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Essential Oils for Weight Loss and Cellulite


Thousands of people have achieved this exact goal and it’s entirely possible to lose those extra pounds.

Essential oils are usually associated with keeping the house smelling good and for calming your nerves.

Which are the best essential oils for weight loss?

Are there essential oils for weight loss? Having a better understanding of the specific essential oils that help you to lose weight can be very beneficial towards your weight loss goals!

1. WOW Citronella Essential Oil

It can be overwhelming to face an unexpected obstacle in the middle of your journey. When implementing a new diet or lifestyle, your body can react in various ways.

You may feel a little groggy more often than usual, be more prone to stress and even brain fog.

This is perfectly normal and you shouldn’t have to struggle when faced with these obstacles. Citrus oils like the WOW Citronella Essential Oil is amazing for perking up your senses while keeping you on track.

You may experience periods of low energy, and sleepiness. Taking a quick whiff from an energizing scent can be an incredible pick-me-up that you need in the middle of the day.

Crashes often happen gradually rather than as a sudden occurrence.

Having a handy oil that keeps you on track can be just what you need for staying consistent. It can also help with productivity as citrus oils are great for helping you to perform tasks better and faster while increasing mental stimulation.

Shop the WOW Citronella Essential Oil.

Other essential oils for weight loss you can try are the WOW Eucalyptus Essential Oil and WOW Lemon Essential Oil.

2. WOW Slim Trim Essential Oil Blend

An exclusive essential oil blend that we spent a lot of resources on for specifically helping you with your goals. It’s a synergistic formulation of essential oils - ginger essential oil, orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, clove essential oil, fennel essential oil - with a spicy-fruity fragrance that enhances your weight loss regimen.

Which oil can reduce belly fat? The blend is great for helping mainly with digestion, metabolism-boosting properties & elevating energy levels.

Your body is used to a certain way of functioning and taking on a new diet can place a lot of unexpected pressure on the digestive system. This is a frequently overlooked factor as the symptoms are rarely associated with the digestion.

For example, feeling stressed can be easily associated with work-related pressure or mental strain. But when your digestive system is expected to function differently, it can take a while before it regulates back to its usual functions.

This synergistic formulation also includes essential oil that helps to rev up your metabolism and help you feel more alert, focused, and stimulated!

Shop the WOW Slim Trim Essential Oil Blend.

3. WOW Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend

Sleep is also another overlooked factor. Lack of sleep plays a larger role than we like to think with our hormones responsible for daily function.

Having trouble with sleep is almost expected when undertaking a significant goal like losing weight. And not having enough sleep sets your brain up to make subpar decisions for the rest of the day.

The amount of hunger you feel, how you respond to stressful situations, and the decisions you make are largely regulated by your brain. The less you sleep you get, the less likely you are able to make productive decisions.

The Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend helps to promote restful sleep that relaxes your body, mind, and soul. It’s a synergistic fusion of six calming, relaxing and sleep-inducing essential oils, each one known to induce feelings of peacefulness to help you sleep soundly through the night.

Shop the WOW Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend.

Explore the WOW website for more natural essential oils

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