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Why Are My Hands So Dry Even When I Moisturize?


Our hands are the most exposed parts of our bodies, even though we may not be aware of this. From detergents to soaps to dirt and sun rays, our hands see them all. 

Sometimes, in a single day. Washing the hands repeatedly helps prevent nail infections and fungi, but the skin does not benefit from it.

Applying hand lotion after every hand wash usually does the trick. However, there are times when the hands are still dry, no matter how much we moisturize. 

Determining what causes the hands to be so dry is the first step towards treatment. Next, we need to find the best remedy and hand skincare.

Table of Contents:

  • Why are my hands so dry even when I moisturize?
  • Best remedies to heal dry hands
  • 5 steps to treat dry hands
  • Use gentle soaps
  • Use mild scrubs
  • Apply a hand mask
  • Use hand lotions or body butter
  • Use gloves

Why are my hands so dry even when I moisturize?

There are multiple causes as to why the skin remains dry even after applying lotion. The most common one is the use of harsh soaps.

Because our hands are in contact with foreign objects, we feel the need to sanitize them all the time. Yet, the harsher the soap, the more vulnerable the hand skin will become.

The skin is the protective layer of our body against viruses. Powerful detergents cause the skin to break and allow bacteria to penetrate the body.

Exposing the hands to extreme weather conditions is another reason why men and women suffer from dry hands. 

dry, cracked hands

Cold weather can be very dangerous for extremities; mountain climbers and inhabitants of polar areas always wear gloves to avoid frostbites. 

In the summertime, sunscreen protection is adamant; otherwise, the skin will get rougher and dryer with each exposure to high temperatures.

There are several medical conditions as to why the hands are so dry even when we moisturize. Eczema or atopic dermatitis is an affection causing red, itchy, and flaky skin. We often see this type of affection on the face, but eczema can affect all body areas.

If your dry and cracked hands don’t respond to any lotion or cream, it may be that you are, in fact, suffering from eczema. In this case, you have to invest in products that are specific for atopic dermatitis.

Best remedies to heal dry hands

Regardless of the cause, moisturizing is essential for the treatment of dry hands. The options are limitless. 

Yet, it is better to invest in organic products. These are gentle for the skin and help restore the natural balance of the epidermis.

Hand lotions work great after every hand wash because they have a light, non-greasy formula. Hands stay hydrated, and they don’t feel dirty or sweaty. This is desirable, especially during work hours when we need to use the computer or the pen without getting grease all over the place.

hand cream

The heavy arsenal is body butter. With a heavy and, sometimes, greasy formula, this product is recommended during rest hours because it stays longer on the skin. 

Since you cannot reapply the hand lotion at night, it is better to use body butter before you go to bed and to let it soak into the skin.

If you suffer from eczema, body lotions and butter will alleviate some of the symptoms. However, moisturizers are not enough; you need to apply medicated hand creams that have the power to treat the rash.

5 steps to treat dry hands

Use gentle soaps

You must use natural soaps if you suffer from severe dry skin. These soaps do not contain detergents or other chemical agents that may damage the skin. 

They don’t make much foam, and they are easily rinsed. You should look for organic soaps with olive or argan oil because you also need to moisturize your skin while you cleanse it.

Use mild scrubs

Sometimes the rough skin on our hands is caused by the over-layering of dead skin cells. You need to remove these particles to help the skin receive more moisturizer. 

Make sure the scrubs you use are mild and that they contain natural oils which leave the skin moist after application. 

For an inexpensive treatment, you can use cornflower or coffee grounds.

Apply a hand mask

If you are like most of us, you probably wash your hands and apply hand lotion before you go to bed, but that is not enough!

Hand skin, like facial skin, needs a deep moisturizing mask at least once a week because they are equally exposed to external factors.

There are several options here: you can either buy a store mask, or you can create your own. 

Honey and lemon is my favorite DIY hand mask, but I also like mixing equal amounts of argan and coconut oil

The latter mixture can be left on the skin overnight for better results.

Use hand lotions or body butter

Unlike face skin which can be dry, normal, or greasy, hand skin is prone to dryness due to constant exposure to external factors. 

Lotions and body butter are universally accepted when it comes to dry hands, the only rule being the more moisturizing, the better.

Use gloves

No matter how much lotion we apply, sometimes it is just not enough, especially if you do a lot of house cleaning and dishwashing. 

It is important to wear gloves during all chores to protect the skin from any detergents. Make sure the gloves are powder-free, as powdered latex is harsher for the skin.

Applying hand lotion is not always enough to stop your hand skin from being so dry. If you use organic products and follow the above-mentioned steps, your hands will be smooth again. 

WOW skin moisturizers are packed with natural ingredients, and they also have a wide variety of essential oils. Check out the link and see what product best suits your skin problems.

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