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What Does Toner Do To Your Hair And Is It Worth It?


If you’re into bleaching and coloring your locks and love donning versatile shades, then a toner is something you might be well aware of. If not, then you’re majorly missing out on an essential hair care ingredient for your colored hair. An effective toner is a product that works by neutralizing those unwanted orange and brassy tones of your locks while keeping your hair well-protected and vibrant all the time. Not only does the product help you in maintaining the health and color of your locks, but it also helps you skip those regular salon sessions. Still, it’s completely natural to be a bit confused regarding how it works and whether you need it or not. Fret not, here is a detailed guide to help you understand what a toner is and if it’s something meant for you or not.

Table of Contents:

  • What Is a Hair Toner?
  • Do I Need a Hair Toner?
  • Steps to Apply a Toner
  • Recommended Products to Care for Toned Hair

    What Is a Hair Toner?

    In simple words, hair toner is a product used on colored hair that enhances its look while maintaining soft hues and shine. As per celebrity hairstylist and color expert, Kristin Ess, a toner works like a top-coat for your mane. Using a toner becomes an essential part of your hair care regimen if you’re someone constantly undergoing color treatment. This glossy pigment usually lasts for about three to four weeks of application. 

    Do I Need a Hair Toner?

    A hair toner must be added to the list of your essential beauty and hair care products if you wish to maintain your hair color for long. It also helps in strengthening your hair cuticles as well as minimizing damage caused to your locks. As per celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham, ‘Toning your hair is a quick service that works exceptionally well to maintain your hair color, refresh the highlights, and correct uneven tones as well.’

    Opting for a toner will also help you add shine and extreme softness to your hair, helping it bounce back to life with minimal split ends and enhanced vibrancy. This multi-purpose product can effectively come to your rescue if you've undergone a terrible bleach job and fear walking out with the hair experiment that’s gone completely wrong. The toner will help you achieve the shade you want in your hair without any additional fuss. 

    Steps to Apply a Toner

    Once you’ve chosen the type of hair toner you wish to apply to your locks, follow these simple steps to make your hair look completely natural. 

    What Does Toner Do To Your Hair And Is It Worth It? steps to apply a toner
    • Begin by washing your hair thoroughly, then apply the toner to your hair after completely drying it. 
    • First, apply the toner to the central part of your hair. Continue by applying it to the roots and then to the tips. 
    • Leave the toner for 15-20 minutes. 
    • Rinse the toner from your hair with water. 

    Recommended Products to Care for Toned Hair

      Adding premium quality hair care products to your regimen can help you extend the effect of toner on your tresses. Here are a few products that you must add to your routine:

      • Nourishing shampoo and conditioner pack: Keeping a harsh and chemically infused shampoo at bay helps you protect your color-treated and bleached hair. Using an all-natural shampoo and conditioner instead can help you extend the effectiveness of toner on your hair and maintain that shiny mane of yours for a long time. 

      WOW Skin Science has formulated a range of effective shampoo and conditioner combination packs that are 100% vegan and powered with powerful plant-based ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, argan oil, coconut milk, and red onion. Adding any of these excellent combination packs to your routine can help you manage your locks with ease. 

      • A powerful hair mask: There’s no denying the fact that coloring and bleaching your hair might cause some side effects and harmful damage. Applying an intensely nourishing hair mask to your tresses frequently can help you keep your hair well maintained and taken care of. 

      Making your choice of a hair mask that suits your hair type and minimizes the damage caused by color treatment can be a bit tricky at times. WOW Skin Science is one brand that can be easily trusted when it comes to hair masks. The brand has a range of rich formulas that can be opted for. WOW's Moroccan Argan Oil hair mask has been created especially for color-treated hair and is enriched with the goodness of powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients.  

      • Hair Oil: A natural hair oil can help reinforce the hair follicles that might be losing their strength due to chemical usage. An intense hair oil penetrates the cuticles of your hair and provides them with the much-required hydration and care. 

      Get any one of the powerful and rich hair oils from WOW Skin Science and witness your strands getting more silky, smooth, and ultra-soft with each application. 

       Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      1. Why did the toner darken my hair?

      If you leave a toner in your hair for longer than required, it might result in the darkening of your locks. 

      2. Is purple shampoo a toner?

      Yes, a purple shampoo acts as a toner. 

      3. Is salon toner bad for your hair?

      No, not necessarily, although a salon toner is more pigmented and may last longer. 


      A toner is an effective game-changer for bleached and color-treated hair, a product that often does the trick and keeps your strands shiny and vibrant. So now you know! Simply follow your hair care routine packed with the best hair care products and get the most out of your color treatment!

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