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The Best Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin: Going DYI

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Samina Siddique

Traditional deodorants with aluminum are too harsh on sensitive skin.  Looking for best natural deodorant for sensitive skin? Here are some natural alternatives.

People with sensitive skin have to keep worrying about the ingredients in the products they buy. Things that contain harsh chemicals can agitate the skin on different parts of your body, but the damage can be much more pronounced when it comes to the armpits. 

After all, your pits are inherently delicate and have a thinner layer of skin than other areas, which makes them extra-vulnerable. 

On top of that, they go through so many unfriendly experiences each day, from shaving and waxing to chafing and deodorant application, that it leaves your pits with very little room to breathe.

armpit deodorant

Things are not much different if you use antiperspirants in place of deodorants. Both are formulated with ingredients like aluminum (albeit in varying forms), fragrance, AHA, alcohol, and baking soda, which can trigger even those with normal skin from time to time. 

That’s why natural alternatives to deodorants exist, so you can smell beautiful without having to sacrifice your precious skin. 

In this article, we talk about the best natural deodorants for sensitive skin and how easy it is to make the switch.

Table of Contents:

  • Are chemical deodorants harmful to sensitive skin?
  • How do you choose the best natural deodorants for sensitive skin?
  • What other natural products can you apply to smell good?

Are chemical deodorants harmful to sensitive skin?

Most chemical deodorants contain some common ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. For instance, the fragrance is an inherent addiction to most formulas and one of the leading causes of allergic reactions. 

The other culprit is alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHA), a chemical exfoliant that can trigger rashes when present in a high percentage. If you’re more prone to sweating than body odor and use antiperspirants over deodorants on a daily basis, you are also exposing your skin to aluminum.


There’s been a lot of speculation about the toxic and carcinogenic effects of aluminum, but all the studies have been inconclusive. 

However, there is evidence that the ingredient can build up in the body over time, which has led medical experts to advise against the everyday use of antiperspirants. 

Deodorants are typically free from aluminum but carry baking soda, occurring on products by the name of sodium bicarbonate. 

It’s alkaline in nature and ranks high on the pH scale, lacking compatibility with the low pH of our skin. That is why it tends to agitate sensitive skin and should be avoided.

How do you choose the best natural deodorants for sensitive skin?

Natural deodorants are made without ingredients like aluminum, alcohol, baking soda, synthetic fragrance, and chemicals, or even AHAs to an extent. 

You can even find formulas without any perfumes and dyes in them that fulfill the purpose of killing odor-causing bacteria and retaining your natural scent.

However, it’s necessary to note that many natural deodorants use aluminum salts, but not the same type as antiperspirants. The molecules in the former are much larger and thus not easily absorbed into the skin, which reduces the chances of irritation and harmful effects over time. 

Essential oils are also a mainstay of natural deodorants and work in sanctimonious harmony to give you a pleasant smell without breaking you out. 

dyi deodorant

Before buying any product, make sure to check the ingredient list thoroughly and understand whether anything that’s in there doesn’t suit your specific skin type. 

Remember, paraben-free, aluminum-free, and fragrance-free formulas are the way to go if you want to minimize the odds of having a bad reaction.

If you are a DIYer, you can even build your own deodorant from scratch! 

This works on multiple levels: it is self-sustaining, and you get to nitpick the ingredients that actually complement your skin. 

You can begin by gathering ingredients containing disinfectant or antibacterial properties like tea tree or coconut oil, mix them with essential oils like sandalwood, lavender, or rosemary, and finally add a natural absorbent like arrowroot, cornstarch, or baking soda (if it suits you) to tackle excess moisture.

What other natural products can you apply to smell good?

If you are skeptical about spraying anything that contains alcohol or baking soda onto your sensitive skin, it might be time to fall back on your trusted essential oils for a naturally procured aroma.

  1. The WOW Rosemary Essential Oil is 100% pure, steam-distilled from rosemary petals to provide you with an invigorating woodsy fragrance that tends to last a while. A mainstay in aromatherapy, the ingredient also comes with the ability to soothe your senses, energize the mind, and eliminate odor-causing bacteria to keep you smelling fresh all day. You can dilute it in cold-pressed oils and transfer the mixture in a roll-on bottle for easy application.

    Rosemary Essential Oil

  2. Those who struggle with a blocked sinus, in addition to having sensitive skin, can heave a big sigh of relief with the Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend. Concocted with 7 potent but pure essential oil ingredients like tea tree, chamomile, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and frankincense, the formula thins out congestion and clears the nasal passages. The resulting fragrance is pleasant and will especially appeal to those who love a woody, citrusy smell.

  3. Known as the ‘Queen of Essential Oils,’ the WOW Skin Science Rose Otto Blend is an aphrodisiac in its truest sense. Mixed with jojoba oil, the blend serves as an anti-inflammatory deodorant with anti-microbial and antiseptic properties to keep sensitive skin safe and smelling like roses. You’ll feel calm and relaxed every time you spray it through a diffuser or roll it onto your underarms.

Now that you know how convenient it is to replace chemical deodorants with natural alternatives that smell just as wonderful, if not more, don’t forget to explore our entire range of pure, cruelty-free oils and choose the gentlest, most irresistible fragrance for yourself!

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