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What To Do Right After Bleaching Hair To Make It Last?


Hearing all those oohs and aahs over your newly bleached hair, receiving tons of compliments oozes your self-confidence and happiness to another level. Doesn’t it? 

But, there’s nothing more devastating than witnessing those same locks getting all brittle, limp, and dry after a while. 

There's no denying the fact that our mane takes a nosedive hit each time we opt for bleaching our strands. 

Bleaching agents penetrate our hair follicles and cause a lot of damage to our locks. Continuously hitting search engines and depend on half-stated basics when it comes to after bleach tips.

There’s nothing wrong with transformations, and it’s super fun to experiment with your looks if you're careful taking care of your hair. 

Worry not. 

We’ve got you covered with this quick guide to help you understand what to do after bleaching your hair.

Table Of Contents:

  • How Bleaching Affects Your Locks
  • Tips To Follow After Bleaching

How Bleaching Affects Your Locks

During the process of bleaching, the melanin present in our hair shaft is broken down and oxidized with the bleach leading to the melanin losing its color. 

bleached hair

The process of applying bleaching agents to your locks has a significant effect. 

Here are a few ways in which bleaching affects your hair:

  • The brightness and extreme softness of your hair are severely affected by bleaching, making it more difficult to manage and style. 
  • Your strands become extremely dry and brittle after bleaching, and the fibers end up losing the natural protein and cystine present in them. 
  • As per studies, the inner layer of your cuticles and cell membrane are also destroyed with regular coloring. 
  • The strength and structural integrity of your follicles are significantly weakened and become more prone to damage following each coloring treatment. 
  • Also, the harsh chemicals hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide present in each bleaching product lead to inter-fiber friction. 

Tips To Follow After Bleaching

If you’ve recently beached your hair and are getting petrified of all the ways in which your locks are going to take the brunt of it, stay relaxed as there are several simple and easy ways in which you can keep them protected. 

bleached blonde white short hair

Scroll ahead for some basic and easy tips to follow right after bleaching to keep your locks well protected and healthy.  

Avoid shampooing too often

Bleaching tends to strip your mane of its natural oils and cause dryness. Regular shampooing is the last thing your hair requires. That’ll just enhance the dryness of your locks. Make a habit of washing your hair only two to three times a week. 

Natural hair oils

Post bleaching, our locks appear flat and unruly. Keeping them hydrated and intensely nourished provides protection from breakage. Adding soothing and gentle hair oils enriched with natural ingredients to your routine can help you take care of your new look. Even a few drops of light hair oil can do wonders for your tresses. 

Steer clear of chemicals

Bleaching leaves your hair extremely fragile and delicate, thus requiring proper care and nourishment. Make sure not to apply any harsh or chemically infused hair care products that might aggravate the fragility of your locks. Go for products with pH levels below 6, as they’ll help keep your hair fibers closed. 

Opt for regular trimming

Colored hair is more prone to split ends, so regular visits to the salon to keep them trimmed will ensure the enhanced health of your locks.

Hydrating hair masks

Make a practice of applying a nourishing and hydrating hair mask to your hair once a week. There’s nothing better than natural ingredients when it comes to repairing your locks. Also, they tend to restore the health of the damaged strands quicker and enhance the texture of your hair as well. But, if going through the cupboards looking for ingredients to make a DIY mask sounds like too much work, then you can opt for natural ingredients enriched hair mask as well. 

Honestly, a few of the best hair masks that I’ve tried and have been really pleased with are from WOW Skin Science. I prefer applying these smooth and hydrating hair masks at night before I hit the sack. They’ve managed to replenish my locks and keep them smooth as well. 

wow hair masks, wow hair care, buywow

Rice water rinse

Inositol present in rice water penetrates your hair shaft deeply and significantly improves the overall health of your mane. The surface friction of your locks is considerably reduced with rice water which is also quite effective in enhancing the elasticity of your locks. 

Using essential oils for scalp cleansing

Essential oils are an apt natural remedy that can help you keep your scalp cleansed and refreshed. Rosemary oil is one such product that is known to unclog stubborn pores and stimulate the growth of your locks. Also, peppermint oil infused with antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties can soothe your scalp and keep it hydrated. Go ahead and try other soothing concoctions with different aromas and notice all the changes they bring to your bleached hair. 

Restrict swimming

Chlorine present in the swimming pool water can react with your hair color and significantly affect its shade. Moreover, it might aggravate irritation and itching of your scalp as well. 

Keep your locks protected from the sun

Being out under the harsh rays of the sun, exposed to the UV rays can have a detrimental effect on your freshly bleached hair. Avoid going out in the sun and if necessary, be sure to keep your locks shaded when going out. Also, look for hair care products infused with ingredients that can fight against harmful UV rays. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is conditioner bad for bleached hair?

    No, using a conditioner, especially a leave-in treatment, can effectively help to restore the softness and smoothness of your locks.

    Can You Bleach Freshly Washed Hair?

    Yes, freshly washed hair can be bleached. 

    Does coconut oil help bleached hair?

    Yes, coconut oil is good for bleached and blond hair and works well to restore natural health. 


    Whether you’re thinking of going blond or planning to re-do your bleached strands, this quick guide has got you all covered with tips and recommendations to maintain your new look without compromising the health of your locks. 

    Be patient and let your hair get back to its original shape by following a planned hair care routine. 

    Keep your bleached hair blond, sleek and stylish with care and love as they’re worth all the effort.

    Geetika Kapoor

    Deeply passionate about writing, I’m a freelancer and have been working on several writing projects for several domains across the globe since last three years. I love reviewing different products ranging from skin care products, perfumes, body lotions, feminine products, hygiene items and several others. An English teacher by profession, I love interacting with kids and discovering different personalities as well. When I’m not writing I spend most of time reading novels, listening to songs, solving tricky puzzles and travelling around the world to my favourite destinations. Collen Hoover and Nicholas Sparks are my all time favourite authors. Their writing leaves a deep impact and stays with me for long.

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