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Why Are My Fingers Peeling?

3 mins

Himani Bose

Peeling skin can be alarming, but is often harmless. Keep reading to find out why are your fingers peeling and how to stop it.

The sight of peeling skin can be alarming. However, you shouldn’t panic just yet. Peeling fingertips is not a rare phenomenon, but that does not mean it is desirable. 

If you experience peeling fingers, then you should work to pinpoint the cause and address the root issue. Once you target the likely reason for your peeling fingers, find a powerful skincare product that helps to repair and prevent peeling skin so you can leave the issue in the past.

Table of contents:

  • What Causes Peeling Fingertips?
  • Dry Skin
  • Harsh Skincare Products
  • Excessive Handwashing
  • Environmental Factors
  • Sunburn
  • Underlying Conditions
  • How To Treat Peeling Fingers
  • Moisturize
  • Use Gentle Products
  • Nurture Your Hands

    What Causes Peeling Fingertips?

    Your fingers can start to peel for a variety of reasons, which can make it hard to determine what is causing the issue for you. However, paying attention to the factors affecting your skin can help you address the issue more effectively. The following are some of the most prevalent causes of peeling fingertips.

    • Dry Skin

    Dehydrated skin is often the biggest reason for peeling skin. When the skin is stripped of moisture, it starts to lose its elasticity and has a hard time maintaining essential nutrients.

    Dry skin is also noticeable through several other factors. If you experience itching, cracking, or red, ashy skin, then it is likely missing out on vital moisture, highlighting the need for an effective, hydrating moisturizer.

    how to treat dry skin on fingers
    • Harsh Skincare Products

    You choose your skincare products with the best of intentions, hoping to find products with ingredients that will offer benefits for your skin. Unfortunately, many skincare products are full of filler products that make them appear pleasant without actually helping your skin. Some of the ingredients that can aggravate peeling skin are parabens, sulfates, fragrances, and preservatives like formaldehyde.

    When looking for skincare products that are free from harsh chemicals, you should explore the wide selection of natural products at WOW Skin Science, which are 100% vegan, paraben and sulfate-free.

    • Excessive Handwashing

    Obviously, you should wash your hands. Handwashing plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of germs and avoiding disease. However, washing your hands strips your skin of its natural oils. When you wash your hands too often, your skin does not have the opportunity to regenerate the oils and maintain moisture, leaving it dry enough to start peeling.

    washing hands

    Certainly, do not avoid washing your hands, but you should take extra steps to moisturize after you do. If you have a job where you need to wash your hands frequently, like in a kitchen, then you should use a powerful moisturizer to prevent dryness, like WOW’s Skin Revive Nectar Moisturizer Lotion.

    • Environmental Factors

    When it comes to skin care, sometimes the harshest factors are the ones that you have no control over. Environmental factors, like weather, can be tough on your skin by drying it out and leading to flaking or peeling. Extremely cold and extremely hot weather are two of the biggest contributors to dry skin, so you should take extra precautions during the summer and winter. Living in a dry climate also means you should pay extra attention to the health of your skin to prevent dryness.

    Products that you use to protect yourself from your environment can also play a role. For example, bug sprays and sunscreens have the potential to irritate your skin and cause peeling.

    environmental factors and dry skin
    • Sunburn

    Sunburn is actually one of the most common causes of peeling skin all over the body. If you have spent too much time in the sun, then you may notice that your skin is excessively red or warm to the touch. Any time you plan to spend extended time in the sun, you should apply sunscreen with an SPF, or sun protection factor, of at least 30.

    If you already have sunburn, then you should use a product that will soothe the skin. WOW’s’s Aloe Vera Body Lotion is an excellent choice for soothing the burn and promoting a smoother healing process.

    • Underlying Conditions

    There are a variety of underlying conditions that can lead to dry or peeling skin. Some examples include:

    • Allergies
    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
    • Vitamin deficiency

    If you have a skin condition, then it is even more important to choose products that will be gentle on your skin and avoid irritating the issue further. To soothe your skin conditions, consider using a vitamin-rich, anti-inflammatory product like WOW’s Vitamin E Body Butter.

    moisturizing body butter

    How To Treat Peeling Fingers

    Although there is a wide variety of causes of peeling fingers, there are a few simple ways to protect your skin. By being mindful of your skincare routine and incorporating the right products, you can make a big difference. Take care of your peeling fingers by taking the following steps.

    • Moisturize

    Since one of the biggest causes of peeling fingers is dry skin, moisturizing is an important way to help address peeling altogether. The right moisturizer can help hydrate your skin and repair damage.

    Adding an effective moisturizer into your skincare routine can also help prevent peeling fingers altogether so that you do not have to worry about addressing peeling fingers in the future.

    WOW’s Shea & Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Lotion offers 24-hour moisturizing power to provide deep hydration for your skin. Its formula includes shea and cocoa butter to give your skin a strong dose of essential fatty acids and restore elasticity with their hydrating powers. The addition of almond oil makes this moisturizer rich in essential vitamins to help your skin retain moisture.

    shea butter, cocoa moisturizing lotion
    • Use Gentle Products

    Since harmful chemicals play such a large role in drying out your skin, you should aim to use gentle, natural products whenever possible.

    Fortunately, WOW has a long list of gentle products that support the hydration and health of your skin. For example, WOW’s Himalayan Rose Body Butter is full of gentle ingredients that will soothe and hydrate your skin. Complete with rose water, rose essential oil, and aloe vera, this all-natural body butter works to repair damage and restore the overall health of your skin.

    • Nurture Your Hands

    Peeling skin is avoidable. By treating your skin with the proper nutrients and keeping a careful routine, you can keep your fingers from peeling and avoid stress. The most vital part of a good skin care routine is using the right products. For your peace of mind, choose your skincare products from WOW Skin Science.

    nurture hands

    WOW’s skincare products are formulated with 100% all-natural, plant-based ingredients, allowing you to truly nourish your skin. From soaps to moisturizers, WOW has a wide range of products to keep your skin in its best condition. Browse our complete collection of skincare products to see how you can transform your skincare routine.

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    Himani Bose

    Himani is a beauty blogger and self-professed skincare connoisseur with over four years of experience in writing in the beauty industry. She has worked closely with beauty experts, dermatologists, hairstylists, and makeup artists for bringing all things best in beauty to her readers.

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    Himani Bose

    Himani is a beauty blogger and self-professed skincare connoisseur with over four years of experience in writing in the beauty industry. She has worked closely with beauty experts, dermatologists, hairstylists, and makeup artists for bringing all things best in beauty to her readers.
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