioner, onion black seed hair oil, and hair revitalizer. The accompanying hairbrush helps you detangle gently and keep your strands bouncy.

Onion black seed shampoo and conditioner remove impurities, moisturize, and maintain scalp pH.

Together, they work to promote hair growth and improve hair volume. The hair revitalizer and the accompanying massager boost blood circulation and promote new hair cells.

Onion can be a simple and effective home remedy for hair issues. You can prepare a simple recipe at home or buy well-formulated haircare products. When choosing onion-based haircare products, choose products with only natural ingredients to reduce the risk of side effects.

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Mary Jones

Mary Jones believes in making well-informed choices when it comes to health, beauty, and wellness. She also draws from her own experience as a style mentor and product reviewer to provide the most helpful and relevant content for readers. Get ready to be influenced!

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Mary Jones

Mary Jones believes in making well-informed choices when it comes to health, beauty, and wellness. She also draws from her own experience as a style mentor and product reviewer to provide the most helpful and relevant content for readers. Get ready to be influenced!
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