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Rose Oil: A Complete Breakdown

5 mins

Nevena Marincic

Roses aren’t just for smelling good! We have a complete breakdown of rose oil and all the benefits it can have for your health and skin.

We all know the phrase, “stop and smell the roses,” but is it time to start saying, “stop and use the roses in your skincare”?

Rose oil is becoming increasingly popular for its wide variety of benefits in skincare and aromatherapy, but what is all the hype about? Does it truly live up to all the expectations?

We will break it all down for you and introduce you to the world of rose oil benefits.

Table of content:

  • What Is Rose Oil?
  • What Benefits Does Rose Oil Have for My Skin?
  • How Do I Use Rose Oil?
  • What Should I Look for When Buying Rose Oil?

What Is Rose Oil?

Rose oil essential oil, also known as Rosa damascena, is extracted from various types of rose petals. Rose oil can be found in essential oil blends, nourishing beauty products, and rosewater solutions.

However, keep in mind that rose oil is different from rosehip oil.

Rosehip seed oil is a type of carrier oil made from the fruit of the rosebush. These seeds are grounded to extract oil from them and can be used to absorb essential oils and make them safe to use topically.

You can learn all about the benefits of rosehip oil in our article here.

rose oil, rose oil benefits

What Benefits Does Rose Oil Have for My Skin?

Pure rose oil is a super versatile oil because it has so many different benefits, depending on what you are using it for. We’ve rounded up some of the most sought-after benefits of rose oil to help you decide if this is just the oil you are looking for.

Moisturizes Skin

Rose oil is rich in natural vitamins and minerals that can promote healthy moisture levels for your skin. Using just a few drops of rose oil daily can help to strengthen your skin’s barrier and protect your skin from drying out.

The same petals used to extract rose oil can also be steeped in water to make rosewater. Rosewater can be used as a hydrating mist for your face to enhance the appearance of soft, supple skin.

moisturized skin, best skin care

However, be sure to give your skin a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin or irritated skin.

Helps Soothe Irritated Skin

Rose oil has natural benefits that can be used to soothe irritated skin and relax tense muscles. Using rose oil in aromatherapy may help to ease tension in your muscles and reduce soreness.

Applying rose oil to your skin, either with a carrier oil, like coconut oil or almond oil, or in a skincare product like aloe vera lotion, can help soothe redness, swelling, and irritation caused by acne breakouts.

It is important to remember not to put rose oil directly on your skin with pure rose essential oil. Non-diluted rose oil in high quantities can cause skin irritation and redness when applied to the skin with no carrier oil.

You can click here for more information on how you can use essential oils.

Minimizes the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Rose oil is rich in essential antioxidants that can help to protect your skin from free radical damage and reduce the appearance of any damage that may have occurred.

hair oil for aging skin, aging skin best care

Additionally, rose oil can be used to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because its powerful antioxidants and vitamins can help promote healthy skin aging.

Promotes Relaxation

It is no secret that the scent of roses is calming and relaxing to almost everyone who smells them.

Rose oil can promote a sense of calm and relaxation when used for aromatherapy and may help reduce feelings of stress and tension.

Rose oil may also help reduce feelings of nervousness when used in aromatherapy or applied topically.

You can add rose oil to your massage oil for all the added health benefits and extend the rose fragrance on your skin.

Helps Relieve Symptoms of Menstrual Cramps

If you have ever experienced menstrual cramps, rose oil might be your new best friend. Rose oil may help promote healthy hormone levels in your body and reduce the severity of menstrual cramps related to hormonal imbalance.

Additionally, rose oil can promote relaxation and stress relief during your period, which may also help reduce menstrual cramps caused by muscle tension and stress.

Natural Perfume

Who wouldn’t want to smell like a bouquet of roses everywhere they go? When applied topically or in a perfume spray, rose oil can make a great, natural perfume when applied topically.

Rose oil can be used as a perfume by itself or with complementary oils such as lavender, chamomile, and geranium.


Promotes Healthy Hair

Rose oil can be used on the scalp to promote healthy hair growth and maintain the strength of your hair. In addition, rose oil can add luster and hydration to your hair, which can improve your hair’s natural shine, volume, and texture.

Our Himalayan Rose Shampoo and Conditioner makes it easy to get the great benefits of rose oil into your hair care routine and is packed with additional nutrients for your hair, including glycerin and argan oil.


Rose oil is often called an aphrodisiac, and can promote feelings of relaxation, happiness, and desire.

Rose oil may help to boost arousal and libido levels and can be used in aromatherapy or topically with a carrier oil to get you in the mood.

How Do I Use Rose Oil?

Depending on what you are using it for, there are various ways that you can use rose oil to obtain its many benefits.


One of the most common ways to use rose oil is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy may involve putting rose oil in an essential oil diffuser, which combines your essential oils with water and creates a refreshing and relaxing mist.

rose oil


You can apply rose oil to your skin with a carrier oil like jojoba oil, making it gentle enough not to irritate your skin. Our Rose Otto Essential Oil comes pre-diluted to make topical application a breeze so that you can get straight to using rose oil for your favorite benefits.

In the Bath

Dropping some rose oil in a warm bath can help dilute the pure oil and give you a relaxing night of self-care.

The steam from warm water acts as a natural essential oil diffuser and is a great way to inhale rose oil to promote relaxation. And hey, who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing bubble bath? Especially when it smells like roses.

In Your Skincare Products

Okay, we know this is also technically a topical application, but utilizing rose oil in your skincare routine is different from applying it to your skin.

Rose oil in skincare products comes in a specific dilution to be gentle to your skin but strong enough that your skin can enjoy the medicinal benefits that rose oil has to offer.

And don’t worry, the rest of your skin can benefit from rose oil, too! Skincare isn’t just about the skin on your face. Rose oil can help the rest of your skin the same way it benefits your face.

Our Himalayan Rose Body Butter is jam-packed with nutrients, including rose oil, vitamin E, and shea butter, to give your skin a smooth and hydrated feel. It’s like your own personal spa right at home.

body butter, wow body butter

What Should I Look for When Buying Rose Oil?

With so many options for rose oil on the market, it can be challenging to know which is the right one for you. There are some key factors to consider if you want to add rose oil to your skincare or aromatherapy.

Essential oils in dark blue or dark amber bottles can help maintain the oil's quality as light can damage oils, and the dark-colored bottles make it more difficult for light to pass through.

Many rose oils will come pre-diluted in carrier oils to make topical application easier, but if you prefer to make your own dilution, check the ingredient list to ensure no additional ingredients are added.

The Bottom Line

Rose oil can be a powerful addition to your daily routine. Whether you are inhaling it, applying it to your skin, or using it for your hair, rose oil can pack a punch and deliver a wide variety of benefits and nutrients to utilize.

Our goal at WOW Skin Science is to help get natural, holistic solutions in your hands so that you can live your healthiest life. Our 100% vegan, authentic products are clean and enjoyable to use because we want you to always live in the “WOW.”



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Nevena Marincic

Nevena has long years of experience in writing, editing, and SEO optimization. She got her affection for writing from her passion for reading, which she developed at an early age. Her biggest quirk is that she is super organized, has schedules for her schedules, and she loves traveling.

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Nevena Marincic

Nevena has long years of experience in writing, editing, and SEO optimization. She got her affection for writing from her passion for reading, which she developed at an early age. Her biggest quirk is that she is super organized, has schedules for her schedules, and she loves traveling.
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