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Head To Toe Essentials

Multitasking miracles with sultry scents and deep cleaning suds

Maria R. - "Very refreshing and the scent is amazing! Definitely recommend others to try the men’s line."

100% Natural & Vegan Solutions

Plant-Powered Formulas

No Animal Testing (Cruelty-Free)

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For Body

Step 1: Wet body thoroughly.

Step 2: Pour a dollop of the product on a wet loofah, washcloth, or sponge.

Step 3: Lather all over.

Step 4: Rinse off thoroughly

Step 5: Pat your skin dry.

For Hair

Step 1: Wet hair and scalp.

Step 2: Massage a dollop of product into the scalp with fingertips in a circular motion.

Step 3: Rinse and finish with a cold water rinse to seal the cuticles for added shine.

We understand that your hair color is an investment you want to protect. When using our shampoo, we suggest concentrating on your scalp and running product through the length of your hair right before rinsing with cool water. The cold water closes the hair cuticle and protects your hair color from fading. As with any clarifying product, using it more than 1 to 2 times per week, or leaving it on longer than directed, may cause color to lighten. Add some hair dye into your conditioner for a color touch up!

Our body washes contain natural actives that wash away impurities that can cause acne. If you find you have signs of body acne (bumps, pimples, and acne scars), it could be from sweat (like from exercise), bacteria, and excess oils clogging and infecting your pores. Here's how to tackle body acne:

Cleanse your body with WOW body wash right after exercising or sweating to prevent that sweat and bacteria from clogging pores and causing acne.

Consult your dermatologist for personalized advice regarding acne and other skin concerns.

Our naturally powerful formulas can be too harsh for the sensitive scalps of children. The potent actives in our products are for deep detoxing and should be used accordingly. Keep away from children, and only use 1-2x a week for adults to clarify hair.

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