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Quick and Easy Way To Measure Your Hair Density

Hair density and hair thickness are not the same. Here, take a closer look at hair density and some simple ways it can be measured....

Catherine Abel

6 mins

Thick vs Thin Hair – Everything You Need to Know

Thickness and thinness of hair determine which haircare practices you should follow. Read more about thick vs thin hair and find out more about your...

Sarah Dickenson

3 mins

Best haircut for fine hair: layered bob for thin hair

Thin, fine hair is a common problem. Hair looks flat and limp due to its texture. But, with fine hair layered bob for thin hair,...

Dorothy Clifton

4 mins

How Much Shampoo To Use?

How much shampoo to use? A dollop? The answer is dependent on your hair type. Let’s start with the basics and find out just how...

Akhila Jerripothula

5 mins

Which is The Best Oil for Hair Growth?

Hair growth oils can help you achieve the gorgeous hair you've always dreamed of. We look to Mother Nature to discover the best oils for...

Akhila Jerripothula

4 mins

Best Hair Styling Products for Fine Hair

Not sure what styling products for fine hair to use? There are plenty of solutions to tame your tresses. Learn to choose the best hair...


4 mins

How to Use Conditioner

We'll tell you all about how much conditioner to use, how to use conditioner and leave in conditioner and we'll answer the question "should I...

Andela Patrnogic

4 mins

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