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Our Customers' Impressions – Here's Why Our Products Are Must-Have in Your Beauty Kit

7 mins

Rahul Bhatia

Customers always know best – and ours had spoken! Keep reading to find out what our customers have to say about our products.

If you haven't purchased Wow Skin Science holistic beauty products, then your beauty kit is incomplete. Wow Skin Science uses natural, 100% vegan ingredients combined with science-backed formulations to deliver customers healthy, highly-effective beauty products. To this end, we use only the best quality plant extracts to form a potent product that works wonders. 

If you're still unsure about our products, then who better to hear from than our customers? In this article, we'll go over some of our products and include customer reviews so you can better understand why our products are a must-have in your beauty kit.

Table of contents:

  • Activated Charcoal Face Wash (Gel Type)
  • Green Tea and Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Ubtan Face Wash (Gel Type)
  • Coconut Hydrating Foaming Face Wash With Brush
  • Moroccan Argan Hair Oil
  • Onion Black Seed Hair Oil With Almond, Castor, Jojoba, Olive, & Coconut Oils
  • 10-in-1 Hair Oil
  • Vitamin C Serum
  • Himalayan Rose Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Activated Charcoal Face Wash (Gel Type)

If you don't have a charcoal face wash, you're missing a lot! If you do already own a charcoal face wash, you may want to consider replacing it with our activated charcoal face wash. Our charcoal face wash rejuvenates your skin while washing away any toxins on the face to leave you with a revived, detoxed face. The activated charcoal face wash contains no harmful chemicals that will leave you with dry skin. Instead, it is made with the finest ingredients, so you can begin each day with a clean, healthy face. 

Brenda Cronin gave this our product 5 stars and said: "Helped my face feel clean and non-oily. I also have the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. My hair and face have never been healthier." 

Green Tea and Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner

The highest quality shampoo and conditioner is crucial for every great beauty kit. Without high-quality and natural shampoo and conditioner, you could be doing damage to your hair and scalp rather than keeping it healthy and beautiful. 

Our green tea and tea tree shampoo and conditioner will give you shiny, healthy hair while also fighting dandruff and cleaning your scalp. We use only the best ingredients, including tea tree, green tea, and natural oils. Our expert formula helps to fight and control sebum production to prevent dandruff and improves blood flow to the scalp. Plus, our conditioner will help nourish and moisturize your hair to keep it looking and feeling beautiful.

Here is what our customer TK had to say about this product:

"These WOW skin science shampoo and conditioner set is amazing!! I have dry hair and dandruff, which I have tried to reduce many times, but this one helps my dandruff to be reduced and doesn't give me any!! It feels amazing while applying and doesn't hurt your scalp or acne. It moistures my hair and promotes hair growth and volume!! It has an amazing odor too! I'm gonna take a guess and say it's rosemary. Overall, I really like this shampoo and conditioner set, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in this product!!"

Ubtan Face Wash (Gel Type)

Our Ubtan face wash is a great first skincare step in your routine of cleansing your face and pores. It gently clears clogged pores and removes dirt and toxins, giving you a fresh, healthy face. This product is infused with Ayurvedic Ubtan, a mixture of medicinal botanicals including chickpea flour, turmeric, saffron, almond extracts, rose water, and sandalwood oil.

Clara E. rated this product 5 stars and said the following about it: "Great! Great! I absolutely love it. It really cleans my face very well, and my face feels so soft, smooth, and beautifully supple. It also brightens my face, and that makes it incredibly amazing. I was using your vitamin C face wash, but Ubtan is really for me, and I say thank you for the great and wonderful product."

Coconut Hydrating Foaming Face Wash With Brush

Wow Skin Science's coconut hydrating foaming face wash with brush gently exfoliates your skin to clear your pores and remove any impurities, dead skin, or makeup. The brush is made of hypoallergenic, soft-silicone bristles that are gentle on sensitive skin and tough on impurities. The formula includes soothing botanicals like coconut to clean and moisturize the skin and make your skin glow. Also, it is great for both dry and oily skin types!

Cynthia L. loved our product and left us with this review: "As an older woman who once had extremely oily skin, dry skin was so foreign to me. I just didn't know what to use. The few products I had tried just didn't deliver. Either my skin felt coated and looked flaky, or it looked even drier and flaky. I decided to try WOW's coconut dry skin cleanser. What a turnaround! I have been pleased with everything I purchase through WOW."

Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Our Moroccan argan hair oil is a non-sticky, natural hair oil that is perfect for anyone with thin, dull, unmanageable hair. This cold-pressed oil blend revives and nourishes all hair types and is especially effective and rejuvenating for anyone with thin, brittle, dry hair that has split ends, frizz, or itchiness. Look and feel like your best self by repairing and nourishing your hair to its best with Moroccan argan hair oil.

Debbie R. said this about our product: "WOW's Argan Hair has been in my overnight hair oil treatment for a year! That application has created new hair starts all over my head! Hair excitement! I also add several drops of Moroccan Hair Oil to my Wow 10 N 1 Revitalizer! To help my hair texture, smoothness, softness, and of course, hair conditioning❣️My hair loves the combo treatment! Thank you Wow Skin Science!❤️"

Onion Black Seed Hair Oil With Almond, Castor, Jojoba, Olive, & Coconut Oils

Our onion black seed hair oil with almond, castor, jojoba, olive, & coconut oils uses our natural, expert formula to improve the strength and silkiness of hair to make hair look better and be easily manageable. This hair oil is made with 100% pure cold-pressed oils, it is 100% free of hexane, mineral oil, and silicone for natural, holistic hair care. Our hair oil will help you to volumize, protect, nourish, and improve the silkiness of your hair, so you look and feel great.

