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Why Does My Hair Fall Out in the Shower?

3 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Wondering 'Why Is My Hair Falling Out in Clumps in Shower'? In most cases, there is either a simple answer or a simple solution. Read on to find out more!

After I delivered my first baby, I was terrified all my hair was falling out in the shower. It came out in giant clumps in my hand, clogging my drain and my hairbrush. It took nerves of steel not to freak out, and it took my investigative skills to deep dive into what was happening. I found that, in most cases, as in mine, hair falling out in the shower is normal. Because it is both dead and constantly regenerating, like our surface skin cells, hair is continuously falling out to be replaced by newer, fresher locks. It is, however, still scary when you see clumps of hair in the shower drain. No one wants to deal with thinning hair, especially if your hair is already fine. If you know me, you know I had to do my research and figure out what I could do to remedy this situation.  

Table of Contents:  

  • Why Is My Hair Falling Out in the Shower? 
  • Can I Stop My Hair From Falling Out in the Shower? 
  • How to Promote Healthy Hair Growth 
  • Oils, Conditioners, and Brushes 

Why Is My Hair Falling Out in the Shower? 

No one on earth is immune to having hair fall out in the shower. It is a normal part of life. On average, humans lose 50 to 100 strands a day. You typically lose hair in the shower, during a shampoo, because you are stimulating hair that is ready to fall out. You shake it loose. There is no keeping those 50 to 100 strands and, worry not, they are being replaced even as you shake them loose. There are, however, times to worry about hair loss. Like with any health issue, it is imperative to pay attention to any sudden change. When you are pregnant, you grow extra hair as a natural part of hormonal changes. After you have the baby, your hormones change again, and you lose all that extra hair, essentially taking you back to your prebaby hair status. Below are the other top 5 reasons for hair loss.  

1. It Is Normal! 
Yes. The number one reason for hair loss is simply the human condition. In most cases, you are experiencing the art of being normal.  

2. Stress 
You had to know this was coming, right? How many times have you heard the expression “I’m pulling my hair out?” In the last decade, stress among women has skyrocketed, jumping even higher than prior, already high, numbers. According to reports, over 50% of women have reported elevated stress levels in the last ten years. Stress is one of the highest factors in hair loss. So, if you find yourself stressing out, get help. Your hair, and the rest of your body, will thank you. 

3. Hormonal Imbalance 
Just like with pregnancy, any change in hormones can lead to hair loss. It is usually temporary. Whether it is puberty, heading into early womanhood, or menopause, or anything in between, hormones play a role in the state of your hair.  

4. Poor Nutrition 
Listen, I’m not one to criticize any woman who wants to watch her weight and care for her body, but many diets on the market today promote an unhealthy lifestyle to go along with that promised weight loss. Any diet or lifestyle that has you skimping on your essential nutrients can directly cause your hair to fall out. I don’t think anyone wants to be skinny at the risk of being bald.  

5. Serious Illness 
If your hair loss is accompanied by an illness, check with your doctor. Severe and sudden hair loss is not normal, and it may be the effect of an underlying condition you need medical help to remedy. Above all else, your health matters.  

Can I Stop My Hair From Falling Out in the Shower? 

No. And stop worrying about it! Your hair is going to fall out. It is supposed to fall out. Let it happen. What you can do is remember not to shampoo your hair more than a couple of times a week. Your hair needs its natural oils to stay healthy, and you don’t want to wash those away.  

How to Promote Healthy Hair Growth 

Instead of worrying about your hair falling out in the shower or with each shampoo, focus on what you can be doing to promote healthy hair growth. By now, you probably have a sense of what to do.  

  • Manage your stress;
  • Maintain a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients; 
  • Check with your doctor if you are feeling unwell in addition to sudden and severe hair loss; 
  • Only use hair products that care for your hair.

Over styling your hair or applying products full of chemicals and toxins can dry out your hair quickly, thereby causing it to fall out more rapidly. Stick to all-natural, vegan ingredients that “feed” your hair from the outside.  

Oils, Conditioners, and Brushes, Oh My! 

Tons of products are available to help you treat your hair with love from the outside, promoting strong, healthy hair growth so you can worry less about your hair falling out with each shampoo. Check out the links below to see what might work for you. 

Hair Oils 

Castor oil image, wow castor oil

Remember what I said about your hair’s natural oils? Well, you can aid those natural oils by sealing them in with hair oils. From castor to black seed, to a 10 in 1, you have a range of products to explore at the link above. 

Massage Brush 

Scalp massager

Get the benefits of a relaxing scalp massage and the opportunity to encourage new hair growth with a massage brush. Check it out above. 

Shampoo and Conditioner Sets 

ACV shampoo + conditioner

When you do wash and condition your hair, make sure you use products that care for your hair and scalp. Click the link above to browse some options.  

Haircare is one of the ultimate acts of self-care. Strong, healthy hair makes you feel like a million bucks, so do not worry about it falling out in the shower, just be sure to care for it as best you can.

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