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Essential Oils For Morning Energy

2 mins

Goutaman Ram

Here are 3 essential oils you can use to kickstart your mornings the right way! 

Having a good morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day. What essential oils are good for morning? What should I diffuse in the morning? Which essential oil is best for energy in the morning? Here are 3 essential oils you can use to kickstart your mornings the right way!

Essential Oils For Morning Energy  

1. Sore No More Essential Oil Blend

Many of us are no strangers to waking up the next morning with aches all over. This may be caused by arthritis, working out, or just a long night out.

Some articles tell you to stretch & exercise right in the morning. But if you’re waking up in the morning with aches and pains, you aren’t exactly in the mood to exercise.

What are some good monday morning essential oil blends? Which are the best essential oils for morning energy? The Sore No More Essential Oil Blend contains a synergistic fusion of six pure essential oils for energy that are known for reducing inflammation and enabling easier movement.

Shop the Sore No More Essential Oil Blend.

Many of these oils have been used for thousands of years to treat arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, and other muscular pains. The best part about these oils is that you also smell amazing with it.

Ways To Use :

  • Massage it onto your muscles and aching joints in the morning before heading to work
  • Is it wise to diffuse essential oils for energy in the morning? Sure, just add 1-2 drops to a diffuser or water to set your morning mood!
  • Carry it with you to use through the day.


2. Digest Ease Essential Oil Blend

Sometimes there are days where things just don’t go right. You wake up with a cramping sensation that comes and goes throughout your day. Maybe it’s from a heavy dinner from the night before or you’re just having a bad day.

You can easily get it fixed with a quick trip to the doctors but you’d have to go through your whole day resisting the discomfort and pain. The Digest Ease Essential Oil Blend is just the thing to use when your digestion needs that extra bit of support.

Shop the Digest Ease Essential Oil Blend.

It’s made with the perfect blend of spice, herb, and fruit essential oils, all packed with potent digestive properties. They work together to help ease any symptoms related to indigestion.

You can also use it in the car, bus, or train if you regularly experience motion sickness. It’s also great if you are having bloating problems or flatulence.

Ways To Use :

  • Simply rub some on your tummy before heading to work or as needed
  • Use it with a humidifier or diffuser for natural pain relief

3. Cold Soother Essential Oil Blend

Everyone deserves to find some natural relief no matter what they’re facing in the mornings! We live in a time where catching a cold is pretty much inevitable with all the pollution and allergens in our environment.

Instead of going through your day miserable, use the Cold Soother Essential Oil Blend for a warming and decongesting effect to kickstart your day.

Shop the Cold Soother Essential Oil Blend.

It is a powerful formulation that contains seven pure essential oils that are naturally rich in antimicrobial qualities to help you rid of all that sniffling, coughing, and discomfort. These oils also work to give you a natural boost for your immune system.

Ways To Use : 

  • Use it topically by applying it onto the bridge of your nose, neck, or chest.
  • Be sure to dilute it well before applying! (3 drops to 10 ml carrier oil) You can do a small skin patch test to check sensitivity before first use
  • Get yourself a beautiful necklace diffuser with multiple diffuser pads so you can breathe in the invigorating qualities of the blend all-day.

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