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Use Meditation for Peace of Mind

If your mind is constantly racing and you’re always feeling stressed, worried, and overwhelmed, then you may want to consider meditation. Meditation can be used...

Rahul Bhatia

5 mins

Menopausal Hair Care and Hair Loss

Find all about menopausal hair care, hair loss, and the best shampoo for menopausal dry hair.

Iulia Claudia Dumitru

4 mins

Your Guide to Using Essential Oils for Allergy

Essential oils for allergy have anti-inflammatory properties that make them perfect for treating the symptoms of allergies. Read on to find out more!

Sangya Shaily

3 mins

7 Essential Oils That Can Help You Stop Smoking

Discover how you can use essential oils to help stop smoking and which are your best choices!

Shweta Mirani

3 mins

Do essential oils help with post nasal drip?

Having a runny nose can be the most annoying thing ever. But these essential oils for post nasal drip can be a great way to...

Rahul Bhatia

3 mins

Ease That Agonizing Pain - Six Essential Oils For Menstrual Cramps

Get over those stabbing menstrual cramps effortlessly. Check these best essential oils for period cramps and bid farewell to those uncomfortable bouts of pain!

Geetika Kapoor

3 mins

Are fragrance oils bad for you? Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

If you are debating about fragrance oils vs. essential oils, we have got some interesting insights for you. Find out the winner among the two!...

Shefali Chautala

3 mins

Best Essential Oil For Vitamin D Deficiency

Check out the best essential oil for vitamin D deficiency and other natural ways to boost vitamin D levels at a time when we spend...

Andela Patrnogic

4 mins

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