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What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Hair?

4 mins

Tyler Teresi

You’ve probably heard of someone who never washes their hair, and has a healthy, radiant one. But can it really be true? Keep reading to find out.

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t need to wash your hair every day. In fact, many people embrace the potential benefits of washing their hair just a few times a week. Those who wash their hair less may enjoy a healthier scalp and livelier, more moisturized hair.

Although there are many benefits to washing your hair less, there are fewer benefits to not washing your hair at all. Before throwing out your shampoo and letting your hair run natural and free, consider what happens when you do not wash your hair.

Table of Contents:

  • Side Effects of Not Washing Your Hair
  • Slower Hair Growth
  • Excessive Build-up
  • Ingrown Hairs
  • Itchy and Flaky Scalp
  • Benefits of Washing Your Hair Less
  • How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?
  • Wash Your Hair with the Best Products

Side Effects of Not Washing Your Hair

Even though decreasing the amount of washing can be positive, there are still several important reasons to wash your hair. Therefore, entirely skipping out on hair washing may not be the best decision. The following are some potential side effects of not washing your hair.

  • Slower Hair Growth

Washing your hair is part of a healthy maintenance process. Regularly shampooing your hair helps keep the scalp clean and introduces nutrients into the hair, promoting healthy circulation and hair growth. Dirt and hair care products building up on the scalp can also have a potential impact on it. Leaving shampoo out of your hair care routine entirely and allowing build-up can stunt growth.

Other factors that affect hair growth include genetics, stress, and nutrition. If you struggle with hair growth on a regular basis, then use WOW Skin Science’s Onion Black Seed Hair Oil in conjunction with your regular washing routine. Onion black seed is full of nutrients that promote hair growth.

Onion Black Seed Hair Oil
  • Excessive Build-up

It probably goes without saying that not washing your hair will become noticeable in more ways than one. If you do not have a hair care routine that includes removing oil and dirt, they will sit in your hair and become apparent. Unwashed hair will also start to develop a noticeable, unpleasant odor.

  • Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are an uncomfortable experience and are another by-product of oil build-up on your scalp. An ingrown hair happens when hair grows back into the scalp instead of outward as it should. This is often painful. One of the best ways to prevent ingrown hairs is to keep the scalp clean and moisturized so hair can grow freely without obstruction.

Use a shampoo that improves circulation and moisture in your scalp to avoid any uncomfortable hairs. Try WOW’s Activated Charcoal and Keratin Shampoo to powerfully remove build-up and support the health of your scalp.

Activated Charcoal and Keratin Shampoo
  • Itchy and Flaky Scalp

Not washing your hair can take a toll on your scalp and leave you with considerable discomfort. The build-up in your hair from hair care products and natural oil can irritate the scalp, leading to dryness, itching, and dandruff.

If you generally struggle with dandruff or an itchy scalp, then you should consider using a shampoo that nurtures the scalp with the capability of reducing the uncomfortable flaking. WOW Skin Science offers an excellent option for treating dandruff with our Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help remove flakes and restore moisture.

Benefits of Washing Your Hair Less

Some people wash their hair every day, but many people prefer to wash their hair a few times or even once a week. Never washing your hair will lead to excessive oil build-up, which can cause problems, but the oil itself is not a bad thing. Your hair produces a natural oil called sebum. It helps to coat your hair to preserve moisture and protect it from damage. Washing your hair too frequently can strip your hair of this natural oil, leading to dryness and irritation. 

best shampoo for oily hair, why does my hair get oily so fast

In thick, wavy, or curly hair, the natural oils do not move through the hair as easily as in straight hair. In this case, washing your hair less frequently gives the oils a chance to reach through the strands and maintain moisture. Reducing the amount of washing could provide multiple benefits depending on your hair type.

For some, a limit on washing hair can help protect it. In afro-textured hair, the strands may be more fragile, and washing too frequently can lead to damage from over-handling the hair. Washing your hair less often can be gentler for the hair since it minimizes the opportunity for breakage. However, washing your hair less does not mean you should not wash your hair at all.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Ultimately, how often you wash your hair depends on your hair and what works best for you. Some individuals choose to wash their hair every day, while others do it just once a week, so it is up to you. Factors like hair texture, your environment, and the amount of product you use can all influence how often you choose to shampoo.

Finding the perfect washing routine may take a bit of trial and error. If you find that your hair becomes oily too quickly, consider washing more. If you find your hair is often way too dry, then consider washing a bit less. In the end, you know your hair best.

Washing your hair does not mean you have to completely dry it out. Remember that washing your hair less also means fewer opportunities to provide it with helpful nutrients. When you do wash your hair, make sure that you are making the most of it by choosing the best products. For example, WOW’s Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo can provide the best of both worlds, allowing you to nourish your hair without completely stripping it of moisture.

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Preserving moisture in your hair is even easier with an effective conditioner. Try WOW’s Coconut Milk Conditioner to support and moisturize your hair with the added benefit of almond oil, castor oil, and argan oil to provide transformative vitamins.

Wash Your Hair with the Best Products

Washing your hair less may offer a few different benefits, but there are still benefits to washing it at least once a week. Many fear that washing their hair too often will be too harsh on the stands and that it is better to be gentle. Fortunately, WOW Skin Science can provide both, offering all-natural ingredients that leave your hair clean and nourished without being too harsh.

At WOW, we strive to provide products that help you maintain peace of mind and treat your hair the way it deserves. Explore our complete collection of hair care products and experience the benefits for yourself.

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Tyler Teresi

Tyler is a content writer specializing in blog writing, landing page content, and website copy. He is passionate about health and wellness, travel, and B2C content. When not writing, Tyler is riding his bike, playing his guitar, or hiking in the mountains.

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Author: Tyler Teresi

Latest posts:

Tyler Teresi

Tyler is a content writer specializing in blog writing, landing page content, and website copy. He is passionate about health and wellness, travel, and B2C content. When not writing, Tyler is riding his bike, playing his guitar, or hiking in the mountains.
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