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Best Foods For Healthy Hair

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Goutaman Ram

Here are the best foods for hair health to naturally unlock shinier hair! Make sure you keep your follicles healthy with these amazing foods for healthy hair!

Whether you have short or long hair, getting silky, lustrous hair can seem like an impossible task.

Hair shine can be difficult to achieve without having healthy hair follicles to start with. Here are some of the best foods for healthy hair

1. Fatty Fish

Your hair texture plays a major role in how shiny your hair looks naturally. One of the top causes of dry, lackluster hair is having a diet that doesn’t contain much fatty acids. This can make it difficult for your scalp & follicles to absorb nutrients and retain moisture.

Adding more fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like Mackerel, Cod & Salmon to your diet can boost hair growth and help you unlock glossier, healthier hair.

2. Eggs

Eggs, one of the best foods for hair, are incredibly rich in vital minerals and biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that’s important for your body to function properly. This micronutrient helps your body to grow out healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Having a lack of essential minerals and biotin in your diet is associated with issues like frizz, dullness, and has been linked to hair loss. Including eggs into your daily food intake can benefit your hair for stimulating healthier follicle growth. 

3. Lentils

We commonly use gels, waxes, and hair masks for keeping our follicles well-conditioned & nourished. But having a diet that lacks sufficient nutrients can greatly minimize the effects of these products as hair health is essential for shinier strands.

Lentils like chickpeas and soybeans are rich in essential nutrients for hair growth like protein and iron.

Protein plays a crucial role in the optimal growth & functioning of our follicles while iron is required for many essential functions like hair growth & collagen synthesis. Lentils are also rich in nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and fiber.

4. Broccoli

The smoother the cuticles on your hair, the more light it’s able to reflect. Dry hair that isn’t nourished tends to have cuticles that are lifted & damaged. Eating foods like Broccoli can supply your follicles with nutrients like folic acid, zinc, and calcium.

Folic acid is mostly responsible for optimal cell growth which includes the cells in your skin tissues like on your scalp and hair. Minerals like Zinc & Calcium are essential for hair tissue growth and also help keep the oil glands around the follicles healthy.

Natural Shampoos for Healthier Follicles & Cuticles

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