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The Best Tips on How to Use Body Butter


The skin is first to get affected by the harmful stressors surrounding us. We have learned that applying body butter or skin lotion will help keep the skin healthy; yet, most of the time, the results are barely visible, and we end up losing our faith in products. There are several tips on how to use body butter or skin lotion to maximize results and help the skin benefit from moisturizing products.

Table of Contents:

1. Types of skincare products and uses
1.1 Body Lotion
1.2 Body Butter
1.3 Body oil
2. Body butter and skin types
2.1 Dry skin
2.2. Normal to greasy skin
3. Body butter and weather
4. Body butter and unconventional uses
4.1. Body butter as a makeup remover
4.2. Body butter for hands, nails, and cuticle care
4.3. Body butter as a hair conditioner

1. Types of skincare products and uses

Setting out to buy a skincare product can be a challenging attempt. The cosmetic aisles of supermarkets alone are stocked with countless products, from body oils to body butters. Given these circumstances, it is important to understand each product type and its benefits to the skin to make the right choice. 

1.1. Body lotion

Body lotions are liquid cream moisturizers. They offer a mild moisturization without leaving the skin too greasy because they contain light hydrators. It is ideal for daily use, especially if you like to apply skincare products before leaving for work or school. 

1.2. Body butter

Unlike lotions, body butters are greasier because they typically contain oils and butters such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, or shea butter. They leave the skin moisturized for an extended period, which is great, but can also be quite a hassle if you don’t like the greasy feeling on your skin throughout the day. For that matter, it is best to use body butter before bedtime to allow the product to penetrate the skin. 

1.3. Body oil

Much like body butter, body oil is highly hydrating. Unlike the lotion, the body oil does not contain water, and it, therefore, helps seal in moisture by creating a protective barrier. While the body butter stays on longer, the body oil gets absorbed in a few hours and might require re-application if the skin is dry. These products can be entirely oil-based because they do not require additional ingredients to hold together.

2. Body butter and skin types

2.1. Dry skin

Body butter (cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, etc.) is the most moisturizing skin product there is. Usually rich in vitamin E, it is highly recommended for dry skin. To maximize results, it is recommended that you apply the body butter after each shower and that you avoid hot water. Other great tips on how to use body butter suggest that you leave the skin slightly damp before application to boost the hydrating properties of the butter. For the best results, you should complement the body butter with a moisturizing body wash

2.2 Normal to greasy skin

Normally, body butter can feel a bit heavy on greasy skin, but there are ways you can still incorporate body butter in your skincare routine. The first tip on using body butter on oily skin is to use it seldom. 

There are no exact recipes when it comes to beauty routines. This means nothing prevents us from using the body butter just once a week for a deep moisturizing treatment. For additional results, we can complement the weekly treatment with more frequent use of a lightweight body lotion. 

Another useful tip on how to use body butter on greasy skin is to simply identify the skin areas that are dry and to apply body butter only on them. Usually, it is the knee and the elbow area that requires extra care because these patches of skin can get coarse and rough if not properly moisturized. 

3. Body butter and weather

Since body butters have a heavy formula, it goes without saying that they are most fit for the cold weather because they stay longer on the skin. Moreover, they help reduce the negative effects that the hot and cold temperature differences might have on our skin in the wintertime. Not to mention the dreadful effects of the heavy layers of clothes that we have to wear, which irritate our skin. 

While body butter should be used abundantly in wintertime, we might want to ease up on the greasy feeling in the summertime. This does not mean we should stop moisturizing our skin. On the contrary, dry summer days can be very harsh for the skin, so you can apply body butter in the evening on the dry areas to moisturize your skin and prevent skin coarseness.

4. Body butter and unconventional uses

The word ‘body’ in body butter wrongfully makes us believe that this product can only be used on the body. Yet, there are many other ways to use it:

  • 4.1 Body butters makes wonderful makeup removers, so if you travel and want to carry fewer beauty products, you can take just the body butter with you. Just don’t make a habit out of using body butters as makeup removers, as they can end up clogging your pores.  
  • 4.2 Body butter for hands and feet, nails, and cuticle care. Nail oils are not the only ones that can make your cuticles healthier. Body butter works almost equally well; it is really up to you whether you prefer oil or a layer of body butter on your hands. 
  • 4.3 Body butter as a hair conditioner. Yes, you can use body butter on hair, too, especially when you are on holiday and you forgot your hair products at home or you are not allowed to carry extra baggage. Depending on its consistency, body butter can be used as a hair conditioner or a hair styling product for smooth, frizz-free hair, as it has the power to lock in moisture. Of course, you should only use body butter as a conditioner occasionally, as this is not ideal. 

Body butter works great for the skin, whether we apply it on a targeted patch or our entire body. There are no secret tips on how to use body butter on the skin, so just adapt it according to your body’s response to it. Also, always choose a natural body butter to get the best protection for your skin. 

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