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The Best Clarifying Shampoo for Low Porosity Hair

4 mins

Evelyn Carter

Finding it hard to retain moisture in your curls? Your hair could be low porosity. Know all about managing your low porosity hair.

Hair porosity refers to the ability of hair to absorb and retain moisture. Porosity can be low, high, or normal. In people with normal porosity hair, strands are able to absorb and retain moisture without any difficulty.

High porosity hair absorbs moisture easily but is unable to retain it because of the damage to its cuticle layer. Such damage can occur due to the overuse of straighteners, curlers, other heat-treating devices, or chemicals.

Low porosity hair, in comparison, has a tight cuticle layer, which makes moisture absorption hard.

Knowledge of your hair porosity is important to understand the type of haircare your hair needs for growth and maintenance. Knowing about hair porosity also helps you choose the right haircare products.

Table of Contents:

  • Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair
  • Longer Washing and Drying Times
  • Reduced Product Absorption
  • Why Use a Clarifying Shampoo for Low Porosity Hair?
  • Choosing the Right Clarifying Shampoo is Key

Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair

The hair cuticle forms the outermost layer in the structural arrangement of hair. It is a scaly formation containing overlapped skin cells. The primary function of the cuticle is to protect the cortex layer of hair. It is the cortex that lends hair strands their elasticity and flexibility.

clarifying shampoo for low porosity curly hair

As the outermost layer, the cuticle is also the gateway for moisture to enter the hair. With its tight cuticle structure, low porosity hair makes it difficult for moisture to enter the hair shaft. The hair shaft is the hair you see outside. Every strand consists of a hair root and a shaft. The hair root is the part that penetrates deep into the skin and is not readily visible.

As low-porosity hair is less moisture-absorbent, the inner parts of the strands fail to receive adequate nourishment. Without moisture, hair loses its natural luster and becomes vulnerable to split ends and breakage. 

Weak hair can be a result of several factors, including low porosity. If you find your hair showing the following characteristics, then your hair could be of low porosity.

  • Longer Washing and Drying Times

Low porosity hair takes more time to dry when compared with the time taken for normal hair to dry. As moisture takes longer to penetrate the hair and its inner layers, washing low-porosity hair is time-consuming. The water takes time to fully penetrate, which means you’ll find your strands taking their time to get completely wet.

best clarifying shampoo for natural low porosity hair
  • Reduced Product Absorption

As absorption is hard, low porosity hair does not respond well to haircare products. Whether you are shampooing or conditioning your hair, products tend to sit instead of getting absorbed. You may find your shampoo sitting at the end of the hair even after 30 minutes of application. The product, too, may have entered only a little in your hair.

Given these characteristics, it's difficult to get low porosity hair moisturized either naturally or from haircare products. This makes hair care challenges. But you can overcome the challenge by choosing haircare products with the right ingredients.

Why Use a Clarifying Shampoo for Low Porosity Hair?

As low porosity hair repels moisture, hair tends to become dry, brittle, and weak.

You may apply a large amount of hair care products or use different types of products to keep your strands healthy. But such measures do not improve the moisture content of low porosity hair. No matter the quantity of products you use, only a small portion of the product penetrates the strands.

The secret to maintaining your low porosity hair is to choose products with ingredients that can be easily absorbed. It is also important to apply products on warm and wet hair. When hair is warm, cuticles are open, which allows easy passage of products.

Another key factor that contributes to the health of low porosity hair is the regular use of a clarifying shampoo. But how does a clarifying shampoo help low porosity hair?

clarifying shampoo for low porosity hair relaxed, best clarifying shampoo

It works by:

  • Getting rid of product build-up

Haircare products you use to keep your hair moist and healthy accumulate over time. Dirt and natural oils also add to the build-up. This build-up clogs hair follicles, making it even more difficult for moisture and nutrients to enter the hair. A clarifying shampoo penetrates deep into hair layers to get rid of build-up.

  • Facilitating passage of moisture by opening cuticles

A clarifying shampoo enters deep into the cuticles and removes even stubborn product build-up. By opening up cuticles and removing barriers of product residue, a clarifying shampoo enables moisture to easily enter hair layers.

Choosing the Right Clarifying Shampoo is Key

A good clarifying shampoo not only cleans but also moisturizes. It cleanses deeply without being harsh on the hair. For the best results, choose a clarifying shampoo that is free of harsh chemicals and delivers plenty of moisture to the hair.

You may also want to avoid a clarifying shampoo with the following ingredients:

  • Silicones – A shampoo using water-insoluble silicones tends to leave a residue, which can block moisture entry.
  • Thicker Oils – Oils with thicker textures are not easily absorbed into the cuticle. They do not work effectively to replenish low porosity hair with moisture and nutrients.
  • Sulfates — Sulfates dry out hair after thorough and deep cleansing. This defeats the purpose of keeping low porosity hair moisturized.

You may want to try the Activated Charcoal & Keratin Shampoo by WOW Skin Science to discover the best results for low porosity hair.

clarifying shampoo for natural hair, good clarifying shampoo

This formulation gives your hair the super-cleansing benefits of activated charcoal. This ingredient acts by removing dirt, pollutants, and product build-up. It pulls dirt deep from hair follicles and the scalp to give your hair and skin a thorough cleansing effect.

Dead cells, product residue, and other kinds of stubborn build-up are gently but effectively removed from hair and scalp.

Keratin strengthens strands from the roots. This helps hair to regain its strength after deep, thorough cleansing.

The deep clarification process is balanced by the moisturizing and nourishing properties of the other ingredients in the formula.

Aloe vera has proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes rejuvenate damaged cells on the scalp, infusing health and freshness into hair and scalp. Aloe vera also keeps hair moisturized, smooth, and radiant.

Almond oil acts as a super-nourishing agent, replenishing hair with rich nutrients such as vitamin E and essential fats. These nutrients improve hair and scalp health enormously.

Argan oil adds to the moisturization and nourishment content of hair and scalp by enriching them with omega-6 fatty acids. These nutrients nourish as well as moisturize hair.

argan oil hair benefits, how to clarify hair

You may also want to try the shampoo-conditioner combo packs by WOW Skin Science.

All products by WOW Skin Science are free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and mineral oils. They are 100% natural and based on plant extracts. Elevating the safety standards of these products is their dermatological validity – they are proven to be dermatologically safe. These hair care products are vegan and gluten-free too.

It’s an easy, effective, and reliable choice for your hair and scalp health!

Genetics is often the primary cause of low porosity hair. You may be unable to control the cause of low porosity hair, but you can reduce damage with better hair care. Well-informed choice in products is the best step toward following the right haircare for low porosity hair.

With the right hair care, you can enjoy your hair and style it according to your choice. You need not set aside a hefty budget or spend enormous time creating an effective haircare ritual.

A clarifying shampoo with excellent moisturizing properties should keep your low porosity curls in control. Use a conditioner after shampooing and a deep-conditioning treatment once a week for continued results.

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Evelyn Carter

Evelyn was involved in the beauty industry as a makeup artist before she turned to full-time writing. Carter has reviewed numerous skincare, haircare and other beauty products. Her experience gives her keen insights into products, ingredients, and their reliability. Her articles are informational content pieces liked by readers and beauty brands alike.

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Evelyn Carter

Evelyn was involved in the beauty industry as a makeup artist before she turned to full-time writing. Carter has reviewed numerous skincare, haircare and other beauty products. Her experience gives her keen insights into products, ingredients, and their reliability. Her articles are informational content pieces liked by readers and beauty brands alike.
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