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Which is the Best Oil for 4C Hair Growth and Thickness?

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Shefali Chautala

Looking for the best oil for 4C hair growth? Learn everything about taking care of your 4C hair and the best oils for its growth.

When we talk about hair types, most of the times we either talk about dry / normal / oily hair or straight / wavy / curly hair. Most other types must fall under these categories as well. 

Today, we’ll talk about a specific, and very interesting, if you ask me, type of hair, namely 4C hair type. 

With the tightest curl patterns, 4C hair is one of the most fragile hair types and is usually prone to dryness and damage. It means that 4C hair requires the utmost care and special products to ensure its health. So, if you have been looking for the best shampoos, conditioners, or the best oil for 4C hair, this article is for you. 

Table of Contents

  • What is the 4C hair type?
  • Which oil is best for 4C hair growth and thickness?
  • Haircare tips for 4C hair

What is the 4C hair type?

Typically, the most common hair types are considered to be: 1, 2, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, and 4c, with 1 being the straightest of straight hair and 4C type being the hair that is very coily and has the tightest curls.  

While straight and wavy hair are normally relatively easy to manage, dealing with curly hair is challenging for most. No matter how much love you have for your curls, it gets hard to manage them at times, especially if you have a 4C curl pattern. 

A 4C curl pattern is similar to type 4B; they are actually considered to be “twins”. However, what sets 4C hair apart from 4B hair is that the latter is more defined, while the former has little definition in its natural state. Type 4C hair is very coily, forming the tightest S and Z-shaped coils. 

4c hair type, 4c hair type growth

If you’re not sure about your hair type, do this simple test: take a strand of hair. If a one-inch part of it is stretched and it becomes about three inches long, you probably have 4C hair. 

Given the texture and coily structure of 4C hair, this type of hair is very vulnerable to damage. People with 4C hair usually feel the need to apply large quantities of hair styling products or use techniques like shingling, the praying-hands method, braiding, or twisting. These techniques and products help clump the strands together and make them manageable. 

I personally believe that 4C hair is amazing, if you take proper care of it, so, in my opinion, you should leave it as it is and just make sure your nourish and hydrate it well. Which leads us to the main question of this article: which is the best oil for 4C hair? Let’s find out!

Which oil is best for 4C hair growth and thickness?

Being prone to dryness, roughness, and damage, 4C hair needs all the nourishment it can get. So oiling your 4C hair before you wash it or style it is a good idea to prevent hair damage. However, you need to take special care to pick the best oil for 4c hair.

Now, there are countless options of hair oils available out there, so which one is the best oil for 4C hair? These are my recommendations:  

Castor Oil 

Castor Oil

Castor oil is considered to be an effective nourishing agent for curly hair in general. By helping restore the moisture that was stripped off by chemicals and heat styling tools, castor oil helps you to get the bounce back into your curls. By applying castor oil regularly on 4C hair, you’ll get to enjoy tresses that are no longer rough and dry, but tamed and gorgeous. 

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Styling 4C hair is not easy, and it requires a lot of combing and brushing. Because of the stubborn and fluffy nature of your 4C hair, you might also be trying hairstyles such as cornrows, bantu knots, etc. All these can leave your scalp irritated and inflamed. I love lavender oil because it helps soothe the scalp while nourishing the hair. It also smells amazing. Lavender oil helps improve blood circulation to your scalp, leading to better hair growth. As 4C hair is porous, a massage with lavender oil (properly diluted in a carrier oil) will help you retain moisture in your hair. It will also cleanse your scalp, helping remove buildup and product residues and giving you a fresh and clean feeling. 

Jojoba Oil 

One of the best oils for high-porosity hair, Jojoba oil is also one of the best oils for 4C hair. With the richness of vitamins B and C, and minerals like zinc and copper, this oil helps hydrate and nourish the curls. Jojoba oil is also known for promoting hair growth by deep-cleansing your scalp and unclogging the hair follicles. You can use jojoba oil on its own, or in combination with other hair oils, such as onion black seed oil or argan oil. 

onion black seed oil

Now that you know which are the best oils for 4C hair, let’s look at some other hair care tips for this amazing type of hair:

Haircare tips for 4C hair

  • Keep your hair moisturized at all times: Use hair care products that help retain moisture in your hair. 
  • Avoid overwashing your hair: Excessive use of shampoos may lead to excessive dryness and damage.  
  • Deep-condition your 4C hair: It will help you keep your hair bouncy and soft, and you can prevent hair tangling and hair knots. 
  • Detangle gently and regularly: 4C hair is very coily, and the coils tend to get entangled. Make it a habit to gently detangle your hair regularly to prevent hair breakage. 
  • Avoid over-styling: Using excessive heat or chemical hair products strips your hair of its natural oils and moisture, leaving it dry and prone to damage. 


Choose one of those best oils for 4c hair, and provide it with some adequate TLC. It might get tough to manage and take care of 4C hair, as it is one of the most vulnerable hair types. However, and I cannot stress this enough, if you learn to love your hair, trust me, it will love you back with some natural hair products and show it.

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Shefali Chautala

Shefali Chautala is a professional content creator, reviewer, and a lifelong learner who loves to write about stuff she finds interesting. Always curious to learn about new things, Shefali combines her curiosity and knowledge to create content that is valuable for the readers.
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