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Why is My Hair Not Growing Anymore? How to Fix Stunted Hair Growth


Do you feel that your hair stops growing after a certain point? Well, you are not alone. Many people feel that, after reaching a certain length, their hair simply stops growing. Why does it happen? What does it mean? Fret not! I’m here to answer your ‘why is my hair not growing’ query and tell you about all the reasons behind it. So keep on reading!

Table of Contents

  • At what age does hair stop growing?
  • Why does my hair only grow to a certain length?
  • What can be done if your hair isn't growing?
  • The bottom line

At what age does hair stop growing?

As a matter of fact, the hair doesn’t stop growing at a certain age. Let me take you through the hair growth cycle to answer this question better, namely the anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen phases of hair growth:

  • The anagen, known as the growth phase, is the phase in which the cells in our follicle are rapidly dividing, so our hair grows at its normal rate. This phase can last for about 2-7 years.

  • The catagen, known as the transition phase, is the phase in which the hair growth slows, as the hairs are cut off from the blood supply. This phase lasts for about 2-4 weeks and roughly 3% of our hair is in this phase at any given time.  

  • The telogen, known as the resting phase, is the stage in which the hair stops growing, although the hairs are still attached to the hair follicles. At any given moment, about 10-15% of our hair is in telogen phase. 

  • The exogen phase, also known as the shedding phase, is when the hairs are released from the hair follicle and they fall out. We could call this a hair loss phase.

Although hair continues to go through these phases even as we age, the length of each phase may change, influencing how fast your hair is growing. 

Why does my hair only grow to a certain length?

Your friend may have long hair that reached way below the shoulder length in a relatively short period of time, while your hair is stuck above your shoulder. It’s not a joy, but it’s (probably) nothing to worry about either. Here are the reasons why you may experience slow or stunted hair growth:


Your genes play a significant role in determining how fast your hair grows. 

Split ends

Your hair might grow normally from the roots, but if it breaks at the ends, it may feel like you’re experiencing slow or stunted hair growth. 

Old age & Stress

Hair grows faster from age 15-30 and slower from age 40-50. The growth phase may become shorter and some hair follicles may stop functioning altogether as you grow older, so some people experience hair loss sooner than others. Hair styling and stress may contribute to these changes, so be gentle with your hair and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


There are two major types of damage that can affect hair growth and even cause hair loss: physical and chemical. Physical damage includes aggressive combing, shampooing, certain hairstyles (tight ponytails/braids), and heat usage. Chemical damage includes permanent coloring and bleaching. Both can be avoided by careful hair care.


Your diet is so important when it comes to hair growth and hair loss; the right nutrients are the basis of a good hair care routine. If you have a poor diet, it will show on your hair. Make sure to drink enough water and incorporate green leafy vegetables and protein into your diet.

What can be done if your hair isn't growing?

There are a few things that you can do to stimulate hair growth. 

Best products for hair growth

Not all products are suitable for your hair, so don’t just go and pick products based on fragrance or looks, instead pick them up based on your hair’s type and needs. Choose products with natural ingredients that are beneficial for hair growth. Here are some of my recommendations to build a hair care routine from scratch:

  • Apply hair masks once a week for that deep conditioning effect.

  • Use a scalp massager when you shampoo your hair to stimulate hair growth.

Keep your hair hydrated

If you have dry hair, introduce your hair to the world of leave-in conditioners and let the magic happen! Leave-in conditioners are great for all hair types, and they can be used as heat protectants as well.

Get trims frequently

If you don’t get trims often, you will experience split ends, and we all know they are the worst enemy for hair growth. It is advisable to get a haircut once every three months to avoid split ends.

Protect your hair while you sleep

Here’s what I do to my hair when I sleep: I apply a treatment (leave-in conditioner/serum) on the lengths of my hair only. I then take a silk scrunchie and put my hair in a loose bun, then hide it under a satin bonnet. Silk and satin bonnets are used to prevent split ends, friction, tangles, hair breakage and hair loss. I, for one, have definitely seen a massive scalp and hair improvement so far!

The bottom line

Hopefully, now that you know the possible reasons as to why hair only grows to a certain length, you can figure out the solutions as well. Although age and genes aren’t something you can work on, you can take care of your diet and reduce the amount of hair damage and split ends by using the right products for your hair. Cheers to healthy hair!

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