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Rosemary Essential Oil: Benefits & Uses

5 mins

Mary Jones

Interested in trying rosemary essential oil? Read on for the benefits the oil has to offer and different ways to use the product.

Some essential oils are intended to help boost alertness and elevate your mood, while others are made to create a calming environment and help improve your sleep quality. 

Though every essential oil comes with its own slew of potential health benefits, rosemary essential oil is among the most popular in aromatherapy. Today, we will be explaining all that this member of the mint family has to offer. Should you find that this is the correct selection for you, we will then discuss different methods for acquiring and applying the product so that you can reap its many benefits.

Table of contents: 

  • What Is Rosemary Essential Oil?
  • Aromatherapy
  • Boost Hair Growth
  • Improves Mood
  • How To Make DIY Rosemary Oil
  • Prep the Ingredients
  • Drain the Water
  • Crush the Flower
  • Add the Oil
  • Extraction
  • Strain The Oil
  • WOW Skin Rosemary Essential Oil

What Is Rosemary Essential Oil?

More formally referred to as Rosmarinus officinalis, Rosemary is an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean and Asia and accompanied by a wood-like scent. The medicinal plant has been used by Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians in various uses – both as a flavoring and a healing tool. 

From helping in reducing the oiliness of the skin to helping in maintaining the immune system, people have had a lot of different ideas about the uses of rosemary essential oil.  

  • Aromatherapy

One of the many ways in which rosemary has been employed is for aromatherapy. Oil is extracted from the plant, resulting in the rosemary essential oil that is widely used and diffused to boost feelings of emotional health.

Some people believe that a benefit of rosemary oil is that it helps support brain function. 

how to stay healthy

This plant is traditionally believed to strengthen memory. Some people also believe that rosemary oil can inhibit the breakdown of acetylcholine. 

Acetylcholine is an organic chemical that functions in the brain as a neurotransmitter, meaning that it is important for learning, concentration, and memory.

Rosemary oil has potential benefits for physical health as well.

  • Boost Hair Growth

Perhaps the most popular folk medicine method of using rosemary oil concerns hair growth stimulation to help support hair growth for those with male pattern baldness and androgenetic alopecia. 

Androgenetic alopecia is a form of hormonal hair loss. It involves a shortening of the hair’s growing phase and follicular miniaturization, which essentially means that the hair follicles shrink and begin to produce shorter, thinner hair. 

When applied to the scalp, some people believe that a few drops of rosemary oil can disrupt this unwanted process by keeping androgen from harming your hair follicles. 

bald man
  • Improves Mood

Other uses of rosemary oil include improving your mood and overall emotional health.

Rosemary oil is believed to soothe the mind and relieve you of stress. For example, one study asked an array of young adults to smell different solutions for five minutes. Some were given rosemary oil, while others were given non-aromatic compounds. 

Afterward, their saliva was tested for cortisol levels (cortisol is actually the stress hormone). The saliva of the young adults who had been sniffing the rosemary oil had 23% lower cortisol levels than the saliva of the other test subjects.

How To Make DIY Rosemary Oil

If you would like to take a holistic approach and make your own rosemary essential oil at home, we prepared the steps you need to follow. Always take extreme precautions when making any substance you intend to inhale or use as a topical application. 

If you do not feel suited to make your own essential oil, we encourage you to purchase a professionally formulated oil instead. 

rosemary benefits
  • Prep the Ingredients

The first step to making your essential oil is to acquire the essential ingredient: rosemary. 

Once you have gathered your fresh rosemary, go ahead and rinse it. This is important for removing any residue. Rinse your rosemary by holding the leaves under running water or by filling a bowl with water and washing them off by hand. Don’t hold back during the step. 

If necessary, you are welcome to rinse your rosemary off multiple times. Remember, this product is going to be used on your body. 

  • Drain the Water

Next, we need to ensure that all the water is drained from your freshly cleaned rosemary. Our goal is for the leaves to be dry so you can either leave them to drain in the sink or lay them out in the sun.

