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Want a Gentler Method of Hair Removal? Try Sugaring

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Shelly Jones

Tired of painful methods of hair removal? Then, try sugaring. This method of applying a paste of lemon, sugar, and water can help remove hair better than waxing.

Waxing and shaving are common hair removal techniques to get rid of unwanted hair in certain areas of the body. Some people may also turn to advanced techniques such as electrolysis or hair removal through lasers to remove unwanted hair.

These methods may be effective. But preparing mentally and physically for the procedures through rounds of seemingly never-ending appointments can seem overwhelming.

Sugaring is a simple hair removal technique that is gaining popularity very fast.

It is not a new or innovative technique, though. Sugaring has its origins in the Egyptian era. Sugar was a key beauty ingredient in ancient Egypt in 1900 BC.

The ingredients for removing unwanted hair from your skin through sugaring are quite simple. Ingredients include mostly lemon, water, and sugar. These ingredients are heated till they reach a syrup-like consistency. The sticky syrup attaches itself to hair, making hair removal easy and effective.

Salons are increasingly offering this method, which has increased its popularity.

It is important to understand the process of sugaring to understand the ways it can affect your skin and the aftercare you need to implement to minimize damage.

Table of Contents:

  • What Happens During Sugaring?
  • Why Should You Consider Sugaring?
  • Sugaring Aftercare
  • Be Prepared for Ingrown Hair
  • Exfoliate
  • Stay Away from the Sun

    What Happens During Sugaring?

    A mix of ingredients mentioned above is prepared and heated to body temperature. It is then cooled down.

    home hair removal, sugaring hair removal

    Meanwhile, the hair removal site is cleaned, and the cooled mix is applied to the area. It is applied in a direction opposite to which hair grows. A series of quick motions ensue to pull the paste in the direction your hair grows. As you pull out the paste, hair adhered to the paste also gets pulled out.

    Time taken for the procedure depends on the amount of hair and the site of hair removal.

    You can get sugaring done at salons, or you could buy sugaring kits to get the job done at home.

    Ensure that you have hair that has grown at least a few millimeters long before booking an appointment for sugaring. If you have sunburnt skin or infected or irritated skin at the hair removal site, then get the issue addressed before undergoing the treatment.

    Why Should You Consider Sugaring?

    The process of sugaring — applying the ingredient paste and pulling it to remove hair – may sound similar to waxing. But there are some significant differences between the processes.

    In waxing, the wax is applied along the direction in which hair grows. While pulling, the wax is pulled in a direction opposite to hair growth. This direction of pulling can damage hair follicles by breaking them. The damage is owing to the fact that hair follicles are in the opposite direction of pulling.

    In sugaring, the paste is applied in a direction opposite to hair growth, while pulling happens along the direction of hair growth. As a result, hair follicles remain intact.

    best hair removal solution at home, depilation aftercare

    In addition to protecting hair follicles, sugaring offers the following benefits:

    • It involves the application of a cooled mixture to the hair. As the mix is cooled before application, it sticks only to the hair and not to the skin.
    • As a result, this process does not remove skin cells to the extent that waxing does.
    • Sugaring can be used to remove hair from different parts of the body, including underarms, face, arms, legs, bikini region, and back.
    • Sugaring could be less painful than waxing, according to some users.
    • The treatment can be completed in a maximum of 3 weeks in most cases. This period is lesser compared to waxing, which can take from 2 to 8 weeks for completion.
    • Sugaring is gentler and less irritating on the skin than waxing.
    • Regular sugaring can result in hair that is thinner and softer than before.
    • Cleaning up after a sugaring treatment is easier. This is because the ingredients are mixed in water. You can easily wash off the mix from your body and clothes. Even stubborn residue can be washed off with some extra water.

    Sugaring Aftercare

    Whether you are trying sugaring for the first time or are experienced, there are a few skincare tips you need to know to keep your skin healthy.

    • Be Prepared for Ingrown Hair

    Ingrown hair develops when the hair removed regrows but gets trapped, or curves, under the skin.

    It grows like bumps on the skin and can be painful too. Hair removal methods, including sugaring, waxing, shaving, and tweezing, can cause ingrown hairs.

    ingrown hair remedy

    You are at higher risk for developing ingrown hair if you have curly or rough hair. The risk is also higher if sugaring has been performed within skin folds.

    Reduce the risk of ingrown hairs with these precautions:

    • Your sugaring aftercare starts even before the treatment. Stop exfoliation 2 or 3 days to the day of the appointment. Gapless exfoliation before the appointment can lead to over-exfoliation.
    • Stay away from exfoliating your skin for at least 48 hours after getting sugaring done.  Exfoliation should be a key element in your sugaring aftercare routine, but not immediately.
    • Stop yourself from picking at stray hairs or stubble by shaving or tweezing. Doing so can give way to ingrown hairs.
    • Use essential oils such as tea tree oil and lavender oil to reduce ingrown hairs. These oils replenish the skin with nourishment and moisture. Essential oils help deal with the redness and pain in the affected area with their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
      essential oils benefits
    • Exfoliate

    You could exfoliate your skin 48 hours after sugaring. Your skin can still be more sensitive than it normally is, which is why using gentle skin care products is crucial.

    You may want to try the Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash for the gentlest care. This formulation is free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and harsh chemicals. Apple cider vinegar benefits the skin with its natural astringent properties. Aloe vera extract provides excellent moisturization.

    Vitamin E protects from any kind of inflammation, while pro-vitamin B5 preserves skin moisture, keeping it radiant, soft, and elastic.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash

    The built-in applicator brush deepens exfoliation by removing dead skin cells and impurities. The silicone bristles lift impurities from pores, contributing to a deeper cleanse. The circular motion of the soft bristles improves blood circulation to the skin.

    You may want to try the Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Body Wash for other areas exposed to sugaring.

    • Stay Away from the Sun

    Sun exposure can hurt your skin as it is still sensitive after a sugaring treatment. You can use sunblock. You may want to use the Vitamin C Serum by WOW Skin Science for excellent skin protection against the sun.

    This serum comes with vitamin C, which protects skin from free radical damage caused by sun exposure. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent moisturizer that keeps skin soft and plump. Witch hazel extract functions as a clarifying agent, not only cleansing skin but also repairing it if needed. Glycerin improves skin hydration.

    vitamin c serum benefits

    You can return to your normal skin care routine after a couple of days or as per instructions from your stylist. The products mentioned above are an excellent choice for your regular skin care routine too.

    Keep your skin clean with an exfoliator and moisturize with hydrating agents in between sugaring treatments. This routine keeps your skin looking young and healthy and minimizes damage from sugaring. 

    You may want to explore other skincare products from WOW Skin Science. These products are 100% natural, with only botanical extracts and well-researched formulations powering them. They are completely vegan and dermatologically tested.

    If you are considering sugaring, then talk to your dermatologist or stylist to know if it is right for you. Sugaring is less taxing compared to traditional hair removal methods. It gives efficient results as well. With good aftercare, you can address skin concerns related to sugaring. 

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    Shelly Jones

    Shelly is a beauty blogger and freelance lifestyle writer. She has been blogging for over ten years now, and her articles have appeared on major lifestyle websites. Readers from all across the world await and believe in her authentic product reviews.
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