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Products Which Will Bid Blackheads Goodbye

6 mins

Ljubica Puskarevic

Blackheads are one of the most common skin conditions affecting people worldwide. Find out the best ways you can defeat blackheads and get flawless skin.

Although most noticeable on your face, blackheads also commonly occur on the neck, chest, and back, among other body parts. The primary cause of blackheads is excess oil or sebum production by your skin. It is a condition that mostly affects adolescents, but there is no specific age limit for its occurrence.

If you have been suffering from blackheads for a while, cheer up because you have come to the right place. Read on, because we will elaborate more about the issue and suggest some amazing products to deal with your problem.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Blackhead
  • What Are the Factors Causing Blackheads
  • Why Drying Out the Skin Can Be Dangerous
  • What Happens If I Squeeze Out the Blackheads
  • Squeezing Might Not Remove the Entire Blackhead
  • Your Blackheads Might Aggravate
  • It Might Result in the Scarring of Your Skin
  • Best Products to Get Rid of Blackheads
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash With Brush
  • Vitamin C Skin Mist Toner
  • Ubtan Face Wash
  • Aloe Vera Multi-Vitamin Face Cream
  • Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel
  • Green Tea Foaming Face Wash With Brush

    What is a Blackhead

    Hair follicles are one of the most crucial parts to take care of if you want to avoid blackheads. They occur if the opening of the hair follicles on your skin gets clogged. One of the primary reasons for this is the accumulation of sebaceous fluids or sebum in the hair follicle. 

    Each hair follicle contains a single strand of hair and an oil-producing sebaceous gland. This oil is naturally produced by your skin and is essential in keeping your skin moist and plump. However, trouble arises when a combination of dead skin cells and oil accumulates in the follicle's opening. 


    This produces a comedo or a bum on the skin. Now, two things might happen to this newly formed comedo. If the skin over it remains intact, the comedo is called a whitehead. However, if the bump is exposed to the air, it gets oxidized and turns dark. This is known as a blackhead. 

    What Are the Factors Causing Blackheads

    Some bodily changes or secretions can increase your chances of getting blackheads on your skin. It includes the following:

    • The chances of developing blackheads increase when your body's oil production increases
    • Propionibacterium acne are a type of bacteria that aggravates the growth of blackheads on the skin. Too much build-up of the bacteria can easily lead to a break-out.
    • Sometimes, the dead skin cells on our skin do not shed regularly. It can lead to the build-up of dead cells in the hair follicles, causing irritation and blackheads.
    • Menstruation, adolescence, and birth control pills, among others, cause hormonal changes in the body. This could lead to increased oil production and accumulation of it in the hair follicles.
    • Drugs like androgen, lithium, and corticosteroids can also increase the chances of you developing blackheads on your skin.

    It is commonly believed that the food we consume affects the development of blackheads. For example, food that increases blood sugar levels like carbohydrates and dairy products might significantly contribute to the production of blackheads in your skin. 

    However, this has not been proved, and researchers are still trying to find if there is any direct link between the food and development of blackheads.

    Why Drying Out the Skin Can Be Dangerous

    Blackheads are caused by the deposition of sebum or oil inside your hair follicles. So, the most natural thing to do might seem like drying out your skin to help prevent blackheads. However, you could not be more wrong.

    Oil is one of the essential components of your skin because sebum or oil produced by the sebaceous glands helps keep our skin moisturized. The oil keeps our skin plump, and without it, your skin can turn dry and even bleed. 

    This would eventually result in a lot of excess damage than what you might be trying to heal. Cracked and bleeding skin means open wounds, which might lead to the accumulation of puss and, even a severe infection. 

    You must remember that your body knows exactly what to do and how to keep you healthy. So, your work is only to aid in the healing process and not vehemently interfere with it. If you partake in the latter, your skin might react negatively.

    What Happens If I Squeeze Out the Blackheads

    blackheads squeezing

    Suppose you have somewhere to go, and you suddenly spot a blackhead. Trying to pop it might be an instinctive reaction because you obviously want to look good, and blackheads are the complete opposite of that. But, wait for a while before doing that, because it might not be the best idea. Here's why:

    Squeezing Might Not Remove the Entire Blackhead

    You might think that you are squeezing the blackhead out, but that is not true in most cases. What happens is that trying to squeeze out the blackhead might only remove the upper part of it while the lower part remains comfortably lodged into your skin. You might even push the blackhead even further inside the hair follicle. This can make it even harder to remove entirely.

    Your Blackheads Might Aggravate

    In trying to squeeze out the blackhead, your results might be the opposite. This can happen because by squeezing out the blackhead, you might end up depositing more oil in the area. As a result, this would attract greater numbers of bacteria that would flock to the place to feed on the extra oil. This can result in the spreading of blackheads across your skin and even enlarging the already existing ones.

    It Might Result in the Scarring of Your Skin

    Skin is one of the most delicate layers of your body. It is sensitive and is prone to develop scars. Your nails generally carry bacteria, even when you think they are properly clean. When you use them to remove a blackhead from your skin, you generally apply much pressure on your skin. 

