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Thinner Eyebrows Are Frustrating You? Trust these Wonderful Home Remedies for Thicker Eyebrows

5 mins

Radhika Bhatia

If you desire bolder and thicker eyebrows, then try these natural home remedies that are not only harmless but also full of goodness.

The magic of thicker eyebrows is unparalleled. A pair of thick eyebrows is a style statement itself.

Thicker eyebrows make your eyes sharper and prominent. You stand out in a crowd grabbing instant attention. It is no wonder that celebrities on movie frames and red carpets are crazy about thicker eyebrows.

There are cosmetics and treatments to make your eyebrows thick. There are also home remedies you can rely on, to lend attractive thickness and style to your brows. These natural home remedies are efficient but take time to show effect. With patience, you can attain those shapely thick curves you always desired!

Did you know eyebrows are positioned above the eyes for a reason? They stop sweat from dropping into the eyes and affecting visibility. Rain and dirt do not make it to our eyes most times. The pair of hair deviates water droplets and dirt particulates to the side of the face instead of letting them fall directly into the eyes.

Table of Contents:

  • Some “Eyebrow-Raising” Facts
  • Natural Ways to Get Thicker Eyebrows
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Lavender Oil

    Some “Eyebrow-Raising” Facts

    • There are, on average, 250 hairs in each eyebrow. The length, shape, and thickness may vary among people.
    • Eyebrow hairs stay for four months. They fall out after this period, giving way to new hairs. They also go gray, but not as fast as the hair on the head. It takes several years for your eyebrows to match your gray hair.
    aging care, older woman
    • Eyebrows play a crucial role in facial recognition. A study was conducted to understand the significance of eyebrows in facial identification. Results show that the absence of eyebrows resulted in a greater failure in facial recognition than that caused by the absence of eyes.
    • Eyebrows communicate a lot! They are an essential part of body language and nonverbal communication. Frowning eyebrows may indicate confusion or doubt, while one raised eyebrow may convey sarcasm. Two raised eyebrows? You may want to think of it as a question or an expression of surprise.
    • Eyebrows can convey your personality. Naturally, bold brows indicate a no-nonsense and confident personality. If your eyebrows are naturally thin, then you are more likely to tend to consult others before making a decision. If your eyebrows are thinner than thin, then you are more likely to be viewed as narcissistic by others. Curved brows convey trustworthiness and smartness. You are more likely to be a savvy business person with a warm persona. A straight brow can indicate directness and intellect. These people make fact-based decisions. They are less likely to make impulsive emotion-based decisions. High eyebrows may communicate an independent nature and an attitude of perfection. People with V-shaped upside-down brows are more likely to be rapid graspers and learners. They make gut-based decisions and are highly emotional. So, what shape are your eyebrows?
    eyebrow shapes, perfect eyebrows

    Natural Ways to Get Thicker Eyebrows

    There are several natural ways to thicken your eyebrows. Try these natural extracts to see the difference.

    • Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil works as a conditioner and a moisturizer for hair. It is also known to improve blood circulation. The various nutrients in coconut oil protect the hair in different ways while helping strands grow.

    Coconut oil contains plenty of fatty acids. These acids pair with hair proteins forming a protective shield against hair breakage. Lauric acid in coconut oil acts as an anti-microbial agent, keeping hair follicles away from infections.

    There are other nutrients, including iron and vitamin E in coconut oil, which contribute to thick hair growth in the brows.

    all benefits of coconut oil, why you should be using coconut oil

    You can notice a significant difference in the thickness of your eyebrows upon regular use of coconut oil. Apply a few drops of the oil and massage each brow before bed. Leave it overnight and wash your face the next day.

    Daily application of coconut oil is good. You can limit the application to fewer times every week, which also gives significant effects.

    • Castor Oil

    Rub a few drops of castor oil between your fingers. Apply it to your eyebrows. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash with warm water. You can use a makeup remover to remove the oil completely.