Our loyal customer, Becky, said: "You guys, this product really works! My hair started falling out soooo much & I’ve been using it like once a week for the past few weeks and as you can see my baby hair is growing back"

Dianira G. had this to say after trying this product: "Very organic, like putting on a silk veil on my hair. I immediately felt my hair transform before my eyes, and in the morning, I showered. OMG, it was cray. My hair felt thick and smooth and ooooh so soft, and I have curly hair, not it looks shiny and healthy lush and plump. Thank you so much for making these amazing products, you have a patreon for a life well, every other payday, that's for sure. Thank you. You have inspired me to wear my hair down from now on." 

10-in-1 Hair Oil

Wow Skin Science's 10-in-1 hair oil includes ten potent botanicals that only require a few drops to develop smoother, softer hair. This hair growth oil isn't sticky or greasy like other hair growth oils. All you do is let the treatment soak in your scalp to reap the benefits of improved circulation and natural hair growth. 

Karina loved our product and rated it five stars. Here's her review: "Love this product!!! Helps my psoriasis breakouts. It smells amazing! No heavy, greasy feeling. I have thick course hair color-treated and dry!!!! Not any longer. I can tell the difference: my hair is soft, NOT a tangled rat’s nest with using the WOW 10 in 1 & ACV shampoo and conditioner."

Vitamin C Serum

The Vitamin C serum from Wow Skin Science is an oil-free face serum perfect for toning, soothing, and hydrating your face. We recommend using this product after you've cleansed your skin and before you moisturize. This product contains 20% vitamin C, witch hazel, and hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C makes you look younger while brightening dark spots on the face. Witch hazel eliminates irritation from acne and refines your pores. Hyaluronic acid is a natural, moisturizing molecule that promotes collagen structure and hydrates skin.

After Shirly F. used this product, she said the following: "This is the best vitamin C serum I have ever used. I have noticed a big difference in how my face looks since I've been using this. Less acne, sun spots have gotten a lot better, fine lines look much better, and I also like the smell."

Himalayan Rose Shampoo and Conditioner

This Himalayan rose shampoo and conditioner are perfect for anyone who suffers from weak, dry, and damaged hair. Our natural formula uses rose hydrosol to support new hair growth, sweet almond oil to support smooth and healthy hair, and argan and coconut oil that helps repair damaged hair and protect your scalp. The shampoo product will cleanse and clean your hair and scalp. Then the conditioner will help to moisturize and repair damaged hair. The result will be smooth, soft, strong, and healthy hair with new hair growth!

Kristy H. said this about the product: "Just like my two previous purchases (apple cider & coconut collections) from WOW, the Rose shampoo & conditioner collection doesn't disappoint! Love the results & it smells great! Due to overprocessing from coloring my hair, I was losing hair with the brush full. WOW stopped the drastic hair loss. I couldn't be happier!!!!"

Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo and Conditoner

Wow Skin Science's rejuvenating red onion black seed oil shampoo and conditioner are great for strengthening hair, fighting hair loss, and hydrating hair. Red onion is packed with vitamins B, C, D, and E, which strengthens tresses and reduces hair loss. Plus, our red onion formula doesn't stink, so you'll get the ayurvedic benefits of red onion while still having fragrant hair! Black seed oil is great for moisture retention, and it is also effective against hair loss and repairs damaged hair. Our formula also includes pro-vitamin B5, which strengthens hair at the root to soften and strengthen hair. This product will repair, strengthen, and soften the hair so you can achieve the shiny, healthy hair you've always wanted.

Take it from our customer Carol S. when she said it's the best shampoo conditioner on the market: "Best shampoo/conditioner combo on the market! There is nothing like this for fine, thin, semi-dry hair. I've tried every brand that wasn't above $40 (I do have some principles), and there is nothing that works this well, and the scent is bland-which is good because I am not a heavy scent person. Don't let the name throw you off. Red Onion does NOT smell like a red onion! Try this — you'll love it!"

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

This Moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner is nothing like your average shampoo and conditioner. While many brands boast Moroccan argan oil in their beauty products, we go a few steps further to deliver a unique, high-quality formula. In addition to this shampoo and conditioner combination containing the restorative properties of argan oil, we've also added saw palmetto, nettle leaf extracts, and vitamin B5 to our shampoo and coconut and olive oil vitamin B5 and E, along with coconut and olive oil to our conditioner. Plus, both products include almond oil and aloe vera. This unique combination of botanicals nourishes both your scalp and your hair and protects your hair against split ends and cracks. 

Danie’l Twombly said this about the product: "I been losing my hair for several years thanks to medication and autoimmune disease. I got this as a last-ditch effort to try and save what hair I have left. To say I was skeptical is an understatement. I didn't notice at first, but now my hair is fuller, less damaged, and not falling out by the handful. Now five weeks in, I can say I highly recommend this to everyone. The colorant I have in my hair is no longer bleeding out, lasting way longer than my stylist thought it would."

Regardless of your situation, your hair type, and your skin type, at Wow Skin Science we have a product for everyone. We have many different skincare and beauty products that support healthy skin and hair, each of which uses a different formula to support specific functions. 

Although not all skincare and beauty products can boast botanical-based, natural products, at Wow Skin Science, we do. Learn about the effectiveness of our science-based, natural formulas by trying out our products today at

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Rahul Bhatia

Rahul is the published author of "Heads Or Tails" and Quora writer with over 1.6 million views. He is a keen observer who enjoys the simple joys of life. He strongly believes true beauty is not how beautiful your face is but how beautiful your heart is.

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Rahul Bhatia

Rahul is the published author of "Heads Or Tails" and Quora writer with over 1.6 million views. He is a keen observer who enjoys the simple joys of life. He strongly believes true beauty is not how beautiful your face is but how beautiful your heart is.
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