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Quick and Easy Way To Measure Your Hair Density

Hair density and hair thickness are not the same. Here, take a closer look at hair density and some simple ways it can be measured....

Catherine Abel

6 mins

7 Benefits That Come From Using a Scalp Brush on Your Hair

Scalp brushes can help scrub away product buildup. However, these useful hair care tools have loads of other benefits for your hair and scalp.

Nancy Smith

6 mins

What Is Type 4B Hair and How To Care For It

Type 4B hair is known for its tight coils and dense texture. Here, we explore this unique subtype and offer tips for taking care of...

Catherine Abel

6 mins

Type 3C Hair: What It Is and How To Care for It

The 3C hair type is known for its tight curl pattern. Here, we explore these 3C curls and offer important care tips for your hair...

Evelyn Carter

6 mins

Type 2C Hair: What It Is and How To Care for It

Natural waves are a mark of type 2 hair. Here, we explore type 2C hair and provide tips for a healthy hair care routine for...

Mary Jones

6 mins

How Do I Know if My Scalp Is Healthy? 4 Signs of an Unhealthy Scalp

Scalp health is essential for healthy hair. Here, we explore some common signs of an unhealthy scalp and what you can do about it.

Angelina Wells

6 mins

10 Benefits of Using Sunflower Oil for Your Hair

Sunflower seed oil is commonly used as a cooking oil. However, this antioxidant-rich oil also has some surprising benefits for your hair.

Shelly Jones

6 mins

Does Shampoo Expire & Should You Use Expired Shampoo?

Shampoo products come with use-by dates, but do those shampoo expiration dates really matter? Here, we explore the ins and outs of expired shampoo.

Radhika Bhatia

6 mins

Are You Over-Conditioning Your Hair? 7 Signs You Might Be

Conditioning is essential for any healthy hair routine. But, over-conditioning could lead to some undesired effects on your hair.

Rahul Bhatia

6 mins

What Is Type 1C Hair and How To Care for It

Straight hair has three subcategories. This article examines the characteristics associated with its third and final subtype — type 1C.

Ashley Brown

6 mins

Type 1B Hair: What It Is and How To Care for It

Like all hair types, type 1B requires unique hair care. Here, we take a closer look at this common straight hair subtype.

Ashley Brown

6 mins

The Proper Way To Wash Your Hair in 5 Steps

Washing your hair can seem like a mindless task, but you may be doing it wrong. Find out the proper way to wash your hair.

Catherine Abel

6 mins

Type 1A Hair: What It Is and How To Care for It

Type 1A is one of the rarest hair types. Here, we’ll explore this hair type and offer some of the best care for keeping it...

Ashley Brown

6 mins

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