    Being such a delicate layer, your skin is not equipped to endure such external pressure, and as a result, it breaks and gets seriously damaged. The bacteria present inside your nails can also infect the affected area. In addition to that, your efforts might reward you with a scar that is generally very difficult to get rid of. So, it is best if you do not try to squeeze your blackheads out.

    Best Products to Get Rid of Blackheads

    Finally, we come to the most anticipated part of the article, where we let you in on the secret of some of the best products to use if you want to combat blackheads. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Read on!

    Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash With Brush

    Apple Cider Vinegar is a magic potion for healing and maintaining the body. It has amazing antibacterial properties that reverse bacterial action on your skin. Most importantly, it is a great ingredient to soften and exfoliate your skin and also reduce the development of blackheads. 

    Wow Skin Science has clubbed the goodness of Apple Cider vinegar, aloe vera extracts, and vitamins B5 and E into its Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash With Brush. The brush that the product comes with is made of silicone and is hypoallergenic. It gently exfoliates your skin and removes excess oil and dead skin cells. 

    The face wash is a natural enemy of blackheads and works wonders to remove them entirely with regular use. This eventually results in soft and supple skin and prevents further acne break-out and blackheads.

    While Apple Cider removes impurities and unclogs the pores, aloe extract in the face wash hydrates your skin. Additionally, vitamins B5 and E help strengthen your skin.

    apple cider vinegar face wash with brush

    Vitamin C Skin Mist Toner

    The Vitamin C Mist Toner From Wow Skin Science is packed with the anti-aging properties of lemon and essential oils of orange that work wonders to protect your skin and fight acne. 

    It also contains witch hazel extracts that soothe and repair your skin pores. Additionally, the hydrating properties of the aloe extracts nourish and hydrate your skin to give it a lasting glow. 

    It is the best toner to use if you wish to get glowing skin without blackheads and acne eruptions. You can use it to periodically freshen your skin while you are outside. The toner can also be used as a base for your flawless make-up before a party or skincare routine before bed.

    Ubtan Face Wash

    The Ubtan face Wash from Wow Skin Science is a blend of turmeric, saffron, chickpea flour, sandalwood oil, almond powder, and rose water. 

    This combination deep cleanses your skin. While turmeric is anti-inflammatory in nature and fights acne-causing bacteria, almond smoothens fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. The built-in silicone brush comes with soft bristles that deeply cleanse your skin and effectively remove all the dead skin cells and impurities from your skin.

    ubtan face wash

    Aloe Vera Multi-Vitamin Face Cream

    Your attempt to moisturize your skin should achieve a perfect balance between restoring your skin and replacing the dead skin cells. Instead of trying to dry out your skin, you should use a gentle cleanser to eliminate the extra dead skin cells that accumulate in the hair follicles. 

    The Aloe Vera Facewash from Wow Skin Science is a great product that you can use to gently cleanse your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. Next, moisturize it with a gentle moisturizer like Aloe Vera Multi-Vitamin Face Cream to keep your skin moisturized and supple.

    The aloe vera content in the cream has anti-aging properties. It aids the process of cell renewal and vastly improves skin texture with regular use. Aloe vera also deep cleanses by exfoliating skin and removing the dead skin cells accumulated in the hair follicles. 

    Other properties include its anti-oxidizing nature, which neutralizes chemicals that harm the skin and protect it from premature aging. With regular use, the cream provides a visible improvement, and it increases the suppleness of the skin and makes it smooth to the touch.

    Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel

    Wow Skin Science's Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel is another excellent product to use when suffering from blackheads. Gel's hyaluronic acid contents provide optimum hydration for your skin and remove signs of aging. Its hydrating properties keep your skin plump and smooth. 

    The gel also contains vitamins B5 and E, powerful antioxidants that reduce spots and revitalize dry and damaged skin. However, the most important component is the product's lightweight water-gel formula, which is essentially non-comedogenic. It rapidly gets absorbed in the skin, and its non-comedogenic properties prevent and remove blackheads.

    Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel

    Green Tea Foaming Face Wash With Brush

    Another great face wash is Wow Skin Science's Green Tea Foaming Face Wash With Brush. The face wash comes with the goodness of green tea extracts, aloe vera extracts, and pro-vitamin B5. Green tea is another powerful antioxidant and is rich in vitamin B12. 

    Its combined properties help neutralize free radicals in the skin and restore your skin's natural pH balance. The Aloe Vera extracts in the face wash hydrate the skin, while Vitamin B5 naturally repairs damaged skin and reduces signs of skin aging. The silicone brush deep cleanses, removing all dead skin cells and excess oil, thus significantly impacting your skin.

    Explore the Wow Skin Science website today, and uncover the world of natural skin care that your skin will truly appreciate. Don’t take our word for it – try it out, and you’ll definitely notice a difference.  

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    Ljubica Puskarevic

    A true believer of constant learning, always looking for a better and more efficient way of doing things with a strong background. Strong operations professional with great communication skills who can create long lasting relationships and connect people together to achieve a common goal.
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