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Why is My Hair so Static and How Can I Fix It?

3 mins

Nora Simion

We’ll make an attempt to answer the well-known question ‘why is my hair so static?’ and discuss about the best practices to prevent it.

Our physics lessons have taught us that our bodies get electrically charged when in contact with different objects through friction. What the lessons did not say (or did they, and I wasn’t paying attention?) was how to release static electricity once it’s there. So I’m setting out to discover the answer to ‘why is my hair so static and what I can do to tame it?’ 

Table of Contents: 

  • What is static hair
  • Main causes of static hair
  • Best ways to get rid of static hair
  • Static hair prevention

What is static hair

There is no exact definition for static hair, yet we’ve all learned the meaning of the term through our own experience. It is what our hair looks like when we rub a plastic bag to it for a couple of seconds, that is, frizzy, sticky, and full of flyaways. While running the hand through the hair is often enough to calm the flyaways after this experiment, static hair is, unfortunately, not a temporary look, but a condition of very dry hair and it requires extra care to tame it down completely.   

static hair

Main causes of static hair

Static electricity appears when repeated friction between two objects is suddenly interrupted. Now, you might think that nothing is rubbing against your hair, but you are mistaken. The simple fact of placing your head on a pillow, not to mention the tossing and turning we often go through before falling asleep, is considered friction. This is why on some mornings your hair is electrically charged and it keeps sticking to your face. The same happens when we use a plastic brush to style our hair, instead of one made out of natural materials.

Getting static hair after a tough night is just one example. Sometimes, our hair is constantly subjected to friction, depending on the clothes we wear. In the wintertime, we wear hats and scarves to keep ourselves warm, but these are in constant contact with our hair, causing the two objects to rub against each other and to get electrically charged. When we take the hat off, we get electrified spikey hair.

Don’t assume winter is the worst season for hair just yet. Summer isn’t any better, either. Keeping the air conditioner on for just a couple of hours is enough to de-hydrate the air in our homes and, subsequently, our skin and hair. Coupled with the exposure to UVA-UVB rays and salty water, it is the perfect recipe for frizzy hair.

Main causes of static hair

As a conclusion as to why is my hair so static, I’d say my hair gets electrically charged when it’s dry because of extreme weather conditions. Moreover, some day by day activities, such as styling my hair or wearing a head accessory, can also cause flyaways in my hair.

Best ways to get rid of static hair

Clearly enough, you can’t adopt a completely plastic-free life or sleep while standing, but there are some ways you can tame frizzy hair. For instance, instead of using sheets and pillowcases made out of unnatural fibers, switch to silk, satin, or cotton bed sheets. This way your hair will be smooth and you will prevent split ends and frizz.  

The same is valid for hats and scarves. Yes, we all love wool sweaters and hats because they are cozy and they are perfect for the wintertime, but the inside of the beanie should be silky, too. If you can’t find such a hat, I suggest you simply use the hood of your duffle coat as protection. I have switched from hats to hoods several years ago and my hair is a lot smoother now in the wintertime.

Best ways to get rid of static hair

I also let my hair air dry every once in a while, to reduce heat damage caused by the blow dryer. If this is not possible for you, you can set the blow dryer on cold air to smooth flyaways. A more expensive solution would be to invest in an ionic hairdryer. Unlike regular blow dryers, which dehydrate the hair and leave it frizzy and static, an ionic hair dryer has a negative charge that helps your hair remain smooth and frizz-free.

Static hair prevention

As always, it is better to prevent static hair than to treat it. The underlying cause of static hair is dryness. Whether it is the weather or the bed we sleep in, it is the fact that the hair is getting too dry and too brittle that causes this particular hair woe.

Hence, it is very important to do everything in your power to keep the hair moisturized at all times and seasons. Hair oils, especially argan oil, are great heat protectors and they do a wonderful job at locking moisture inside the hair strands. 

If you prefer a lighter texture, you can choose a leave-in conditioner instead. 

Either way, these products should always be used along a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, for best results.

There is no such thing as too much moisture when it comes to static hair. So, if you know your hair tends to get frizzy, use an overnight mask, such as a Moroccan argan oil mask, to tame those flyaways. 

Moroccan argan oil mask

Also, it would be really helpful to get regular trims before and after the two rough seasons as split ends get more electrically charged than the rest of the hair.


Stop asking yourself ‘why is my hair so static?’ It is normal to have flyaways, especially when external and internal factors eliminate moisture in our hair. The good news is that we have many means to fight it or prevent it. Using deep moisturizing hair shampoos and conditioners, hair oils, hair masks and leave-in conditioners will help restore smoothness to your locks. Also, using the proper hair accessories and replacing your regular blow dryer with an ionic version can make a huge difference. Small changes for big results! 

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Nora Simion

My two secret passions are hair styling and dogs. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to mix the two together and get my dog a cute looking hairstyle. Other times, I usually braid my hair or my friends' hair in an attempt to mimic the most recent Tik Tok trends. I love the no-makeup or the bed head look and I live for the relaxed, all bio fashion trends.

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Nora Simion

My two secret passions are hair styling and dogs. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to mix the two together and get my dog a cute looking hairstyle. Other times, I usually braid my hair or my friends' hair in an attempt to mimic the most recent Tik Tok trends. I love the no-makeup or the bed head look and I live for the relaxed, all bio fashion trends.
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