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"Love the smell. I see my hair growing back in places that were thinning!" - Debra U.

"My hair has never been this soft and frizz-free. My curls love it!" - Margaret G.

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  • Will this help grow my hair faster?

  • Does it help with hair thinning?

  • Does the product smell like apple cider vinegar?

  • Why does apple cider vinegar make a great hair care ingredient?

  • Does this shampoo contain any chemicals that could harm my skin?

  • Does it work with keratin treated hair?

  • I have psoriasis, will ACV shampoo help?

  • How will ACV shampoo help me to get rid of dandruff?

  • What can I do about my dry hair?

  • Is ACV shampoo good for curly hair and afro hair?

  • Is it safe after a perm?

  • Is it safe for Color Treated Hair?

  • Does this shampoo contain alcohol?

  • How fast does the product ship?

  • Why not add ACV to your regular shampoo?

  • Does this shampoo smell bad because ACV smells?

  • Does this shampoo work for all hair and scalp types?

  • Does it work on dry and oily scalp?

  • Where is it manufactured?

  • What certifications do you have?

  • How is this different from any other type of shampoo?

  • Can this be used on kids?

  • I have a nut allergy, can I use your products?