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Natural Hair Care Routine For Thin and Fine Hair

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Goutaman Ram

We know the best healthy hair tips to help you transform your hair care routine! You may not be able to control genes, but there are factors you can control.
Common problems with having thin or fine hair are oiliness, a lack of volume, hair loss and products that weigh the hair down.
You may not be able to control the texture and thickness of your hair but there are other factors within your control.

1. Diet & Lifestyle

With thin hair types, any changes in your diet will show in your follicles. Simply keep an eye for making sure you are consuming foods that are rich in vitamin B and protein like eggs, whole grains, and legumes.
You want to also avoid processed foods and sugars as much as possible since these foods can worsen hair loss and thinning.
Stress can also play a role in your hair health. Simply being mindful of periods where you are feeling overwhelmed or easily stress can go a long way. Exercising regularly and having a balanced diet helps as well.

2. Use a Scalp Massager

One of the biggest factors of richer hair growth is having healthy blood flow. Using a scalp massager can help to naturally promote higher levels of blood circulation to your scalp which shuttles more nutrients & oxygen to your follicles.
Using a scalp massager is great for promoting richer blood flow to the scalp naturally. It is also a very relaxing and soothing activity that can help with managing stress levels as well!
We recommend the WOW Stimulating Scalp Massager that’s made with soft, silicone bristles to help you add more volume naturally.

3. Have a Mist Tonic Handy

Fine hair is easily weighed down which means you may use less conditioner than you need. This can cause your hair to get frizzy as you go through the day. Having a hydrating mist tonic like the WOW 10-In-1 Apple Cider Vinegar Mist Tonic with you can be incredibly helpful as you lose moisture throughout the day.
Use it as you would a leave-in conditioner. All you need is a quick spritz on your hair to restore a refreshing mist that revives your strands & adds a natural shine whenever you need it!
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