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Why Do My Nails Peel: Home Remedies For Healthy Nails

3 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Thinking ‘why do my nails peel and are so brittle?’ Discover the causes behind this and check the remedies that can get your nails back to perfection.

I’ve always been a big fan of different shades of nail polishes and love trying out different nail art designs at the salon. 

But peeling and brittle nails are one concern that can make it a bit difficult to flaunt your nails and experiment with all the trends going around. 

Learn all about the causes behind your peeling nails and some of the easiest and best home remedies that can help you strengthen your nails and get that shine back on them.  

Table Of Contents:

  • Causes Of Peeling Nails
  • Excessive washing of nails or moisture
  • Aging
  • Deficiency of iron
  • Lack of moisture due to humidity
  • Underactive thyroid
  • Dehydration
  • Kidney disease
  • Home Remedies For Healthy Nails

Causes Of Peeling Nails

You might have heard that your nails can be a significant indicator of your body’s general health. So, if you've been wondering what’s causing your nails to constantly peel even after you’ve been getting regular manicures at the salon, then understand that it could be due to some other underlying factor.

why are my nails peeling

Check out some of the most common causes of peeling and brittle nails:

Excessive washing of nails or moisture

Too much washing of your hands with water or using moisturizer more than necessary can cause dry nails, which can easily be peeled. 


With growing age, the health of your nails starts declining. While your toenails might become harder with age, fingernails tend to get weaker and brittle. Research also suggests that blood circulation to our nails tends to suffer as we age.

aging, aging skin

Deficiency of iron

Weak nails can also be caused by the underlying health condition of anemia that occurs due to a deficiency of iron in our body. Anemia makes your nails appear concave and also leads to a slow growth process. 

Lack of moisture due to humidity

Spending too much out in hot and humid weather conditions can strip your nails of the essential amount of moisture, making them easily peelable, dry, and weak. 

Underactive thyroid

This health condition is often associated with hormonal imbalance that can cause several issues such as hair loss, weight changes, fatigue, dry hair and nails, constipation, and depression. 


Lack of drinking water and non-caffeinated drinks can also be a reason behind your peeled nails. 

Kidney disease

As per a study conducted in 2015, severe kidney disease may cause discoloration of the upper half of your nails and peel as well. 

Apart from these, according to cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, peeling of nail polish, nail disruption caused by trauma, filing the nails too much, and too much application of fake nails or acrylic are some other factors that can weaken your nails and lead to peeling. 

Home Remedies For Healthy Nails

healthy nails

Now that you’re fully aware of all that might be behind your peeling nails, here are some simple home remedies and fixes that can help you get your nails back in shape and healthy:

Eat a balanced diet

Ensure that your diet is enriched with essential nutrients, iron, and biotin-rich food items such as spinach, legumes, avocado, red meat, and cauliflower. A minimum intake of 18mg iron is recommended daily. All these food items will ensure that your nails stay healthy, strong, and free from peeling. Also, they will keep you energized and fresh all day long.

Moisturize your nails with a smooth moisturizer

Opt for a nourishing and smooth moisturizer and apply it twice a day to keep your nails strong, healthy, and free from dryness. 

Apply a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice

Applying a mixture of Vitamin C enriched lemon juice with an all-natural olive oil twice a week. The mixture can be left overnight as well for quicker results. 

Try out castor oil

As per Dr. Sheel Desai Solomon, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Preston Dermatology and Skin Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina, regular application of castor oil on your nails can soften your cuticles and minimize dryness and peeling of your nails. Hydrate your nails well twice a day with this anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil. 

castor oil, wow hair oil

Aromatic essential oils

A natural therapeutic essential oil infused with powerful ingredients can alleviate several health-related issues and skin concerns. Some of these wonderful products work exceptionally well to keep your nails hydrated and moisturized. 

Lavender essential oil is one such excellent choice when it comes to moisturizing your dry and ragged nails. Also, tea tress oil infused with anti-bacterial and antifungal properties provides protection from fungal infections and repairs damaged nails. Make your own choice of essential oil based on your preferences and let them work their magic on your nails. 

Sea salt

Loaded with essential minerals, sea salt works exceptionally well to soften your nails, add shine to them, and provide strength to keep them well hydrated. Mix the ingredient well with the essential oil of your preference, such as lemon or frankincense, and soak your nails for at least 10-15 in this mixture. Rinse your hands with warm water and let them dry. 

Apple cider vinegar

This ingredient which is a part of almost all of our kitchen cabinets, is packed with essential nutrients necessary for providing strength to your nails. Also, its antiseptic and antifungal properties work well to keep infection at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vitamins do I need if my nails are peeling?

Biotin, a water-soluble version of Vitamin B7 is beneficial and required for keeping your nails, hair, and skin well maintained and taken care of. 


What deficiency causes skin peeling?

Mild iron deficiency in your body is often found to be the cause of peeling and weak nails.

What causes your fingernails to split?

Physical stress, wear and tear, nutrient deficiency, and iron deficiency are some factors that might be causing your fingernails to split. 


Our fingernails are often the first thing that gets noticed while we make our first impression on others and aren’t something we wish to mess up. 

Maintaining the health of your nails and keeping them healthy, strong, and beautiful might feel like a big task at times, but it isn’t. 

A well-balanced diet along with some easy and simple home remedies can do the work for you and help you get those salon-worthy nails with minimal effort. 

Turn your game plan and get your nails out of that weakened state of mess with some simple fixes and recommended remedies.

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