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What hair color brings out blue eyes?

3 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Paired with the right hair color, the gorgeous blue eyes can make you look stunning. So what hair color brings out blue eyes? Let’s find out!

Colors, especially hair colors, have a unique way to add a special appeal to your overall personality. However, when choosing the best hair color for your mane, make sure to determine your skin tone, the best hair colors and undertones, and most importantly, do this according to your eye color. As it turns out, the right hair color can enhance your eye color and make them truly shine. If you are blessed with a piercingly beautiful blue eye color, you have multiple hair color options that add sheen to your eyes and face. 

Read on to know what hair color brings out blue eyes:

Table of contents:

  • What hair color brings out blue eyes for fair skin girls?
  • Ash blond
  • Platinum
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Cinnamon brown
  • Honey balayage
  • Dark auburn
  • Burgundy
  • What hair color brings out blue eyes for medium-to-dark skin girls?
  • Pastel lavender
  • Light blond
  • Dark coffee mocha
  • Dark brown
  • Burgundy red
  • Gold highlights

What hair color brings out blue eyes for fair skin girls?

If you have blue eyes and pale skin that compliments the gorgeous color of your eyes, you can further accentuate your look. To stand out and make a statement with your intriguing blue eyes, you need the perfect hair color addition. 

Here are some hair color suggestions that work best for fair skin people:

Ash blond

If you have pale, fair skin, you can trust yellow, cool, and neutral tone ash hair color to suit your style perfectly. Some of the combinations you can consider are beige, champagne, bronde (brunette + blonde) and other cool undertones. These hair colors will add depth to your hair, making them look voluminous and attractive.what is the best hair color for blue eyes, ash blonde hair color


Platinum blonde is a bright and bold hair color for blue eyes. This hair color adds a crisp, silvery shade with zero brassiness. 

Strawberry blonde

You can seamlessly go for a hair color with hints of orange and red like a red and blonde combination. It might appear slightly bold initially, but when the tones settle down, it will make your blue eyes shine brighter than ever. 

Cinnamon brown

The typical color of cinnamon – the perfect tone of warm brown – is also a great choice of hair color for blue eyes. Pair the cinnamon brown color with copper highlights, and you will make heads turn at events. Be careful with how strong you want the copper to be. 

Honey balayage

The mesmerizing golden mean between blonde, ash blonde and light brown highlights makes honey balayage a great pick for your hair if you have blue eyes and a fair skin tone. If your skin undertone is warm, then you can pick any shade of honey. However, if you have a fair skin tone, a dark honey shade is preferable.honey balayage hair color

Dark auburn

If you have long, curly hair, preferably thick curls, you can create a fabulous look with a dark auburn hair color that would bring out the blue eyes. This rick, warm, coffee-like brown with a red undertone looks striking on pale skin. 


A favorite for all eye hues is the burgundy hair color. The deep red and purple tones compliment baby blue eyes, heightening your overall appearance. 

What hair color brings out blue eyes for medium-to-dark skin girls?

If you have blue eyes but a soft medium-to-dark skin tone, you would love some of these hair color suggestions. The combination of light eye colors such as blue and medium-to-dark skin tones works perfectly. 

Here are some hair colors for blue eyes and medium-to-dark skin tone people:

Pastel lavender

If you have a dark skin tone and blue eyes, enhancing your hair with a soft, cool, light hair color will make a striking combination. Pastel lavender shades in the right haircut will add the perfect attraction to your hair.

Light blond

A light blond hair color for blue eyes has often been a top choice for people with blue eyes and olive skin tone. However, light blond color with visible roots is something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Choose a light beige color and ask your hairdresser to color your hair a few inches down the roots. 

Dark coffee mocha

A dark café mocha color is ideal for you if your hair texture is soft and wavy. This hair color will add gloss to your waves, making them appear soothing on your face tone. Dark mocha and similar chocolate color tones shift the focus completely on your deep blue eyes, which is precisely what you love.brown hair and blue eyes

Dark brown

If you have a darker skin tone, you will love how a rich dark brown hair color emphasises the blue color of your eyes. Chocolate brown or dark brown color will likely make your hair look voluminous and smooth.  However, be careful to choose a brown tone that is one tone darker than your gorgeous skin color, because the goal in this case is to achieve the most natural hair color.

Burgundy red

If you have dark black color hair, simply adding a few highlights of balayage or ombré inspired by red tones will do the trick. The benefit is you do not change your entire hair color, and only a few highlights bring out the blue color of your eyes. You could also add some carefully placed sections of deep red that intensify as you move down the hair length.burgundy red hair color

Gold highlights

Nothing beats the combination of blue and gold. Adding warm gold highlights to brown or black hair can intensify the blue eyes magically. The gold tones will also work well to bring radiance to your complexion, making your face look even more graceful. If possible, ask your stylist to blend different gold tones across different sections of your hair to add the perfect finish to your face.

Wrong hair color can completely spoil your appearance and dull those bright blue, gorgeous eyes. So, be careful and choose the best hair color that accentuates your skin tone and eye color. Also, remember to use color-protective shampoo and other hair products. 

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