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The Best Essential Oil for Meditation And Yoga

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Goutaman Ram

Use essential oils for meditation to exponentially reap their mental, physical and spiritual benefits! Discover the best essential oils for yoga!

Practices like meditation and yoga have incredible benefits for the entire body. Not many habits align almost every aspect of our life holistically.

By including quality essential oils into your yoga and meditation sessions, you can exponentially reap the mental, physical and spiritual benefits from itHow to choose an essential oil for meditation? How do you use essential oils in yoga and meditation? 

Which Is the Best Essential Oil for Meditation And Yoga?

1. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood has a calm, woody smell with faint sandalwood notes that arouse emotions of stillness and peace. Unlike most essential oils, Cedarwood oils aren’t made from a single species of plant.

Instead, they are oils extracted from plants belonging to various junipers and cypress tree families.

This diversity gives Cedarwood its distinctive advantage towards its mental and spiritual benefits. You can use it with a simple diffuser while meditating to aid in balancing out your energies and emotions. Alternatively, you can dab it onto your neck and wrists.

Which essential oil helps in improving focus while meditating? It is especially useful in yoga sessions because it has a calming effect, it’s able to help with improved endurance and focus.

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2. Lavender Essential Oil

Unfortunately, many essential oils in the market are not as genuine as they claim to be. These oils are usually a combination of a synthetic floral fragrance with other chemicals.

Lavender Essential Oils that's made from the real thing is incredibly versatile. It has a soothing effect on your emotional state. The stresses and anxiety of daily life may affect your Yoga sessions.

How do essential oils help in yoga? Using a relaxing oil like Lavender can help remove negative energy and easily melt away the worries from your mind and body. Allowing you to better immerse yourself into your sessions!

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3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The Eucalyptus plant has long been used for its many medicinal and physical benefits. The benefits include improving respiratory health and relieving muscle pains.

How do I make my house smell like a yoga studio? There’s a reason why Eucalyptus is used as a middle note in so many perfumes and fragrances. It has an easily recognizable minty, woody, and citrusy aroma with hints of camphor. Even a single whiff of the scent can rejuvenate your energy levels and invigorate your senses.

You can wear a gorgeous necklace diffuser necklace during your sessions or simply have it mixed in a little spray bottle with water. You can also experiment with essential oil blends for meditation by simply adding 1-2 drops of two or more different EOs to your necklace diffuser.

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