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Therapeutic-Grade Plant Extracts

100% pure plant oils to tackle head-to-toe beauty and wellness woes, naturally.

Shelley - "The smell is so wonderful. I put a few drops in my diffuser and just WOW!"

100% Natural & Vegan Solutions

Plant-Powered Formulas

No Animal Testing (Cruelty-Free)

100% Gluten-Free Formulas

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Ready to WOW?


There are many great ways to use your WOW Essential Oils!

- You can add a couple of drops to your lotion to make your own custom scent.

- Add 2-3 drops to an essential oil diffuser to purify your space.

- Add 1-2 drops of the essential oils of your choice to a palmful of carrier oil, such as castor oil, to make a luxurious massage oil that soothes muscles or sets the mood.

- For a relaxing self-care moment, add a few drops of essential oil to a warm bath.

Yes, a patch test will allow you to see how your skin reacts to a particular essential oil diluted in a carrier oil before you perform a full application. You can conduct a patch test to assess any allergic reactions by applying a small amount of product on either the back of your hand or nape of your neck, waiting at least 24 hours for any possible reaction or sign of irritation. Discontinue product use if redness, inflammation or irritation occurs. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Yes, only after being diluted with a carrier oil. Our oils are so powerfully pure, they MUST be diluted first before topical application. You can easily do this by applying 1-2 drops of essential oil into a palmful of carrier oil like castor, jojoba, sweet almond, argan oil, or skin/body care products like your moisturizer to customize its beauty benefits!

Pure essential oils are not recommended for any form of consumption, as they may be toxic when ingested.

With such a broad range of WOW Essential Oils, we know it can be hard to choose which to try! That's why we made a quick quiz so you can easily see which oil(s) best suit your personal needs. Try it here: Essential Oil Quiz

Absolutely! We encourage creating your own essential oil cocktail by mixing your favorite scents together when applying topically or in a diffuser! If you need inspiration, check out curated essential oil blends that are expertly crafted for various needs.

For optimal safety, we recommend not using essential oils around pets or children. Some essential oils can be toxic to cats and dogs when diffused, check out our blog post for the full information!

WOW's essential oils work for approximately 17-18 months after opening due to oxidation, so be sure to check the expiration date on the bottle for optimal purity. They can last years if unopened, so keep your backups sealed until you're ready to use them!

Carrier oils are used to dilute pure essential oils for skin-safe usage! This helps reduce the chance of irritation or skin sensitization, letting you enjoy the benefits, safely.

How To Use Carrier Oils:

Mix 1-2 drops of WOW essential oil into a palmful of a plant-based oil like castor, coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, argan oil, and more, and rub onto your skin, scalp, or hair strands for natural beauty benefits!

You can easily integrate essential oils into your beauty routine by mixing 1-2 drops into your face or body moisturizer and smoothing it onto the skin.

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