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Which is The Best Oil for Hair Growth?

4 mins

Akhila Jerripothula

Hair growth oils can help you achieve the gorgeous hair you've always dreamed of. We look to Mother Nature to discover the best oils for hair growth and health!

Let’s face it, it would be nice if your hair could grow at the snap of your fingers. No matter how much you hope, what can you do about it? What if there were products in existence that can help you achieve the gorgeous hair you have always dreamed of? We look to mother nature to source the best natural botanicals for your hair needs! 

Miracle Ingredients – The Best Oils for Hair Growth

In the past century, our society has relied heavily on creating products that make life more convenient. The irony lies in these modern products that are looking to mimic and exaggerate the ingredients found in nature. The good news is that brands are stepping towards vegan formulas that feature plant-powered active ingredients. Science has led us back to ingredients that have been in existence since the dawn of time. Looking for the best oil for hair growth? These time-tested essential oils will do wonders for your hair growth journey:

  • Castor Essential Oil - This multitasking miracle has been used to aid in hair growth, thanks to its ability to lock in moisture while promoting a clean and healthy scalp.  Originating from the castor bean, this East African plant creates an essential oil that is usually clear or pale yellow unless derived through roasting or boiling, known as black castor essential oil. The high concentration of antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids allow for complete nourishment of the strands. The secret to its hair growth power is in the ricinoleic acid content, which is an anti-inflammatory. Hair growth is best achieved when the scalp is in a healthy state to allow for growth. Castor essential oil can calm irritated and inflamed roots to ensure that they will be in a healthier state to encourage growth.
  • Lavender Essential Oil - Derived from the lavender flower, this essential oil is unique for promoting hair growth with its antibacterial properties. Its soothing effects help calm irritated hair follicles to promote an environment for healthy hair growth.  
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil - What lemongrass essential oil brings to the game is the ability to fight dandruff. As a natural astringent, it is not only a tasty flavor additive to many Southeast Asian dishes, but a valuable asset to strengthen follicles when combating dandruff. By fighting flakes with this cleansing nutrient, you will cultivate a strong, healthy root system for new growth to occur.  
  • Thyme Essential Oil - Yet another food-related essential oil, thyme is much more than an aromatic used for roasting delicious chicken. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, which aids in reducing scalp related issues. If it hasn’t sunk in yet, here’s your reminder - healthy hair growth is heavily dependent on a healthy scalp!
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil - What makes tea tree essential oil stand out against the others is its powerful mix of cleansing, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties, which aid in creating the best possible environment for your roots to thrive in. Tea tree is a popular ingredient to help fight dandruff. It is a true multitasking must-have to help heal and restore a damaged scalp.    
  • Rosemary Essential Oil - Just like tea tree oil, rosemary oil is a must-have for hair growth. Rosemary essential oil has a uniquely high concentration of anti-inflammatory properties that nourish hair follicles to soothe scalp irritation, making this essential oil truly beneficial to aiding in hair growth. 
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - The magic of this flowery essential oil is its ability to help stimulate sebum production. Ylang ylang can help correct and promote the correct balance of sebum production, making for just the right amount of oil for strong, nourished hair. Additionally, its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties make ylang-ylang essential oil a powerful healer to help fight pesky irritants and repair your scalp to promote healthy hair growth.  
  • Olive Oil - Olive Oil, one of the best oils for hair growth, needs no introduction. When applied topically, it provides just as much benefit as it does when consumed. This super fatty oil provides much-needed moisture, which helps repair the damage in dry, brittle locks to support healthy hair growth.   
  • Jojoba Oil - The oil extracted from this shrub desert plant is nearly wax-like in texture. As an emollient, jojoba oil works to soothe skin and unclog hair follicles, which works to encourage hair regrowth. Restoring the scalp allows for the healthiest locks to grow once again.  
  • Moroccan Argan Oil - A highly sought after oil for hair care, Moroccan argan oil is the epitome of nourishing hair boosters. The vitamin-rich formula helps restore elasticity and strength to damaged strands. Touted for thousands of years for its precious properties, argan oil helps heal hair follicles so that new healthy hair growth is sure to follow.  
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - The benefits go beyond flavoring your favorite gum, the refreshing qualities you love work wonders for boosting healthy hair growth. Peppermint essential oil works to stimulate the scalp by increasing blood circulation. The high dosage of menthol in this minty essential oil helps increase blood flow, sending more nutrients to the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

Combining the Best Oils for Hair Growth

When looking for oils to provide hair growth assistance, you can mix and match your own oil cocktail to use as a hair treatment. With so many options on the market, you can trust in natural beauty products from WOW Skin Science to do the legwork for you. Their paraben-free Hair Growth Oil contains a curated mix of the highly effective ingredients listed above, along with more hair boosters for any easy hot oil hair treatment! WOW Skin Science’s Onion Black Seed Hair Oil also packs a powerful punch to bring silkiness and strength, also taking advantage of the jojoba and olive oils we mentioned above, in addition to almond oil, castor oil, and coconut oil!

While this list of oils you could use is long, it goes to show how many natural nourishing ingredients there are to help promote hair growth. The key to understanding what products to seek is genuinely understanding what each of these hair growth oils does and what it brings to the table. 

A Word to the Wise

You may think you know the best for your hair, but if your scalp isn’t used to such potent ingredients as essential oils, or if you don’t use them sparingly, it can cause some unsightly reactions. Allergies can occur, so be sure to conduct a patch test before including in your beauty regimen. If you are concerned with possible reactions or have known skin sensitivities, be sure to consult your physician for advice. 

Some Final Thoughts

It’s exciting that these time-tested ingredients have become even more pure and accessible recently, although many have been used in hair care for centuries. Despite our modern world, there are still many things from the old ways which still resonate with how we approach hair care today.  

If you can, the natural approach will give you the results you're looking for, as evidenced by the history of these elements and usage from several countries. Mother nature’s creations are abundant. Using this to your advantage can give you the tools to reach your hair goals. Good luck! 

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