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What Is Argan Oil Good For? Top Argan Oil Benefits and Uses

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Akhila Jerripothula

The liquid gold elixir that beauty influencers and celebrities swear by. Discover the Argan oil benefits and maybe you’ll consider trying it out for yourself!

Argan oil has made a big name for itself in the beauty industry, but what actually makes it so popular? Tons of beauty influencers and celebrities swear by this liquid gold elixir, and maybe you’re considering trying it out for yourself to see if it can improve your hair as well. Spoiler alert: it definitely can! 

Argan oil is beneficial for all sorts of reasons. Read on to see how argan oil can benefit you, and how to properly use it to get the best results.

History of Argan Oil

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Even if you only heard of argan oil within the past few years, this miracle oil has been used for centuries! Back in the day, the Phonecians used argan oil for healing and beauty purposes. The Berbers, on the other hand, have used the fruit itself for all sorts of things ranging from a bread dipping sauce to animal feed. As you can see, there’s more to this oil than meets the eye. But how is argan oil actually made?

How is Argan Oil Made?

Argan Oil Morocco - Free photo on Pixabay

The traditional process of making argan oil is not an easy one, which is why it can be costly. In fact, the argan tree only grows in one small part of Western Morocco between the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains. Despite efforts to grow it elsewhere for mass-production, the limited locale of this fruit means that until recent years, production was very traditional and time-consuming. 

In Morocco, goats tend to climb on trees, including argan trees to eat the fruit. However, the goats are not able to digest the nuts so they are expelled through droppings. The droppings are then collected by Moroccan women who grind and press the nut to remove the oil. The amount of oil yielded by fruit is very low so it takes approximately 250 pounds of fruit to produce just one liter of oil.    

For this reason, true pure argan oil that has been manually produced will cost you a pretty penny. However, production has been moving towards more automated and advanced methods in recent years, although processing argan oil is still a key part of life for many Moroccan women.  

What is Argan Oil Good For? Argan Oil Benefits

This powerful elixir is good for a variety of things. No matter what your hair type or hair concerns, incorporating this oil into your hair care routine will help your hair

Here are some of the best uses of argan oil:

  • Argan oil seals split ends and help repair damage caused by heat and chemical treatments. It’s easier to hide dry, brittle breakage with a boost of essential nourishment. 
  • Argan oil can combat frizz and help tame flyaways with the high amounts of fatty acids and vitamin E in the oil. 
  • Argan oil can also help smooth out your hair and make it easier for you to work out knots and tough tangles! Instead of using “detangling” sprays that will just end up leaving residue and build-up on your hair, use a natural oil to get the shine you’ve been missing. 
  • Argan oil is a natural soother to help calm an irritated and itchy scalp without stripping your scalp of its natural oils. This can help lessen the number of pesky flakes by making you want to scratch your scalp less. For the same reasons you can also use argan oil for skin.

Different Ways to Use Argan Oil

Depending on what you are using argan oil for, there are several different ways that you can use it! If you’re looking for a quick fix for frizz caused by humidity or pesky split ends after skipping your last salon appointment, smoothing on a little bit of argan oil to these problem areas can be an effective and easy solution to leave you with smooth, shiny hair. 

If you’re looking to totally transform your hair from dull, dry, and lifeless to shiny, soft, and healthy, you need to incorporate this super ingredient in your hair care routine. Try WOW Skin Science Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, plant-powered by 100% pure argan oil, saw palmetto extract, nettle leaf extract, aloe vera, castor oil, and jojoba oil to clarify build-up, while strengthening and conditioning your strands. 

What to Look for When Buying Argan Oil

With what you know about how argan oil is hard to come by, so any argan oil on the market will be the best. Unfortunately, not all argan oil products are created equal and it’s up to you to spot the difference. 

Go with a product that features 100% pure organic argan oil with no chemical or artificial additives that could decrease the power and effectiveness of this natural oil. Look to the ingredient list to see what is included in the product you want to purchase!

While it’s tempting to just grab the first product off the shelf that advertises itself as “natural” or “organic,” you really need to look at the company itself in addition to the specific product that you’re interested in. Make sure that the company is dedicated to only utilizing natural ingredients in its products while avoiding potentially harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Also, make sure that the company never tests anything on animals and ethically sources their ingredients. WOW Skin Science fits all of these qualifications and more thanks to five-star customer reviews and top-notch customer service!


Pure argan oil is good for everything from dry hair to dandruff -- making it an essential hair care treatment for all hair types, from straight and fine hair to curly and coarse hair. Even though the best argan oil products might cost you a little bit more money on the front end, the quality is well worth the investment, and your hair will love you for it!


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