    Castor oil has been in use as a beauty ingredient since ancient times. Regular application of castor oil keeps brow hair well-nourished. This is because castor oil has proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, which are essential for healthy hair growth.

    You can also massage your brows with this essential oil to boost blood circulation. Apply castor oil daily or twice a week to see results.

    For the purest form of castor oil, trust WOW Skin Science’s formulation. Pure castor seeds are used for the production of oil. The seeds are cold-pressed to extract maximum benefits. As a result, the oil gives maximum nourishment to your eyebrows, aiding in thicker growth.

    castor oil benefits, eyebrows oil

    As it is cold-pressed, you also derive the anti-inflammatory properties of the essential oil. This formulation does not contain parabens or sulfates. It is also free of artificial fragrance, silicones, mineral oil, and hexane.

    • Olive Oil

    Olive oil is rich in vitamins E and A, which promote hair growth.

    Vitamin E has many hair-benefitting properties. It develops a protective layer over hair, shielding strands against damage by external pollutants. Vitamin E has cell protection properties, which prevent premature hair falling. Vitamin E also boosts collagen production, which contributes to the formation of keratin, the major hair protein.

    Vitamin A complements the hair benefits of vitamin E by boosting the production of sebum - the body’s natural oil - to promote healthy hair growth.

    You can apply olive oil daily. Apply it multiple times during the day to see faster results. For the best results, we recommend you to use extra virgin olive oil.

    Rub the oil on the brow and leave it for about 2 hours. Wash it off with water and face wash.

    • Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil has been in use for centuries for beauty, healing, and skin treatment. This oil was a significant part of the Australian Aborigine culture. The Aborigines are considered the first people on the continent. They are believed to have inhabited the continent for more than 50.000 years.

    Aborigine woman

    This essential oil derives its skin-benefitting properties through its ability to create a moisturizing layer. This layer boosts hair growth at cell and follicular levels.

    Tea tree oil is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and aromatic. Apply tea tree oil by mixing it with a carrier oil. Mix 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil with a carrier oil and rub the mixture over your eyebrows. Leave it for the night and repeat the process every night.

    WOW Skin Science offers 100% pure tea tree oil in its line of essential oils. It is available in a cold-pressed format, which preserves its purity. The amber glass packaging of the product ensures that the oil is not contaminated by bacteria, dirt, or other contaminants. The method of preparation and packaging ensures that the oil feels light and not thick and greasy.

    • Lavender Oil

    Research shows that lavender oil can promote hair growth. A study conducted on animals showed a significant improvement in hair follicle count and depth with lavender oil. In addition, this oil serves as a natural hair moisturizer.

    Use lavender oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil to promote thicker hair growth on your eyebrows. Use a few drops of the essential oil and carrier oil. Rub the mixture on your eyebrows and leave it overnight. Wash off with a mild facewash the next day. Repeat daily for faster results.

    Get the benefits of 100% pure lavender essential oil from WOW Skin Science. This oil is cold-pressed and available in amber packaging to ensure maximum benefits. It does not give a thick greasy feeling upon application as many synthetic lavender oils do. Being pure, the lavender oil mixes with carrier oils well.

    wow lavender oil

    Hair loss can lead to thin eyebrows. Or, you may naturally be inclined to grow thinner hair on your brows. If you notice sudden hair loss, then consult with your doctor to check if there is an underlying medical reason.

    You can always make your eyebrows thick with essential oils. The good news is that these home remedies do not cause any harm. Make these essential oils a part of your hair and skincare routine. Get the eyebrows you always desired!

    WOW Skin Science offers a range of natural skin and hair care products you may want to consider for your self-care routine. Explore them now!

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    Radhika Bhatia

    I'm a content writer, copywriter, and blogger with a background in marketing, planning, and eCommerce. I specialize in beauty writing, including skincare, cosmetics, wellness, aesthetics, and health. Classically trained and idea-savvy, I love living in the present.
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