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Post-Holiday Fatigue

3 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Boost motivation to reach your 2023 goals!

With the new year finally upon us, the post-holiday fatigue and emptiness have set in. Given that it takes 21 days to form a habit (aka 3 weeks of holidays), it makes sense that we got used to a routine of inactivity, gluttonous eating, and waking up/sleeping late. Given that the last year has been one of isolation, this holiday time was full of activity that we haven’t had in a while. Going back to normal brings an energy that isn’t ready to settle down and be productive.  

For many people, the holidays are filled with excitement and yes, stress, but when all the hormones drop off after the holidays, you really tend to notice. The stress can induce adrenaline and increase your cortisol levels, impacting your immune system. Experts are saying that this year’s post-holiday fatigue will coincide with the stress of the pandemic and amplify the seasonal depression that might come along with winter. So, in spite of all of this, what can we do to make sure that we can start our new year off right and try to stick to our resolutions for this year? 

Table of contents:

  • Write It Down
  • Look Forward To Small Joys
  • Meditate
  • Manage Your Space
making plans for 2023

Write It Down

Writing a to-do list will help your sluggish brain prioritize tasks, and let you feel less overwhelmed about going back to work! When making a to-do list or an action plan, we recommend diffusing the WOW Skin Science Focus X Essential Oil Blend to boost clarity amidst external disruptions. Taking a tip from the well-known self help book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, make sure you are understanding what is important, what is urgent, what is both, and what is neither. (Source) This is called “putting first things first” and is found with a written and tangible plan of attack. It will be very hard to feel in control of what is happening around you when you can’t differentiate between what is most important to be doing at that moment. This discernment is hard to come to, but through perseverance and endurance, and proper planning, this can be done. 

An unclear start can promote procrastination. Start the new year off with a detailed list of what your goals and manifestations are, plus what you want to do less, and more of. Keeping this list around your workspace will be a reminder of what values you’ve set for yourself. Being detailed with imagery like a dream board can help you be more consistent with sticking to your new goals! 

taking care of my skin in 2022

Look Forward To Small Joys

Since the glitz and glam of the holiday season are past us, having something imminent to look forward to is a great motivator. ‘It’s the small things’ has never been more relatable, since looking forward to these joys during the day can be a boost of motivation during your mid-day slump. It is all keeping a positive perspective, helping you look at the day differently! Challenge yourself with a personal goal to try to beat, like learning how to play an instrument, or taking up an exercise routine to challenge yourself. Strong body = strong mind!

If this sounds overwhelming already, diffuse WOW Skin Science Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend in your working space to help you calm and destress your mind and body to give you the confidence and love in yourself to be able to persevere through. When actually trying to stick to certain goals or challenges, use WOW Skin Science Step Up Motivation Essential Oil Blend on your pulse points or in your diffuser while you’re doing your task to feel more uplifted and motivated! 

how to enjoy life


This is a goal for many people for a reason! Meditation has been known to help countless ailments and help calm the mind, body, and soul. Given that this post-holiday can be really saddening and depressing, this habit can bring you clarity and help establish a more present mind. Diffuse Frankincense or Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to put you in a proper meditation headspace and provide additional aromatherapy benefits. If you find yourself completely fatigued and tired during the day, taking the time to listen to your breath can really reset and re-energize you. Deep breaths can even help to stimulate the vagus nerve to calm down physical anxiety symptoms like nausea or indigestion. 

best oils for meditation

Manage Your Space

Your setting speaks volumes on how you feel on the inside. Coming home to a messy space can make you feel disorderly and unrested on the inside. When experiencing some kind of lull and even depression, we can easily overlook the space we are residing in and can make it even messier or less habitable. Instead of letting yourself get to that point, take control and upkeep your space. This includes putting something away right after using it, washing a dish when done with it, doing laundry once a week, amongst many other things. These tasks become habits that you end up just doing without thinking while improving your space. 

best essential oils for holiday season

Cleaning and wiping down the surfaces of your home is a great way to get the new year started, both physically for the space but also energetically to remove the stagnant and stale energy that has been in your space for the entire 2020. Think of your favorite inspirational items, and decorate your space with them to uplift your mood. Putting framed pictures of your loved ones around will make you feel warm and surrounded by family. Reorganize a part of your place that gives you stress, there is so much you can do to make your house a home! And given that you’ve most likely spent the majority of 2020 inside, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to spruce up the home you are inside of 24/7. You can also diffuse essential oils in your space to boost your focus, motivation, and de-stress. Especially if you are using the WOW Skin Science Energizer Essential Oil Blend-- you will see what spring in your step this brings!


If you managed to get out of the year okay, then congratulations, and let’s bring on better energy for 2021! Every new year should come with a renewed sense of growth, and most definitely comes with its challenges, but persevering through and making life easier for yourself by working a bit harder at the beginning is something that will get you so far in life! Good luck!

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