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WOW's Wonder Women

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Akhila Jerripothula

Initiatives to support women start with our own WOW Skin Science team. 

Women are incredible beings, and we’re ecstatic to celebrate and raise awareness of their accomplishments for March - Women’s History Month. Safe to say that none of us would be here without the gift of life from our mothers, educated without our teachers, and wiser without incredible women to look up to. 

Women are a huge part of why we create products. They deserve worry-free solutions for the many roles they fill, and of course to treat themselves with! Our initiatives to support women start with our own WOW Skin Science team. Empowering these strong ladies with financial and personal independence to lead their own lives and support their loved ones is vital. 

Check out our factory in Parwānoo, India that’s employing 80% women to create and deliver products to your home! 

Too often, women are pressured to give up their dreams and livelihood for others, or else they’re seen as ‘selfish’. We promise to continue empowering women by giving them confidence, resources, and a safe space to be their own person #BeBoldForChange

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