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What Does New Hair Growth Look Like? The Telltale Signs

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Andela Patrnogic

Wondering what new hair growth looks like? Read on for the signs of hair growth and find out if you're back on track to healthy hair!

Hormones, stress, medical conditions, and environmental factors all seem determined to make us lose our hair.

Two-thirds of men lose some hair by the time they hit 35, and half of all women will see the same by the time they turn 50! The statistics are both mind-blowing and frustrating.

As a woman who has been pregnant twice, I have experienced the hair loss that is a natural part of the post-partum transformations, and I can tell you, watching clumps of hair clog the drain spiked my anxiety through the roof.

Even more frustrating is the fact that it is very difficult to tell the signs of new hair growth. Many questions pop up in your head, especially with the information overload available on the internet. Just some of them that immediately come to mind: are baby hairs a sign of regrowth, what does hair regrowth look like; and when it comes to men especially what are the signs of new hair growth on scalp.

Fortunately, there are measures most of us can take to promote strong, healthy hair and even to grow new hair after we have suffered a loss.

Once hair does begin to regrow, and you see those first signs of new hair growth, it is exciting to watch for it, measure it, and even celebrate it.

Table of Contents:  

  • Causes of Hair Loss 
  • Help for Hair Loss and Promoting New Hair Growth 
  • 5 Signs of New Hair Growth 
  • Ingredients that Support New Hair Growth 

Causes of Hair Loss

how to make your hair grow faster, new hair growth

As mentioned above, many people suffer from hair loss, and the hard truth is that sometimes that hair loss is a matter of genetics.

Indeed, in men, 95% of hair loss is due to male pattern baldness, a condition that simply runs in the paternal line, and there is little to be done about it other than go bald with grace.  

Women, however, are a different story. Again, I am a working mother and, therefore, no stranger to stress, anxiety, and emotional ups and downs. Such is life, right?

The problem is, too much stress, anxiety, and unhealthy emotional roller coasters can lead to hair loss. Then, losing your hair stresses you out more, which contributes to more hair loss, and so on.

A poor diet can also lead to unhealthy hair (I see you, moms, out there forgetting to eat or snacking on your kids' leftover chicken nuggets instead of making yourself a meal), as can several medical conditions. 

But, there is nothing quite like the happiness of when you see the signs of new hair growth. As a woman that has been through all of this, I am here to share my experience with you and tell you what does hair regrowth look like.

Help for Hair Loss and Promoting New Hair Growth 

The good news about all this seemingly bad news is that, for most women, hair regrowth is not only possible but likely. You can stop hair loss by targeting the condition that has led to it, retrace your steps, and get yourself back on track.  

If you think you might have an underlying medical condition, see your general practitioner and discuss your concerns.  

If you know you are contributing to your hair loss via one or more of the factors discussed above, take ownership today and get back on track, and enjoy seeing the signs of new hair growth. 

Start small with something like managing your sleep better or adding a green salad into your daily routine.

Drink more water, talk out your stresses with your partner or a girlfriend. You deserve total wellness, and your inevitable new hair growth will thank you for it.  

5 Signs of New Hair Growth 

Once you’re back on track, start watching for those exciting telltale signs of regrowth!  Here is the answer to the question “what does hair regrowth look like,” that you have been waiting for all along. 

1. The Shadow 

All-natural human hair has some pigmentation in it, which gives it the color. This means that you will be able to see the signs of new hair growth on scalp.

So how do the signs of new hair growth on scalp look like having in mind this pigmentation?

Well, as the new hair grows in, you will see a noticeable shadow where it emerges from your scalp. The color creates that shadow, just like when a man’s beard begins growing in.  

2. The Fuzz: Are baby hairs a sign of regrowth

Are baby hairs a sign of regrowth, I hear you ask.

Yes, just like on a baby’s head, you can start to feel that super soft, fine hair growing where there was none. Thes fine, fuzzy, hair known as baby hair is actually termed terminal hairs, and they are visible around the frontal hairline.

However, despite being signs of hair regrowth, sometimes it can be difficult to see are baby hairs a sign of regrowth. The reason behind this is that these fuzzy, fluffy hairs can be a sign of hair thinning due to hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, or even hair breakage.

A clear test to see are baby hairs a sign of regrowth is to part your hair where you had a loss and run your fingers gently over that spot. When you feel the baby hairs growing in, the fuzz, you’ll know it’s happening!

3. The Shine 

New hair that is well taken care of is shiny and looks visibly healthy. As it grows, you will witness your overall head of hair looking shinier and more abundant.  

4. The Strength 

Over time, you will notice this new hair is stronger than the older, dying hair. It is less breakage-prone and easier to manage.  

5. The Speed 

New, healthy hair grows fast! Unlike unhealthy hair, which seems to sit dry and lifeless on your head, healthy new hair growth occurs at a rate of ½ inch per month. That means you can get 6 inches of new hair growth in a year!

Ingredients that Support New Hair Growth 

If you have ever read any of my writings and tips on natural home remedies, then you already know I have a top 10 list of super ingredients for total wellness.

On that list, at the very top, are apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and avocado. With just these three superfoods, you have antibacterial properties, healthy fats, and essential fatty acids, not to mention the abundance of vitamins.

All three of these ingredients are beneficial to your health when taken both internally and externally, so when it comes to new hair growth, you hit the jackpot.  

ACV and Coconut Avocado 

This bundle gets you the best of all worlds by working to heal your existing dry or malnourished hair and by promoting new hair growth. Both clarifying and moisturizing, for new hair, this package is a must-have. 

Castor Oil

A great oil to have on hand, castor oil can help strengthen the new hair you grow, especially when used as an overnight hair treatment.  

Ready to get your hair regrowth into gear? Click the WOW links above and explore the items and their reviews to see the wonderful experiences others have had. Your shower caddy deserves top-quality, all-natural hair products.

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