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Hair Health Boosters

Handy accessories made with you in mind.

Deborah H. - "I really like using this with my WOW hair products because it stimulates hair growth and also feels really good! It is a vital part of my hair routine!"

Safe for Kids & Pets

Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort

For All Hair Types (Curly, Straight, Fine, etc.)

No Animal Testing (Cruelty-Free)

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We've designed our Stimulating Scalp Massager Brush with an ergonomically efficient handle to perfectly fit your hand for an improved hair washing experience. The scalp massager comes with soft, thick silicone bristles for a soothing, relaxing massage on your scalp to thoroughly cleanse, condition, and stimulate hair follicles. We love combing through tough tangles and knots with these soft bristles, which distribute product evenly for the most effective hair care. It’ll become your shower staple in no time!

Our Scalp Massager Brush is made of soft silicone, gentle enough for kids and pets while being durable enough to last! It’s the perfect haircare essential.

Stimulate Hair Growth

Stimulate your scalp and hair follicles with a soft, gentle massage. Improve the texture of hair to make it thicker and stronger over time.

Improve Blood Circulation

Increasing blood circulation to your hair follicles allows essential nutrients from your shampoo to be absorbed. It also stimulates a steady blood flow that allows oxygen to reach your hair follicles and help boost healthy hair growth.

Fight Itchy, Flaky Scalp

Get a deep scalp cleaning, without using your fingernails (to avoid dirt & contamination). This means no more breaking your nails or chipping nail polish while scrubbing your scalp. The scalp massager brush works to remove hardened excess sebum oils, dirt, dandruff flakes and product build-up for a truly deep clean.

Our NEW Gentle Flex Detangling Brush for Wet & Dry Hair is our newest hair accessory to comb through all hair types and textures to detangle, help cut blowdry time, and give you comfortable control during hair brushing and styling. This handy tools will brush through tough tangles with ease, and cuts your hair routine in half with the anti-slip handle for comfortable control, rounded bristles to boost blood circulation, hollow brush body for even heat dispersal, and 8 rows of adjustable bristles for a painless brushing experience. Comb through curls and coils worry-free for a wow-worthy hair routine!

This multipurpose hair accessory will quickly become your new hair BFF!

- Adjust your hair brushing experience to your hair’s unique type and texture. The 8 rows of separated Nylon bristles can be stretched or tightened with the detachable bracket to tackle small or large areas at once.

- Easily comb through tough tangles with the curved gentle flex design. Made to be used on dry or wet hair, and with hot tools to speed up the blowdrying process and boost healthy shine.

- Rounded Nylon bristles gently massage your scalp as you brush, promoting blood circulation for healthy hair growth.

- The matte textured lightweight handle with an anti-slip grip gives you a comfortable controlled hair brushing and blow-drying experience.

- The hollow brush body lets heat disperse and dissipate evenly, cutting your dry time in half with less heat damage!

- Perfect for all hair types and textures, especially 2a to 4c wavy, curly, and coily hair that is prone to tangles.

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