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A Complete Guide on How to Fix Fried Hair

4 mins

Sangya Shaily

Has excessive styling and coloring damaged your hair? Don't fret. Here is how to fix fried hair without cutting it!

Women can go from flaunting their hair in front of the mirror to stressing over it in a fraction of a second. One day we absolutely adore our natural hair, and the next one we feel like we absolutely must use hair styling tools to get a new look. According to a survey, 81% of women feel confident when their hair looks perfect. But what do we do to get beautiful, “perfect” hair? We end up styling it. The result? The majority of us have dull and damaged, straw-like hair. If you’ve gotten to this point, you might be dealing with fried hair. What can you do to fix fried hair? Keep on reading to find out!

Table of Contents:

  • What Does Damaged Hair Look Like?
  • Can You Repair Fried Hair?
  • What Is The Best Treatment For Extremely Damaged Hair? 

What Does Damaged Hair Look Like?

If you often use heating tools, such as a flat iron or a curler to style your hair, or if you get your hair bleached every 2-3 months, there is a high probability that your hair is damaged. Even if you have been using a heat-protecting serum or taking other measures to protect your hair from damage, you may still deal with lifeless, dull, unhealthy looking hair. 

Here are a few common signs indicating that you’ve probably managed to fry your hair:

  • Your hair feels frizzy and rough;
  • It lacks luster and shine;
  • You have many split ends;
  • You’re experiencing excessive hair loss or hair breakage;
  • Your hair is thinning.

 Can You Repair Fried Hair?

All of us, at some point or the other in our lives, have done something to damage our hair, most often by excessive styling. According to a survey, over 40% of women in the world use hair straighteners or other tools for heat styling. We also dye our hair on a regular basis, shampoo more often than we should, and use a blow dryer on the highest setting, although we know better than that. All these can, unfortunately, permanently damage our hair. 

If you have fried hair, healthy and beautiful locks might seem like a distant reality at the moment. However, it is not impossible. With care and patience, you will be able to reach your goal sooner than you imagine, and you might not even have to cut your long hair. Just trimming it might do the job. 

True, it is difficult to treat your hair once you’ve damage it. But is cutting your long tresses the only way to treat fried hair? Not necessarily. While you might never get your hair back to the way it was, you can help it look better, at least until it grows out. 

What Is The Best Treatment For Extremely Damaged Hair? 

The first step towards your goal should be to stop causing more damage to your hair. For this, you will have to stay away from hair styling tools, blow dryers, and hair colors for a few months. If you continue to style and bleach and color your hair, no treatment will be effective in controlling the damage.

Next comes the hair treatment phase. What you need to do is protect your hair and use hair treatments that can help repair some of the damage, while also improving the appearance and strength of your hair. These are the steps to take:

1. Deep conditioning your hair. When you use heating tools or chemicals on your hair, the outer layer of the hair, aka the cuticle, gets damaged, which further causes your hair to become dry and brittle. The best way to fix your fried hair is to deep condition it. You should apply conditioner every time you shampoo and leave it on for at least 5 minutes. After rinsing off the conditioner or hair mask you’ve used for deep conditioning, apply a leave-in conditioner. If you have fried hair, this step is an absolute must. My recommendation: use WOW Skin Science Hair Revitalizer Spray. It contains Shea Butter and soy protein that allow your hair to absorb protein, which helps smoothen your hair strands. This revitalizer spray will also help restore moisture to your hair shaft and give you shiny, manageable and healthy-looking hair.

Hair Revitalizer Spray

2. Oiling before shampoo. Our scalp secretes sebum or oil that works as a moisturizer for our hair and keeps it hydrated. However, the oil typically stays on the outer layer of our hair. But when this layer gets damaged, our hair gets more exposed to damage as well. So, to protect your hair, use nourishing oils such as Argan oil, almond oil or coconut oil. To get the benefits of the best essential oils for damaged hair, try the WOW 10-in-1 hair oil. It is a blend of Moroccan Argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, bhringaraj, and other natural nourishing oils. It also contains essential nutrients that help repair hair damage and restore moisture.

WOW 10-in-1 hair oil

Castor oil is also an effective natural oil for treating hair damage. It is rich in fatty acids that work wonders in hydrating dry hair. Apply
WOW Castor oil on your hair as a pre-shampoo treatment to prevent further drying your hair. 

Castor oil

WOW Onion Black Seed Oil is also formulated with natural oils that are beneficial for hair growth. This oil helps in reducing frizz and preventing hair breakage. 

WOW Onion Black Seed Oil

3. Air Dry Your Hair.
Another good way to prevent and help fix fried hair is to avoid using blow dryers after washing your hair and leave your hair to air dry. And if you must blow-dry your hair, always use a heat protectant.

4. Avoid Chlorine Water. Fried hair is a common problem in swimmers. Chlorine in swimming pools can make your hair dry and frizzy. So, before you jump into the swimming pool, make sure to rinse your hair with tap water so that your hair absorbs less chlorine once you get into the pool. After stepping out of the pool, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and then apply a nourishing leave in conditioner or a hair mask.

5. Protect Your Hair from the Sun. UV rays can also damage and fry your hair, making it look dull and lifeless. To protect your hair, you should avoid stepping out in the sun as much as possible. However, if it is necessary, you should carry a scarf or a hat to cover your hair.

So, you see, while it can be quite difficult to treat fried hair, you don't necessarily have to cut it. You can use natural hair oils, conditioners and nourishing hair masks to revive damaged hair. Check out the wide range of WOW Skin Science hair care products that can help you save your fried hair!

All new hair care tips and products you can explore at WOW website.

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Sangya Shaily

Sangya Shaily is a content writer from Mumbai, India. She loves writing lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and health & wellness-related content, among other things. In her leisure time, she loves to indulge in reading classic literature and spend time with her family.

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Author: Sangya Shaily

Latest posts:

Sangya Shaily

Sangya Shaily is a content writer from Mumbai, India. She loves writing lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and health & wellness-related content, among other things. In her leisure time, she loves to indulge in reading classic literature and spend time with her family.
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