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Purify Essential Oil - For Both Your Space & Mind

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Use Purify Essential Oil to cleanse your space and manifest your intentions! These essential oils purify & clear all unwanted residual energy from your space!

Essential oils are multipurpose miracles that can help purify spaces and get rid of negative energies. A Native American tradition called smudging is done by binding together dry herbs like Lavender into a smudge stick. By slowly burning the smudge sticks and infusing the space with its fragrant smoke, one can feel the change in energy as you fan the embers with a large feather. As the smoke ascends, the negative vibrations are carried away and calmness is restored.

Do essential oils really disinfect? Yes, ones that have antibacterial and antifungal properties will kill bacteria in the air. Unfortunately, not all landlords are comfortable with smoke considering the danger with open flames and smoke. Not a problem though, WOW Essential Oils can be used to purify and clear all residual energy from your space.

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How To Smudge

How do you purify air with essential oils?

  1. Light the end of a sage bundle with a match. Blow out quickly if it catches on fire.
  2. The tips of the leaves should smolder slowly, releasing thick smoke. Direct this smoke around your body and space with one hand while holding the bundle in the other.
  3. Allow the incense to linger on the areas of your body or surroundings you’d like to focus on. You can use a fan or feather to help direct the smoke.
  4. Allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl or shell.

Remember to smudge during the day when it’s bright and sunny. Cover all the corners in the house. Think and say positive affirmations while smudging. Keep a window or door open so negative energies can exit.

When to Smudge Your Space

  1. When you move into a new living space
  2. Starting a new job or business
  3. After an argument or illness
  4. Upon returning home from crowded situations 

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Manifest your Intentions with WOW Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils amplify the intent of thoughts and emotions. Manifest what you want by clearing out negative thoughts and emotions and re-framing to the positive, attracting what you desire.

Discover the best essential oils for purification and manifestation!

Stress Melt: Soothe, relax, unwind

WOW Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend gently dispels everyday stress and tension with its cheerful and soothing aroma. It's utterly relaxing fruity-floral fragrance creates a peaceful aura that slows down an overactive mind, evokes happy memories, and helps you unwind. Use it in the evening after a hectic day to feel relaxed and rested.

Step Up Motivation: Remove self-doubt, support positivity, and self-confidence

WOW Step Up Motivation Essential Oil Blend removes self-doubt and lack of confidence to boost spirits and get you going full speed ahead. Formulated as a blend of six pure essential oils – each one known for positive motivational effect – it helps clear away mental cobwebs and internal negativity to instill positivity and self-confidence. Its evocative citrusy fragrance with a hint of mint delights the mind.

Energizer: Clears mental dullness and revives

Revitalize the body and mind with WOW Energizer Essential Oil Blend. It contains 7 purest therapeutic grade essential oils acknowledged for reducing physical fatigue as well as mental dullness. Its invigorating minty-citrusy fragrance with hints of camphor removes lethargy and revives you quickly.

Revitalize: Restore and refresh your mental energy

WOW Revitalize Essential Oil Blend gives you fresh shots of mental energy whenever you feel zapped and stuck in a rut. Its unique and synergistic formulation contains six pure essential oils, each one acclaimed for restorative therapeutic goodness. Use this oil blend to regain your mojo and get back to life and work with all guns blazing.

Purify Essential Oil Blend: Keep your spaces germ-free

WOW Purify Essential Oil Blend is a powerful antiseptic fusion of essential oils that eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi and help you and your family stay healthy. You can also use Purify Essential Oil Blend for its infection resistance and immunity boosting qualities. It has a fresh and clean scent and can make a great addition to your homemade sanitizers.

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