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How to Get Flawless Skin on Buttocks?

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Samina Siddique

Wondering how to get flawless skin on buttocks? Find out how to get rid of dark buttocks in a week.

When it comes to skincare, most people usually overlook their butts. But flawless skin on the buttocks is not only important for people who want to wear a bikini, it is aspirational skin care for all women. The good news: there are always some tricks for how to have flawless skin on your buttocks, as well as smooth and even. So, whether your pain point is acne, strawberry skin, dark spots, stretch marks or cellulite, it is time you pay attention to your derrières and uses the right care and skincare products to get the flawless skin you always wanted.

Here is everything you should know about how to get flawless skin on buttocks:

Table of contents:

  • What are the common butt skin issues?
  • Why does your butt get bumpy?
  • How to get flawless skin on buttocks?

    What are the common butt skin issues?

    Here are some problems that might be hindering your efforts in achieving flawless skin on your buttocks:

    • Acne: One of the most common problems that most people face is butt acne. Butt acne is caused by clogged pores that can create pimples or cysts on your skin. This is the main reason why your butt gets bumpy. 
    • Rough and dark skin: Rough and dark patchy skin is a common butt skin issue. There is no specific cause for this. However, skin over-drying and clothing rubbing against skin are contributors.
    • Stretch marks: The butt skin is most likely to get stretch marks, which is a common problem – approximately 70% of adults deal with it. Stretch marks can be due to rapid weight loss or gain or even growth spurts. They are also common in pregnant women. 
    • Cellulite: Poor skin structure, bad diet, genetics, hormone imbalances, lack of exercise or smoking can break the strong fiber network that keeps fat in its place, causing the dimpling effect on your butt skin, known as cellulite. This can also make your butt look bumpy. 
    • Keratosis pilaris: Keratosis pilaris (also known as strawberry skin) is a skin condition that creates goosebumps on your butt, thighs, arms, etc. The bumps appear scaly, red, or brown and occur due to skin debris and proteins getting blocked inside the hair follicles. Apart from being a cosmetic nuisance, these bumps can also be itchy. 

    Why does your butt get bumpy?

    Your bum can get bumpy like any other part of your body. Skin is skin, whether it is your face, hand, or butt. Typically, any of the above mentioned reasons - acne, cellulite, or keratosis pilaris – can cause your bum to appear bumpy. Furthermore, choked or infected hair follicles can lead to folliculitis similarly as it happens on other body parts. However, following the right skincare regime and using some easy skincare tricks can help your get rid of the bumps and achieve flawless skin.

    How to get flawless skin on buttocks?

      Getting flawless skin on buttocks is all about taking care of your butt as you do for all your body parts. Here are some tricks and tips to get flawless skin, as well as smooth, even, and bump-free butt skin:

      How to Get Flawless Skin on Buttocks


      1. Take a shower after you sweat: Do not laze around in your sweaty clothes or go for a short recovery nap after a workout or a hot day in the sun. Sweat can cause bacterial growth and infection, a prime reason for acne, dark skin, and keratosis pilaris. So make sure to take a shower and use a high-quality body wash and a loofah to remove impurities and bacteria from your butt skin.

      2. Scrub once or twice a week: Bumps often occur because of clogged pores that lead to acne. Hence, it is important to clear the clogged pores of your butt skin by using a gentle body scrub or exfoliator. Be careful with the body scrub you choose. Your butt skin is as important as your face skin.

      3. Minimize cellulite: One way to get a bump-free butt skin is by curbing the cellulite. You can begin dry-brushing your bum with a soft brush that has bristles made of natural fiber. Move your brush in a circular motion on the dry skin before a shower, and the results will appear to show up. Dry-brushing helps get rid of dry skin, tighten the skin, renew skin cells and increase blood circulation in the butt. 

      4. Always moisturize the skin: You need to moisturize your butt skin like you do for any other skin area. If you suffer from butt acne, avoid using a body moisturizer that has oil or is heavy for the skin. Choose a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that makes the skin supple and soft. Ideal body moisturizes for your butt skin are enriched with shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc. 

      5. Care for your stretch marks: While stretch marks are notoriously hard to deal with, you can improve the appearance of those red, purple and white streaks on your butt by regularly applying nourishing body moisturizers and tropical creams for stretch marks. 

      6. Choose the right undergarments: What type of panties you wear also affects your butt skin. If your panties cause too much friction, the skin can get irritated and cause acne and other bumpy issues. Also, excessive friction can make your skin dull and dark. Choose panties that are breathy and elastic-free. Wear pure cotton panties in the right size (not too tight).

      7. Revise your diet and lifestyle: To make your buttocks flawless, improve your diet and lifestyle habits. Consume protein-rich foods, limit your sugar intake, exercise regularly, walk more, etc. 

      The ultimate key to getting flawless skin on the buttocks is keeping it clean, exfoliated and moisturized at all times. Also, using home care remedies or products enriched with coconut oil, cocoa butter, lemon and glycerine, can help you get bump-free, clear buttocks.

      Check out the wide range of body moisturizes and scrubs from WOW Science that can help you get smooth, supple and clear butt skin.


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