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Should Men Use a Body Moisturizer? Tips on Choosing the Best Body Moisturizer for Men


Contrary to popular belief, women aren't the only ones who need to use the best moisturizing products to keep up that healthy, natural glow for that ideal summer body. That's right, guys; it's about time you invest in a proper skincare routine. Allow us to explain:

  • How Men’s Skin Differs
  • The Importance of Moisturizing
  • How to Find the Best Body Moisturizer for Men
  • Extra Tips and Tricks for Moisturizing

How Men’s Skin Differs

We all have male friends with perfect skin who pride themselves in only using water and some random soap in their “skincare” routine, not really bothering with any additional steps. While it seems like this works quite well for them, most women struggle with a lot of skin troubles and multiple-step skincare routines for both their face and body, without being able to achieve that perfect look. 

Now, that is not to say that men do not struggle with skin problems too, but it seems like we can’t say that men’s and women’s skin are the same, because they are not. Let’s take a look at some scientific facts that will clear up everything. 


On average, male skin is about 20% thicker than female skin and has a higher amount of collagen, which gives it a tighter appearance. This explains why men seem to be luckier when it comes to avoiding skin problems; their genes simply put them at an advantage. 

But collagen decreases over time so, at one point, the lack of proper skincare will start to show – be it sooner or later in life. For females, besides having less collagen in their skin, the skin thickness also suffers dramatic changes after menopause, sometimes with very visible negative effects. Additionally, more women have sensitive skin than men.

Aging signs 

They appear later in men because of the collagen, but they are quick to evolve when they do. Men also suffer from wrinkles and other signs of aging, but unlike for women, where they get to a point where they are shunned upon, wrinkles do not represent a big concern, and may even be considered attractive at times. 


This one might surprise you, but men have larger pores, so their oil production is greater. This makes their skin shinier, but also prone to impurities that can eventually cause infections and acne. 

The Importance of Moisturizing

If you are not convinced that as a man you should use moisturizing products on your body and face, you should know that not only does it not take away from your masculinity, but it keeps your skin looking the best it ever could, and here’s why: 


The skin, which is the biggest organ in our bodies and the “shell” that protects you, is actually very sensitive to environmental changes, especially around the chest area, where you might notice the most irritation and redness. 

This is partly because the skin cells on your chest shed more often, so it does need moisture to speed up the healing process, and help those young cells revitalize your look. 

Skin problems 

Just because men are less prone to having dry skin, that doesn’t mean that they are immune to it. Moreover, even oily skin needs moisturizing, albeit that is more of a facial problem than a bodily one. 

However, your body can also suffer from acne and other forms of irritation caused by various factors – harsh weather, tight clothes, excessive sweat, etc. So, to avoid these kinds of problems, it’s a good idea to purchase a high-quality body lotion for men and apply it daily. 

Saggy skin

As mentioned above, the amount of collagen in our bodies constantly decreases, and since that is the protein that keeps your skin tight and firm, its disappearance can gradually result in saggy, unattractive skin. 

To prevent getting saggy skin prematurely, invest in the best body lotions with revitalizing ingredients. It’s also worth mentioning that the massaging that comes with applying body lotion helps with blood circulation, which also aids in keeping the skin nice and firm. 

How to Find the Best Body Moisturizer for Men

The market is full of products targeted towards men, but the truth is, despite the biological differences, no product specifically works for women and not for men or vice versa, so you don't necessarily have to choose a body lotion for men. Here is what you should look out for when searching for a good body lotion. 

Generally, you should look for a moisturizing body lotion with a lot of vitamins, fatty acids, and healthy oils, because these are the ingredients that fight most efficiently against aging, dry skin, dullness, and irritation. Finding nourishing ingredients in products is surprisingly not that hard; however, it might be difficult realizing what the harmful ingredients are, but we’ll cut to the chase and tell you straight up – stay away from sulfates and parabens!

Body butter

are cleaning agents found in almost any cleaning product, especially in soaps, because they are the ones producing the foam. There is no scientific proof that sulfates are inherently bad, or that they cause skin problems; it's just that they clean too well, stripping the skin of its necessary oils, which leads to dry skin. Next time you wash your hands and notice that they feel tight and dry, check if your soap has sulfates. You can recognize them easily because most types contain the actual word 'sulfate' or 'sulfonate.' 

Parabens are a type of preservatives that make products last for a long time – and we’re talking years, not months. They prevent products from growing mold or bacteria, but this comes at the cost of entering our bodies and infiltrating the tissue. Since they mimic estrogen, they can mess with our hormones and harm reproductive functions while causing skin irritation. You can recognize them by the ‘-paraben’ suffix (propylparaben, isopropylparaben, butylparaben, etc.).

Extra Tips and Tricks for Moisturizing

Now that you’ve learned what to look for when shopping for the best men's body lotion, and also what to avoid, here are some final tips you should adopt into your routine to make sure that the work of your body lotion is not going to waste. 

First of all, don’t wash with hot water. This is a bit of a drastic change, but hot showers aren’t that good for your skin, as they are incredibly drying. We are not saying that you should only take baths and showers with ice-cold water, but you can try to use lukewarm water, or use hot water for the first part of your shower, and then finish off with a colder rinse, just as much as you can stand it. Trust us; your skin will be very thankful later on. 

Following that, when you’re getting out of the shower, you should gently pat your skin while drying it, instead of rubbing it aggressively. By rubbing, especially with a rough towel, you are only giving your body an unnecessary and damaging scrub. 

While we are on the topic of using a towel to dry, try not to retain all of the water within your towel, but rather leave your skin a little damp to apply the body lotion. This is the perfect time to apply it because you will lock in that extra moisture from the water and because your skin is now squeaky clean. Rubbing in lotion on dirty skin will only clog your pores.

Finally, drink water! Need we say more? Water intake is the key to hydration, no matter how much product you use on the outside. While we don’t mean to disregard the importance of high-quality products, we do want to highlight the monumental difference the right products make if you also take proper care of your body on the inside, just as much as you do on the outside. 

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