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Best Hair Styling Products for Fine Hair

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Not sure what styling products for fine hair to use? There are plenty of solutions to tame your tresses. Learn to choose the best hair styling products for you!

Having a good hair day is easy with the right products in your hair routine. Whether you are dealing with oiliness, frizziness, split ends, or limp strands, your product line up will vary to your unique needs!

If you happen to fall in the category of fine hair and are struggling to get a boost of volume, don’t worry! There are plenty of solutions out there that can help you navigate the waters of taming your tresses. When it comes to hair styling, the options can be abundant, so we’ll break it down for you!

What is Fine Hair, Anyway?

You’ve heard this term everywhere, but what exactly constitutes having ‘fine’ hair? Essentially, having fine hair means your strands are very small in diameter (aka thickness.) The texture of your strands typically feels smooth, soft, silky, and relatively frizz-free. By the end of the day, your hair tends to fall flat, and your scalp turns greasy from the strands not being able to support all the extra oil. The thin hair on the scalp doesn’t hide the grease easily, and it makes its way down the shaft, causing the weighed down appearance. Despite this setback, there are numerous ways to bring volume and life back to these thinner locks by using different styling products. Finding the right formula for your hair can add a much-needed lift to your locks.   

The Best Hair Styling Products

When you hear the term hairspray, your first thought might be visions of big bouffants, and a choke-hold like mist that’s just a bit too flammable. The good news is, hair spray has come a long way since the crunchy-hair days we not-so-fondly remember. Check out the various modern sprays that give fine hair the lift and hold you’re looking for!

  • Texturizing Spray - A texturizing spray is a lightweight and airy product that provides volume without weighing down your locks. If you’ve tried styling your curls, and find they fall flat pretty quickly, it could be from the lack of friction that would hold your hair in place. When a texturizing spray is used before braiding or curling, it can help hold the look with a more ‘lived-in’ look. Try using it for a tousled hairstyle that looks effortlessly done, or after curling to set your locks in place without appearing overly stiff.   
  • Volumizing Spray - The best of both worlds, this formula gives the hold you want from a hairspray, while boosting volume. The combination of a lightweight formula and stronghold will keep your hair in place without weighing down your strands.   
  • Thickening Spray - Much like a texture spray, a thickening spray adds the necessary volume, minus the heavy residue. A key difference would be the hold, as this product is typically intended to create thickness for a fuller look, rather than holding a style in place. Thickening spray can also come in a powder, which will absorb excess oil at the root, the culprit of limp and flat looking locks.  
  • Dry Shampoo Spray - Similar in nature to thickening spray, root spray works to create added volume and density, but this time at the scalp level. When sprayed directly to the root, it works to absorb excess moisture and creates lift at the core of the issue. Once sprayed at the base of your roots, you can feel free to heat or style as necessary without the worry of it being flattened out.  
  • Flexible Hold Hairspray - If you are looking for a natural and lightweight hold, a good flexible hair spray will work wonders for fine hair. Not much product is needed to hold your style in place, without that stiff, crunchy hair feeling.
  • Firm Hold Hairspray - If you are in need of a firmer hold for updo’s, or if you want your style to last on the dance floor, look for a firm hold hairspray that will essentially seal your locks into place. It will feel stiffer so that your style doesn’t fall as fast, and will keep flyaways at bay. It’s also great for slicking your hair back into a tight ballerina bun, with dependable hold. 
  • Revitalizing Spray - This finishing spray is the last step to add shine that was lost through heat damage and help protect your hair during the day. Used for all hair types, WOW's Hair Revitalizer works especially well for finer hair to seal your style without stiffness.  
hair revitalizer

    Ingredients to Avoid

    Since fine and thin hair doesn’t hide oil, dirt, and build-up that can weigh it down, avoid specific ingredients that aggravate your scalp. With the exception of dry shampoo or thickening sprays, avoid using hair styling products on the scalp area to maintain optimal volume.  

    Any oil-based hair styling products can be too heavy and will fight the volume that you’re trying to add. Your best bet would be a combination of light hold hairsprays, and products that will add texture and set your hairstyle.  

    Avoid sulfates, which work to create a lather, can damage fine hair by breaking down the proteins in your already fragile hair. It’s best to avoid these in your hair routine. 

    With a lot of these harmful products being prominent ingredients in styling products, it’s important to take the time and make the effort to replenish and nourish thin hair. Using natural beauty products from WOW Skin Science is a great way to restore and revitalize fragile thin hair, especially since their all natural hair care products work their magic without the use of harmful sulfates and parabens. Since finer hair is so susceptible to damage and retention of residue, using products that come as close to nature as possible is going to fare well for you!     

    Tips to Maintain Volume

    While hair styling products can provide instant volume when needed, there are several things to be cognizant of in your routine to keep limp hair from happening. During your hair wash routine, use nourishing conditioners sparingly so you do not weigh down the strands. Apply it only to the ends of your hair, making sure to avoid the roots. Unless you happen to suffer from dry, damaged strands where a hair mask is necessary, the less residue, the better.  

    To avoid putting too much product on your hair, try spraying product on your brush first, and then brushing through your hair from there. Or apply from a further distance so the product lays more evenly on the hair, instead of one concentrated area. This technique will ensure you do not inundate your strands with too much product at once, as you can always add more texture before it becomes too much.  

    Clarifying shampoos such as WOW Skin Science’s Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo are great to thoroughly cleanse build up on the scalp while restoring and repairing damaged locks. Keeping the scalp healthy and clear from excess oil and dirt build-up will work well for those with finer hair, as debris can easily weigh the hair down. These clarifying shampoos only have to be used once weekly as their intensity isn’t required for use on a regular basis. Alternate with a hydrating shampoo like WOW’s Coconut Milk Shampoo 2-3 times a week to not dry out or overwhelm the strands during the washing process.  

    Dry shampoo is your new best friend. In between washes, a dry shampoo can do wonders to revitalize and refresh the roots where the oil is concentrated. When it is applied to the root area, it works to absorb moisture, provide texture, and boost volume to your hair. Choose one that won’t leave a visible residue to ensure the perfect fit for fine hair.       

    Final Thoughts

    What’s amazing (and sometimes intimidating) about hair care is how many options are available for your hair type and hair needs. The choices seem to be endless! As we come to understand the science of hair care, there always appears to be constant advances in how we can navigate and how we can reflect our most beautiful selves.  

    With the info we’ve given you, the power is in your hands to find products that will help you reach your hair goals. Good luck!  

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    Akhila is a Lead Copywriter with a passion for helping others become their best selves. She lives and breathes beauty by sharing must-have tips and tricks to achieving your self-care goals. Her fervor for skincare, haircare, and wellness is expressed through relatable rituals, quick-quitted words, and video content. Check Akhila out on WOW's blog, TikTok, and Facebook Live's for product features and guides to perfect your lifestyle.

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    Akhila is a Lead Copywriter with a passion for helping others become their best selves. She lives and breathes beauty by sharing must-have tips and tricks to achieving your self-care goals. Her fervor for skincare, haircare, and wellness is expressed through relatable rituals, quick-quitted words, and video content. Check Akhila out on WOW's blog, TikTok, and Facebook Live's for product features and guides to perfect your lifestyle.
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