  • Crush the Flower

After the leaves have completely dried, crush the flower and leaves lightly so that they will easily infuse into the oil. Use whatever tools you have at home to accomplish this step, like the back of a spoon or fork. A popular option for herbalists and essential oil fans is a mortar and pestle.

The scent of rosemary will perfume the air as you crush the leaves. This is a sign that you are doing something right. Before crushing them in their entirety, take the leaves and transfer them into a different container such as a bowl. 

essential oils benefits
  • Add the Oil

Rosemary must be used in dilution, so this is when you will add your carrier oil. Do not skip this step, or you could experience unpleasant side effects, like skin irritation. You are welcome to use any carrier oil of your choice, whether coconut, olive, or grape seed oil. You should put in enough of your carrier oil so that the leaves are fully submerged. Continue to move the leaves around in the liquid. 

  • Extraction

Now, we are ready to extract our rosemary oil. We are going to do this by placing a pan on the stove. Pour a few cups of water into the pan and put the heat on low. Place the container holding your rosemary leaf and carrier oil mixture in the pan. 

Your goal is for your mixture and the surrounding water to boil simultaneously. Turn up the heat as necessary. Stir your leaves as the water begins to boil. After about 25 minutes, you should notice the leaves wilting. By this point, the oil should have been infused. 

boiling water

The oil in your container will have a greenish color, signaling that you can turn off your heat. Remove the container from the water and allow it to rest for about ten minutes. 

  • Strain The Oil

Then, you will strain the oil. Pour your new oil mixture over a strainer. Lightly press down on the leaves sitting atop the strainer using a spoon or some other utensil to release as much of the oil as you can. Take caution not to over-press or press too hard. 

This could result in unwanted water flowing into the oil. The problem with water entering your oil is that it can make storing the product more complex in terms of longevity. The final result should have a golden-looking color.

WOW Skin Rosemary Essential Oil

If you would prefer to use a professionally made rosemary essential oil, we suggest turning to Wow Skin Science

WOW Skin Science makes an effort to find the highest quality plant extracts and potent formulations to deliver 100% vegan products that work. Our company has an immense appreciation for nature and how it serves us. 

We are committed to combining time-tested ingredients from nature with innovative formulations backed by science to share these benefits with our customers in a holistic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free way.

We offer a wide array of single essential oils and hybrid options to satisfy your needs and improve your well-being. 

WOW Rosemary Essential Oil is a 100% pure essential oil. Rather than extracting the scent from rosemary leaves, our oil is steam distilled from rosemary flower petals. 

rosemary essential oil

We carefully package the product to retain its refreshing and stimulating properties to preserve the scent and ensure that you receive all its benefits. We suggest employing our rosemary essential oil if you are looking for a way to maintain feelings of alertness, boost your memory, and support your hair or skin care health.

Putting drops of the rosemary essential oil in your diffuser is only one way to use the product. You can also try blending a few drops with water in a spray bottle, spraying it around, or adding a few drops to your bath water. For a topical approach, blend three drops in 10ml cold-pressed oil and massage the soles of your feet with it. The only method that is off-limits is ingestion. Rosemary Essential Oil is not intended for consumption.

WOW Skin Science also includes Rosmarinus officinalis as a key ingredient in some of our essential oil blends. For example, Purify Essential Oil Blend is designed to help disinfect your surroundings by eliminating unwanted bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

essential oils to get rid of bacteria

Ingredients include tea tree essential oil, mandarin essential oil, and rosemary essential oil.

No matter what feelings you hope to support, there is a chance that rosemary essential oil could be the right choice for you. Speak with your healthcare provider if you have any underlying conditions, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding. 

Remember to apply the product safely and as directed to receive all the different benefits the natural product has to offer.

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Mary Jones

Mary Jones believes in making well-informed choices when it comes to health, beauty, and wellness. She also draws from her own experience as a style mentor and product reviewer to provide the most helpful and relevant content for readers. Get ready to be influenced!

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Mary Jones

Mary Jones believes in making well-informed choices when it comes to health, beauty, and wellness. She also draws from her own experience as a style mentor and product reviewer to provide the most helpful and relevant content for readers. Get ready to be influenced!
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