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Why Do I Have Dandruff? Is There a Dandruff Treatment?

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Goutaman Ram

No matter what causes dandruff, it often comes down to scalp health. There are a few effective ways to get rid of dandruff and manage an itchy, flaking scalp.

Our skin cells are constantly replacing themselves almost every second. New skin cells are produced in the inner layer of your skin called the dermis.

As they move up to your outer skin, they start to flatten out, harden and eventually fall off to make way for newer skin cells. This happens on a much larger scale than we realize but we don’t notice it because our skin cells fall off in very small amounts. 

But for those of us with dandruff, these skin cells fall off in larger flakes followed with other symptoms like itching and irritation. 

What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff affects almost half of the adult population which means you are definitely not alone. Dandruff is normally triggered by one of these conditions, causing inflammation or swelling on your scalp. 

  • Allergic 
  • Dry Skin
  • Medical conditions
  • Fungal 

As your scalp gets irritated, it starts replacing the skin cells more aggressively and causes the skin cells on your scalp to flake off in bigger, more noticeable flakes. 

Looking for a dandruff treatment? No matter the cause of your dandruff, it often comes down to scalp health. There are a few effective ways to prevent and manage an itchy, flaking scalp. 

1. Use a Scalp Massager 

When you have dandruff, it can be a good idea to regularly exfoliate with a scalp massager. Using your fingers or a comb can be damaging to the skin barrier and can cause further irritation. 

Dandruff can cause an accumulation of flakes and sebum on your scalp which is a moist environment for bacteria to grow. This can slow healing and cause further itching. 

The WOW Stimulating Scalp Massager is made with soft, thick silicone bristles to help gently exfoliate your scalp while providing a rich and soothing experience for you. The massager also promotes healthy hair growth as it encourages blood flow to the scalp. 

2. Use a Gentle Dandruff Shampoo  

You have probably tried out many anti-dandruff shampoos but still have the problem to persist. This is pretty common and this is due to the harsh ingredients used. 

Ingredients like sulfates and alcohol can do a great job for cleansing the scalp but they are notorious for drying out your scalp. When you have dandruff, your scalp is already in a vulnerable state. 

When exposed to these ingredients, it turns into a cycle where you may have less dandruff but still suffer from flaking and itching. 

A gentle, clarifying shampoo that’s sulfate-free is the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo! 

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo


You may have heard of apple cider vinegar is excellent for your dandruff and that is indeed true. But trying it yourself at home can be inconvenient irritation as you have to dilute the vinegar and wash it away with shampoo anyways. 

So we decided to formulate this amazingly gentle clarifying ingredient with other bioactives like Argan Oil and Saw Palmetto for realizing your hair’s lustrous potential! 

Shop the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo.

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Goutaman Ram

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