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What Is Coconut Milk Shampoo Good For?

3 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Answering if coconut milk shampoo stops hair fall, makes your hair greasy, how often to use it, and more!

Coconut has reigned king as a multipurpose superfood, with their healthy fats and protein becoming famous for cooking, skincare, wellness, and more. These same properties make it super nourishing for hair care! 

Should I Use Coconut Oil or Coconut Milk?

Every part of the coconut is useful, and coconut milk is our favorite for hydration! It is made by grating coconut meat (the white fleshy inside) and then soaking it in hot water. A “cream” rises to the top of the mixture and is then skimmed off before the remaining liquid is put through a cheesecloth so that the liquid becomes thinner and thinner after each round -- eventually producing a thin, white, milky substance known as coconut milk! For hair that craves nourishment, but is fine or in highly-porous (find out your hair porosity here), then try coconut milk rather than pure coconut oil!

coconut shampoo

Benefits of Coconut Milk

With such a thick texture, you may wonder if coconut milk shampoo makes your hair greasy or helps it to grow thicker, amongst other things. Let’s clear up the mystery with all the possible benefits you could receive from using coconut milk! What coconut milk is good for is being full of nourishing antioxidants, and delivering essential hydration for wet or dry hair because of how big the molecules of coconut milk are. It’s packed with ingredients like proteins, vitamins, and essential fats that your hair follicles use to strengthen your hair barrier and its ability to defend against outside irritants and damage that causes breakage -- leaving you with healthy hair that’s able to grow faster without breaking all over the place. This is great for treating damage from heat styling and chemical treatments, as this shampoo is safe for color treated hair! If you suffer from irritating tangles and breakage, coconut milk has enough slip to detangle, defrizz, and seal split ends! 

As for coconut milk making your hair thicker, nothing can make your actual hair follicles actually thicker (through a topical application), but there are ways to hydrate your strands and make the hair appear thicker. The secret to voluminous hair is proper moisture! For those worried if coconut milk will make the hair appear greasy, try using haircare with coconut milk blended in, as the accompanying ingredients will combat that greasy look without stripping hydration. 

wow skin science, hair care

Shampoo 101

Finding your perfect shampoo can be tricky, so we made it easy with our guide here! To deeply nourish, we recommend the WOW Skin Science Coconut Milk Shampoo for all hair types! It helps promote blood circulation to strengthen hair strands and boost hair growth. Coconut milk’s essential hydration will give you a healthy shine that’s frizz-free, to nourish dry, damaged hair. The best thing is that the WOW Skin Science Coconut Milk Shampoo is free of sulfates or parabens, making it a must for curly hair, more on that later!  

beautiful hair

Coconut Proteins and Your Hair Type

When using coconut milk, a lot of the benefits come from the potent coconut oil in the coconut flesh. Instead of just applying it directly as an oil to your hair, coconut milk helps to relinquish the heaviness of that oil without weighing your hair down. Coconut milk proteins can help to fight off dry scalp that might be causing flakes! To make the most of this shampoo for your hair type, watch out for how much shampoo you should be using. Use it along with the WOW Skin Science Coconut Milk Conditioner. It can be used as a  leave-in conditioner if you dilute it with water, and leave this natural product in your hair overnight. If you’re on a time crunch, leave the shampoo and conditioner on your scalp for 2-3 minutes while you wash the rest of your body!

coily hair, curly hair

Coconut Milk for Curly & Coily Hair

Coconut milk and other kinds of coconut proteins work for all hair types and conditions and makes a huge difference for curly and coily hair types. This is because curly/coily (type 3 or 4 hair) can be really dry from the natural hair oils being unable to travel all the way down the scalp (because of the curls). Moisture can help defrizz and define your curl pattern while boosting shine and hydration levels for voluminous, bouncy locks! 

In addition to being drier, curly/coily hair can be low-porosity, making it harder to absorb products applied. Let the product sit and do its job for proper hydration penetration. Some people think that coconut milk will make their hair straight, or “pull out” all of the curls that they have with its thick moisture. This is not true, and can actually help define your natural hair pattern! If you experience hair being weighed down, make sure you’re properly rinsing out all the product. 


Coconuts are a treasure trove of benefits, ranging from wellness, cooking, to skin and hair care! Make the most of your upgraded hair routine by integrating coconut milk! Just be sure to watch for added parabens and sulfates that can damage your hair further. You can trust WOW Skin Science Coconut Milk Shampoo as a 100% vegan haircare must-have!

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