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Why Does My Hair Get So Tangled After Washing & How To Tame Knots?

4 mins

Andela Patrnogic

Do you often wonder ‘why is my hair so tangled after washing?’ Here are all the ways to keep your tresses tangle-free and ultra-smooth.

One thing that I’m constantly struggling with after each shampoo day is a tangled mess of knots and hair strands that take forever to sort through.

I’ve always been fond of long and silky hair but maintaining it has started taking a toll on me. The process of keeping my hair tangle-free is not just frustrating, but quite time-consuming and painful as well.

All of these struggles forced me to look into the reasons for tangled hair and how to minimize this hair concern. So, if you’re someone who can relate with me and are also keen to find out ways to keep your mane detangled, soft, and smooth, then hop into this article to get rid of your sufferings and end this hair chaos. 

Table of Contents:

  • Why is my hair so tangled: Reasons Behind Tangled Hair 
  • How To Detangle Your Hair
  • Opt For An Effective Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Add A Potent Hair Mask To Your Hair Care Regimen
  • Use A Detangling Brush
  • Rinse Your Locks With Cold Water
  • Is it better to detangle hair wet or dry?

Why is my hair so tangled: Reasons Behind Tangled Hair

why is my hair tangled, taming knots

Before going all aggressive on your hair and thinking of chopping it off, it’s always better to calm down and dig deep into all the reasons for tangled strands and messy knots. All in the effort to stop asking ourselves “why does my hair get so tangled.”

The biggest cause of hair tangles is open and damaged cuticles. Generally, the cuticles of smooth and tangle-free hair are closed and smooth. Now, there may be several factors that can lead to these cuticles opening up and getting damaged. Let’s have a look at the major ones. 

  • Excessive styling: Making use of heating tools such as a straightener, a curling rod, or a blow-dryer too often can lead to the elimination of an essential amount of moisture from your hair shaft and scalp, causing excess damage to your hair. Even too much exposure to the sun can have a similar effect on your hair.

  • Not brushing your hair properly: Not combing your hair on a daily basis can lead to the build-up of excess oil and sweat in your strands, causing damage to your hair. Also, it may create kinks in your mane, further increasing the intensity of knots and tangled mess.

  • Improper hair wash: It's really important to strike a balance and ensure that your hair is washed neither too much nor too little. Washing your tresses too often can strip them of their natural oils; on the other hand, washing infrequently can lead to excessive sweat and dirt build-up in the scalp. Also, make sure to opt for a mild shampoo that is suitable for all hair types and free from paraben and sulfate.

  • Lying down with wet hair: Our hair is extremely fragile and prone to breakage as well as tangles when wet. Going to bed and lying down with wet hair can cause severely rigid knots in your mane that can be too difficult to get rid of.

  • Hereditary: For instance, a health condition called Trichorrhexis nodosa, that could be genetically inherited, is characterized by nodes or weak points along your hair shaft, which causes your hair to break off easily. It can also lead to hair fall and tangled strands.

How To Detangle Your Hair

how to detangle your hair, healthy detangled hair

Opt For An Effective Shampoo and Conditioner

The most essential key to resolving the “why does my hair get so tangled issue,” and getting that tangle-free hair is finding a high quality, nourishing and moisturizing shampoo.

Make sure to wash your hair with a shampoo that is infused with natural ingredients and enriched with hydrating properties that will penetrate deep into your scalp and hair shaft. Also, an effective shampoo is one that provides strength to your hair follicles, keeping them nourished. 

Merely shampooing your hair won't suffice for a tangle-free mane. Make sure never to skip conditioning your hair with a product that will lock moisture into your dry and unruly strands.

WOW Skin Science has formulated a range of shampoo and conditioner combination packs with soothing and powerful ingredients such as coconut milk and coconut oil, argan oil, apple cider vinegar, etc. All of these formulations are free from sulfates and parabens and will leave your hair feeling super light easily manageable. 

Add these exotic products into your hair care routine and observe detangled hair strands hassle-free:

Add A Potent Hair Mask To Your Hair Care Regimen

If you’re not someone who’s into hair masks, then maybe that’s the reason for your messy knots-filled hair. It’s time to pay attention to the health of your treses and care well for them by adding a premium quality hair mask to your routine.

If you ever wondered how to use a hair mask - make sure to apply it once a week if you want your hair to stay hydrated, smooth, and super soft. Hair mask has the power to enhance the texture of your hair, and this is why hair mask with rich ingredients is a must.

Some of my personal favorite hair masks are from WOW Skin Science. Several essential ingredients that can transform your frizzy hair are a part of these formulations. These include argan oil, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and red onion black seed oil.

Within a few weeks of using these products, you’ll be able to witness a real difference in the condition of your hair with minimal tangles and enhanced softness and nourishment. 

Make your choice from a variety of options available and let them take care of the rest. 

Use A Detangling Brush

Combing your hair using a detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb is an excellent way to keep it free from tangles and other issues such as hair fall and breakage. Use this product starting from the bottom of the knots and gradually easing up the tresses.

The exquisite design flexible hairbrush from WOW Skin Science is an excellent choice of a hairbrush that can seamlessly glide through your hair and easily detangle all your messy strands. Equipped with an anti-slip handle and smooth bristles, the hairbrush is an apt choice for all hair types and textures. Grab this smooth detangling brush and effortlessly flaunt your silky-smooth strands all the time.

detangling brush

Rinse Your Locks With Cold Water

A hot water shower leads to your hair cuticles opening up, leading to a significant rise in fizziness and tangled strands. Though it might get unnerving at times, try and rinse your hair with cold water so that the cuticles will stay closed and free of twisted knots. 

Is it better to detangle hair wet or dry?

Typically, it is recommended to detangle your hair while dry. However, in certain situations you can also try to detangle your tresses while they are wet. Use a gentle conditioner after shampooing your hair, and then proceed to gently detangle wet strands with the help of a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush. 

Asking the question why does my hair get so tangled is not an option anymore! Getting free of that tangled mess doesn’t have to be such a painful and daunting task.

So when asking why is my hair so tangles, understand your hair type and texture. Choose the best products for your mane to keep it in the best condition. Follow the simple tips and tricks listed here to keep your hair silky smooth and velvety soft all the time.

Explore the WOW website to find more natural products.

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